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Holidays to Algeria

Algeria's recent exhibition in defensive football against England, the team expected to teach the North African’s a thing or two about top level tournament football at South Africa 210, altered many people’s opinion of the nation to now consider them a serious footballing nation.

Whatever the final outcome to the success of the country in the finals, Algeria have not only shown they can stand tall with a resolute display versus the much-fancied English, they are now also turning a few heads when it comes to how Algeria is perceived as a holiday destination.

Holiday options in North Africa

Not only has Egypt been dominating the African Cup of Nations for a number of years, it’s also still exceedingly popular as a beach holiday destination for us Brits. While Algeria would certainly have a long way to go before it is ever considered in the same league as Egypt for holiday options, it is now on the holiday radar as a cheap alternative.

Bordering Tunisia in the northwest and in the west by Morocco, Algeria’s landscape comprises a large portion of the Sahara Desert and endless stretches of coastline. Algeria has a great variety of beaches to explore, each with their own distinctive features and attractions. The Turquoise Coast is a favourite amongst tourists new to holidaying in Algeria, as it not only has beautiful stretches of sand but offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a range of water sports and boat cruises at their leisure. Algeria’s coast is also home to many natural harbours residing by the Mediterranean Sea.

Algiers city breaks

Located on the west side of the Bay of Algiers, the capital city has been a port since Roman times and many impressive ruins can still be found. The Kasbah of Algiers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the citadel and traditional quarter of the city and the place to head for, quite literally, losing yourself for the day. The area is made up of a labyrinth of lanes and a network of dead-end alleys flanked by picturesque houses. Fear not, once you have experienced enough of the souks and hidden gems the citadel has to offer, head downhill where the sea can be found. Outside of the Kasbah, explore the Notre Dame d’Afrique, accessible by cable car, the Jardin d’essai, exotic plants and gardens extending over 198 acres and the Riadh El-Feth, a shopping centre and art gallery.

While your friends take their annual holidays to the popular beach resorts of Spain, Morocco and Egypt, why not be one of the first to discover Algeria, the latest emerging country for cheap resort holidays (and the nation that battled to a draw against England in South Africa).

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