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Tierra Del Fuego at a Glance

Tierra del Fuego is a unique destination in South America, located on a long archipelago reaching out into the ocean. This area represents a rich blend of cultures, with its land divided between the countries of Argentina and Chile. The eastern, Argentine regions of Tierra del Fuego boast colourful towns such as Rio Grand, while further to the west visitors will be able to enjoy Chilean culture in resort towns such as Puerto Williams. No matter where you go in Tierra del Fuego though, you can be sure of one thing – some of the most fantastic beaches on offer anywhere in South America.

Ideal for...

  • If you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday then in Tierra del Fuego you’ll be able to enjoy some of the finest beaches in Argentina, spreading out around all sides of the archipelago.
  • From post-colonial mansions, to the ruins of temples, Tierra del Fuego is a great destination for anyone interested in culture and history.
  • Tierra del Fuego is the perfect destination for thrill seekers – from rock climbing and skiing to crossing borders by ferry, you certainly won’t have time to bored during your holiday in Tierra del Fuego.

Discover Tierra Del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego is Spanish for ‘Land of Fire’. The area has been significantly developed since those times, and it is only relatively recently that it has gained recognition as a tourist destination. You’ll find plenty to see and do here, though. A holiday in Tierra del Fuego offers you a chance to visit both museums and beaches, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even trek to the top of the Glacier Martial, before skiing down the other side.

  • For fans of the great outdoors, a trip to the Tierra del Fuego National Park really is a must. This mountainous region offers a rich and varied eco-system, and provides a home to countless species of flora and fauna. Anyone fond of hiking, mountain biking or horse riding will find themselves immediately drawn to this beautiful region… and the incredible views out over Lapataia Bay.
  • There are a number of museums on offer at Tierra del Fuego, where you’ll be able to learn more about the peoples and traditions of this area. The Museo Marítimo is hosted inside the former prison at Ushuaia, and offers a rare glimpse at pre-colonial life here. Alternatively, visit the Estancia Haberton for more information about the Bridges family, who had a massive influence on the culture of Tierra del Fuego in post-colonial times.
  • If you’re thinking of taking an excursion during your trip to Tierra del Fuego, then one great option would be to catch the ferry across to mainland Chile. The journey across the Strait of Magellan will take you around 20 minutes, and you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views of the dramatic coastline as you pass by.

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