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Holidays to Brussels in 2016

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Hustle, Bustle and Beer in Brussels

Delicious chocolate, superb beer, UNESCO sites and infectious culture – all experiences of Brussels holidays, transporting you to the fantastically-alluring Belgian capital. The capital city of Belgium is one Europe’s most significant cities, considered the de facto capital of the EU, at the centre and crossroads of the continent’s culture of both the North and South. Besides its pivotal stature within Europe, the city itself holds equal charm and character, experienced in the form of top museums, stunning architecture and wonderful culinary delights.

The city’s Grand Place epitomises this overall character, presenting a wide-open cobbled Medieval market square lined by stunning guild houses and the city’s iconic Town Hall. Lined by cafes, bars and restaurants, this is the perfect pace to tuck into some of Belgium’s delectably delights, whether it’s a steaming cauldron of moules et frites, a sweet and tasty waffle, or a monumental glass of beer – all essential elements of all holidays to Brussels.

Culture of Europe

Nothing spells European culture like a statue known as The Pissing Boy. In Brussels this famed statue has become one of the most photographed icons in the city, which is either heroic or worrying considering the amount of picturesque settings found in the capital. If you’re worried that all you’ll have to show for your holidays in Brussels is a dozen or so pictures of this statue on your camera, save your blushes by grabbing a snap or two of the imposing Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Palais de Justice, before ducking into the engaging and informative City Museum for a history lesson.

If you’ve come with the family, kids will love paying a visit to the Mini Europe – a miniature park featuring over 80 cities and 350 buildings scaled down to an accessible size, allowing you a whistle-stop tour of some of the continent’s finest sites. If you’re eager for a little more adventure, there are a number of easy and exciting daytrips that can be taken from Brussels. One of the finest is to the medieval beauty that is Bruges, just under an hour from the capital, while the big city of Antwerp will display even more cultural heritage – and great beer. Brussels’ hotels will keep you comfortable throughout your Brussels holidays - something which may be essential the morning after a Belgian beer overload.

Brussels Couples Holidays


Anyone planning a romantic trip to Brussels will be able to enjoy a wide range of attractions which are perfectly suited to couples. Perhaps the simplest of these, would just be to take a walk through the beautiful streets – boasting rich architecture and a number of attractive square and parks, you’ll soon become wrapped up in the magic and beauty of this fascinating city.

Couples Restaurants

When it comes to booking a meal out in Brussels, there are plenty of fine restaurants to choose from. You’ll be able to enjoy first class table services, as well as the superb Flemish cuisine. Then again, if you take a look around you’ll find countless other cuisines on offer – ranging from Indian to Italian restaurants!

Couples Attractions

One great way for a couple to pass their stay in Brussels, would be by exploring the rich history of the city. Visit the Royal Palace to learn more about the regal heritage of Belgium, or admire the stately architecture of the Town Hall. You’ll also be able to visit a range of exquisite churches during your stay in Brussels.

Couples Hotels

The Flemish people are famous for their hospitality, and here in Brussels you’ll have the chance to enjoy sheer luxury! Boasting a great range of elegant hotels and spas, you and your loved one can relax in comfortable surroundings, as well as enjoying a few of the finer things in life – such as prestigious art galleries, and even chocolate tasting sessions.

Brussels Exploring Holidays

Places of Interest

Brussels has a fascinating royal history, and as a result it should come as no surprise that the city boasts a great many beautiful buildings and monuments. The Royal Palace should be the first stop on any sightseeing trip, along with the iconic Antonium. The Grand Palace is another fascinating building, while the Notre Damn de Bon Secours is a great example of a traditional Flemish church.

Art Galleries

If you’re interested in discovering some fantastic artwork during your visit to Brussels, then you should head straight for the Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert. The collection here contains works from many prominent European artists. Another good destination would be the Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, which charts the history of European art.


You’ll find a fantastic selection of museums on offer in Brussels. Many are heavily linked to local culture, such as the Ancient Art Museum and the Horta Museum. However, the Jewish Museum provides a more ethnographic look at Belgium’s Jewish communities. Then there’s the Air Museum, a wonderful tribute to Belgian civil and military aviation


Brussels is a truly metropolitan capital, and as a result it makes a great destination for a shopping trip! There are a number of large malls and shopping centres around the outskirts of the city, while closer to the centre visitors can find a great selection of fashion outlets and high street stores.

Brussels Family Holidays

Family Attractions

If you’re looking for a great destination to go on holiday with the whole family, then Brussels could be the answer. This friendly city boasts a great range of family-friendly attractions and activities. From the comic strip centre to the Children’s Museum, you’ll find plenty to see and do… there’s even a massive water park nearby, at Oceade!

Family Restaurants

Anybody travelling with young children will be delighted to know that the majority of restaurants in Brussels operate a family-friendly policy. High chairs are often available on request, and the broad menus here are bound to offer something that appeals to even the most fussy of eaters!

Family Museums

Brussels is a city rich in museums, and many of these will hold appeal for all members of the family. The Air Museum for example will be fascinating for anybody interested in planes, while the Children’s Museum offers an exciting range of hands-on exhibits and children’s workshops and activity groups.

The Belgian Comic Strip Centre

This rather unique installation is part museum, part comic convention. Here you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of some of Europe’s most popular comic strips, with activities and displays which will appeal to all members of the family.

Brussels Group Holidays


Like any European capital city, Brussels certainly boasts its fair share of bars and clubs! The atmosphere on a night out here is generally quite laid-back, with a good range of cafés, restaurants and bars where you’ll be able to stop off for a drink. Later on in the evening the city comes to life, with a great selection of nightclubs on offer.


Of course, if you’re looking for more than just bars and clubs during your holiday in Brussels, then you won’t be disappointed! With a rich royal heritage, the city of Brussels features a range of noble palaces and stately public buildings. During the day you’ll be able to visit the cathedral, or one of the many unique museums that this vibrant capital has to offer!


That’s not all there is to enjoy in Brussels, though – some of the other popular attractions here include theatre, comedy and live music. Jazz in particular is something of a local speciality, and you may get the chance to see a performance of the unique regional genre of Flemish Jazz.


Do make sure you take the opportunity to try the local cuisine, during your holiday to Brussels. Combining continental influences with French haute cuisine, Belgian food tends to be rich and finely nuanced. Then again, if this doesn’t take your fancy then you’ll have no problems finding a good range of international flavours on offer!

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