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Here at lowcostholidays.com, we are very proud of the service we offer our customers, enabling you to create your perfect holiday at the lowest price available. Our passionate team of holiday experts use unique technology to find the lowest flight prices, the best accommodation and the greatest value for money. To help you book your holiday, we have provided some helpful answers and information to ensure your booking is completed as smoothly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the baggage allowance for my flight?

Your baggage allowance depends on the airline you are flying with. Airlines such as Ryanair and Thomson have a 15kg allowance per person, whilst easyJet has a 20kg allowance per person. Each passenger is also allowed one item of hand luggage. As each airline’s baggage allowance can vary, we will always check with the carrier direct.

Do all your holidays include baggage costs?

No, our holidays do not include baggage costs. When in the booking process, you must select the option to include baggage. Please note; baggage prices and allowances vary depending on the airline. Baggage can usually be added at a later date but is fully non-refundable once added.

When will my flight details show up on the travel port ‘view my trip’?

Once your holiday is booked and confirmed, you can use the ‘View Trip’ facility. This is mainly for scheduled airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Egypt Air. In order to use this facility, you will require your flight reference number.

Can you help me with finding a holiday?

We have many areas on our site that can help you find your perfect holiday. Our Special Offers page is usually a great place to start, listing our deals in all areas, whether it’s family holidays, winter holidays, all inclusive deals or specific destination deals. Take a look at the Special Offers page here. Alternatively, you can call our holiday experts on 01293 738141, who will be happy to help you choose the perfect holiday destination.

Why have my flights gone up after booking my holiday?

The lowcostholidays.com site works on a live booking system that enables our customers to make bookings 24/7. This means that flights can fluctuate throughout the day. This means that they cannot always be secured at the original price.

Where can I find details about my transfer?

Once you have paid for your holiday in full, you will receive all the documents you need for your holiday. Information about transfers can be found on your transfer voucher. However, if you have only paid the deposit for your holiday, you will not receive these documents until it has been paid in full.

When and how can I check-in online?

Online check-in is not available for all customers. To find out whether you are eligible for online check-in, please visit the airline’s website directly. You will need your flight reference number to hand. If you are flying with Ryanair, you can check in from 15 days before your departure date, but you must be checked-in at least five hours prior to departure. For more information, please email us with your query.

How do I send my passport/API details?

Please email all API information to passports@lowcostholidays.com including the following details for all passengers:

– Full name and date of birth
– Passport number
– Country of Issue
– Passport Issue and expiry dates

Alternatively, call our team on 0203 384 8456 and provide them with the above details over the phone.

Why has my booking been cancelled? (Non-UK residents)

Your booking may have been cancelled for a number of reasons. We advise all customers to read our Terms and Conditions before booking with us, in order to clarify any points or queries you may have. A common reason for a booking cancellation is due to the customer not being a UK resident. This is outlined in our Terms and Conditions and cannot be changed. However, if you provide us with your booking reference number, we will be happy to look into it for you.

I have just returned from my holiday and would like to complain, who do I contact?

We don’t have a direct phone number for complaints as we require all post travel complaints in writing. You will need to contact the customer relations department who deal with post-holiday issues. To do this, send customerrelations@lowcostholidays.com an email with details of your complaint.

How long will I have to wait for a response from customer relations / customer services?

The response time from customer relations is up to 28 days. This is to ensure sufficient time to investigate all aspects of the complaint in depth.

The response time for customer services is 48 hours. However, both departments work extremely hard to try and get back to customers as quickly as possible. We are very grateful for your patience.

How do I make outstanding payments for my holiday?

Outstanding balance payments can be made on the ‘My Bookings’ section of our website. Alternatively, you can simply call us on 0203 384 8453. If you would like to pay your balance in instalments, you will need to call us as this function is not available online.

What do I do if I have an emergency whilst on holiday?

If you happen to encounter any problems on your holiday, you can call us on 01342 307091. This is our emergency number which is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

I want to book a group holiday, who can I speak to?

To book a group holiday, just call one of our holiday experts on 01342 307077 and they will be able to assist you in booking your holiday.

When will I receive the documentation for my booking?

You will receive documentation for your holiday once you have made the full payment for your holiday. Documents will not be issued until this transaction has been made.

How much will I get charged when I pay by card?

Charges vary depending on which card you are using:

– Amex – 2.99%
– MasterCard – 2.5%
– Visa Credit – 2.5%
– Visa Debit – 1.25%
– Visa Delta – 1.25%
– Maestro – 1.25%
– Visa Electron – 1.25%
– Switch – 1.25%
– Solo – 1.25%

Which hotels are part of the ‘Allocation on Arrival’ scheme?

There are many hotels included in this scheme, but they are mainly located in the Costa Brava region. Please see below for our popular HTOP Hotels:

– HTOP Gran Casino Royal
– HTOP Alexis
– HTOP Planamar
– HTOP Olympic

HTOP bookings are allocated three to four days before departure and cannot be changed once allocated.

Child ages and travel costs.

The costs for children’s travel and accommodation can vary depending on individual hotel policies and airlines. Many of the hotels we feature count adults as over 12 years of age. However, a lot of our carriers feature one price for all ages, excluding infants. For specific enquiries, please call us and we can look into your booking details for you.

For any other queries or questions, feel free to contact our friendly Facebook team or find us on Twitter @lowcostholidays. Thank you.



  • Lauren

    I have lost my booking reference and have not yet received my confirmation email, what can I do to check my holiday is going through? I have only received confirmation from the flights. Thank you

  • phil

    booked my holiday last night.. flying with Ryanair it says this in my confirmation –
    Tickets, Baggage and Airline InformationNo – Baggage Included
    does this mean I don’t get the standard 15kg, I have to add it?

    • lowcostholidaysblog

      Hello Phil,

      Please contact us with your reference number on onlineanswers@lowcostholidays.com and we will check all the details here.

      Best regards,
      The lowcostholidays Team

  • Kirsty Calligan

    I have just arrived at my hotel in Tenerife and truly disappointed with the room I have been given. Spoke to reception but they couldn’t seem to care.

  • phil

    Hi there,
    I have just gone onto the Ryanair site to begin the self online check in process and realised i put my girlfriends passport title as (MRS) instead of MISS when i booked with you guys so i didn’t carry on.

    just want to know will this be a problem at the airport and passport checks if so could it be amended.

    Kind Regards