Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Our Memories from Dublin

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Our Memories from Dublin

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In case you didn’t know, today is St. Patrick’s Day; we can almost hear the pint glasses clanging together and the sounds of cracking Irish music. St Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal all over the world but if we’re being totally honest, Dublin is where the main party’s at!

The thought of being in Dublin for this mammoth celebration prompted a few of us to reminisce over our own times in the Irish capital. So, in honour of dear St. Paddy, we have shared our favourite memories about our travels in Dublin!



Last November I went to Dublin with my boyfriend as he’s part-Irish and we hadn’t visited the city before. We stayed right in the centre and tried to walk everywhere, fuelling up with Guinness along the way! Our highlights were definitely the Guinness Factory tour and learning more about the city – the Writer’s Museum, the National Gallery and the Castle turned into fact-finding adventures and we met lots of locals happy to give us directions and tell us more. On a second visit, we’d love to see the Jameson Factory and return to the Queen of Tarts café for another slice of delicious chocolate cake.



Grabbing a coffee on the quaint quayside, I simply stared bleary eyed at my best friend. The leaves were already falling in October. We had loved touring (and drinking!) the Jameson Distillery not to mention the popular Guinness Factory as well. However, we loved seeing the historical sights on a walking tour, and taking skilfully shot pictures of Dublin at night! A day out at Glendalough Lake was a real highlight too, the views were excellent. Next time in Dublin, I quite fancy Irish dancing classes but only after a Guinness of course!



My experience in Dublin was great fun; I stayed with friends who lived in the city. As I’ve never been before,  I was keen to do all of the standard touristy things including walking along the river, a tour of the Guinness factory and of course, a drink in Temple Bar. I visited in March 2012 and was lucky enough to be there during Ireland rugby match, so in true Irish-style, we enjoyed a few pints in a buzzing pub full of cheering locals. If I could go back, I’d love to visit the National Gallery of Ireland as I’ve heard it’s beautiful.


Gogarty and Joyce

Three visits later and I still love going to Dublin to see all my lovely Irish friends out there. No matter if it’s the end of summer or the end of winter, my friends and I can always have a ball walking around the city centre, popping into the National Museum for a new exhibit, and accidentally discovering new ways to see the city. I’ve made a promise that next time we will finally taste some whiskey at the Jameson distillery and dress up like Vikings at Dublinia, no doubt made more fun due the earlier trip to the distillery.

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