A Guide to Group Holidays Infographic

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lowcostholidays.com and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have combined on a timely campaign around safety on group holidays, providing a resource of information for parents and young holidaymakers going on holiday this summer. The project is part of the FCO’s Know Before You Go Campaign – providing holidaymakers with essential safety information before travelling abroad.

A Guide to Group Holidays Infographic

As part of the campaign, lowcostholidays.com and the FCO have produced an infographic exploring the holiday habits of young holidaymakers.

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About the Research

In a survey of 1,200 16-24 year olds and parents, lowcostholidays.com was able to identify worrying holiday trends and highlight the special relationship between parents and young people when on holidays.

Survey Highlights

– 28% of 16-24 year Old’s did not take out insurance on their last group holiday.

– 34% of Parents expect their children to act less responsibly on group holidays.

– 48% of 16-24 Year Old’s have limited knowledge of their roaming charges.

– 1 in 2 16-24 Year Old’s admitted to missing their parents when away with friends.

Advice for Travellers

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