Infographic: Single Parent Holiday Experiences

Infographic: Single Parent Holiday Experiences

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Recently we asked over 1200 single parents to fill out our survey on holiday experiences, getting them to share everything from how they plan their trip, to their top concerns and even eating habits whilst away. We’ve learnt a lot, including that nothing can keep kids from their gadgets and more than half of mums and dads have success meeting other single parents on holiday.

From the most popular ways to book to the biggest expenses, and ‘me time’ away from the kids, check out our revealing infographic on single parents’ holiday experiences, including quotes from parents in the know…


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Booking online:

Tech-savvy families are choosing to book online, with a massive 73% of single parents logging on to secure their holiday. Desktops were the lead device with 80% choosing to book on a home computer, while a growing number picked mobile devices; 20% booked on either a tablet or smartphone. Planning holidays on the go? Yes please!

Quality Time

Keeping the kids entertained:

Taking children away can pile on the pressure as they require a lot of attention. At 29%, nearly a third of single parents are worried they won’t be able to keep their children entertained on holiday. Fear not though, 81% want to spend a day at the beach with their kids and what child wouldn’t love that!


Kids are gadget fiends and parents say 86% of kids ask to use them while away. From gaming to browsing the web, children can’t seem to leave them alone, yet our survey revealed that 45% of kids use them less than at home. See, we were right about the beach!


Spending over budget:

When asked what their top concern was for going on holiday, 46% of single parents admitted it was spending over budget, with their biggest predicted expense being spent on entry fees to attractions and going on excursions. So, you’re not alone if you’re worried about money!

Mums vs. Dads:

Unsurprisingly, single dads love their holiday food; more dads than mums say food is their biggest expense and 40% of single dads say they’re most influenced on where to book by the cost of eating out. Sounds like the men’s tummies are rumbling in anticipation, even before the plane’s left the runway!

Me time

Me, myself and I:

Time alone without the kids is important to 43% of single parents, with reading a book and lazing by the pool being some of the popular ways to unwind. More than half also revealed they have success meeting other single parents on holiday, so most are making time for themselves and enjoying adult company while their kids have fun in child-friendly resorts.

Travel Advice

Where is it?

Unfortunately, 36% of single parents don’t think there’s enough travel advice available to them before embarking on a holiday. While it might be assumed ‘family travel advice’ will cover it, more specific details for single parent families are desired.

How do I get it?

Do you like to get everything planned before you head out? Well, most single parents access travel advice from the company they booked with, but surprisingly 29% use social media to get the help and tips they require. Getting in touch with the community is also popular; 19% use forums for quick and knowledgeable feedback.

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