Somewhere Over the Rainbow: 7 Colourful Destinations Around the World

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: 7 Colourful Destinations Around the World

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A hint of spring finally appeared in London this past weekend and we could not be happier; well, until the weather continued into Monday, that is. But even indoors on a Monday it is easy to find vibrantly coloured places to brighten up your day. Unfortunately we can’t all live in the multicoloured town of Bucano Island in Venice, but we can dream about visiting other fun and vibrant places.

We’ve compiled a vivid list of destinations with colours seemingly stolen from the rainbow itself – or a packet of Skittles. Take a look at these seven stunning and colourful destinations around the world.

Blue: General Carrera Lake, Chile/ Lake Buenos Aires, Argentina

The first of the world’s most colourful destinations is located on the border of Chile and Argentina. You won’t feel down among this stunningly blue lake in Patagonia, shared by both of these beautiful South American countries. The reflection of the Andes Mountains glistening in the water is only matched by the unique Marble Caves at the heart of the lake.


Red: Marrakech, Morocco

Known as the Red City, Marrakech will find you surrounded by vivid brick red hues all over town. From the rosy lamps and slippers to fiery spices and bright clothing, this city really lives up to its nickname. Whether you want to explore Moroccan culture or paint the town a brighter shade of red, a Marrakech holiday will not disappoint.


Violet: Provence, France

There’s nothing more soothing than the sight of a sea of lavender fields gently bending in the breeze in this picturesque part of France. The Provence region is known for violet hues, aromatic food and wines and, of course, the tranquil Mediterranean Sea. Get lost among the purple on your own trip through the French countryside on your holiday in southern France.


Yellow: Chiapas, Mexico

Although Izamal in Yukatan has coined the name ‘Yellow City’, a visit to the state of Chiapas, Mexico will make you wonder why it never received this glorious title. Just stroll through the sunny town square of San Cristobal de las Casas and you’ll stumble across the grand, gilded, colonial church. You can’t help but be cheery in this bright part of town, especially with all its warm weather!


Orange: Grand Canyon, USA

Europe is filled with cities of orange tiled buildings, just take a look at Dubrovnik for example, but the American states of Arizona and Utah have one naturally orange landmark that cannot be beaten; the Grand Canyon. Just a short drive away from a Las Vegas holiday, the Grand Canyon is one sight you should not miss. Visit just before sunset when the orange tones mix with radiant reds and glistening golds for a phenomenal photo.


Green: Ireland

Let’s face it; Ireland is one of the first green places everyone thinks of and for a good reason. The constant mist and dewy rain keeps the island an unbelievable shade of emerald. Ireland holidays are full of rich greens not only in the forests, but in the rolling countryside and even the parks of Dublin. Make sure you discover what lies beyond the cities for a real understanding of the definition of green in Ireland.


Indigo: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Another colourful town in this North African country is covered in deep jewel tones that makes it seem like another planet. In Chefchaouen’s insanely indigo Medina, you can wander past windows and door after door of intense blue to which no other town in the world can compare. The last, but not least, of our list of the world’s most colourful destinations is one not to miss.


Do you have your own favourite colourful destinations or looking for a few?  Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration for a colourful adventure.