Staff Snaps: Staying Fabulous in Val d’Isère

Staff Snaps: Staying Fabulous in Val d’Isère

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I’ve never really been a fan of the great outdoors, so when two of my closest friends invited me for a week’s skiing in Val d’Isère, I was less than ecstatic!

Don’t get me wrong, I had skied before, I just found the whole experience cold, irritating and…oh yeah, did I mention cold?

Despite my reservations, my holiday in the snow this year was absolutely fabulous! I’m not going to lie and say I loved every minute of it; I can be one stroppy individual and so tantrums do happen, but on the whole it was brilliant!

I didn’t break any bones and I over-indulged in tasty French food and partying, what more can a diva like me ask for?


The holiday got off to a cracking start at the airport; I always find a cheeky Mimosa  guarantees a great day. The flight took off first thing (6am), so apologies if Marie and I look slightly bleary eyed.


After a pretty painless flight and transfer, we arrived in the resort and made our way to the hotel. Our accommodation was conveniently situated in the centre of town, this was ideal as I wanted to make the most of the après ski in the evening, just as much as daytime fun on the slopes!


I was pleasantly surprised with my efforts during the week; I skied every day and only fell over a handful of times. There was an incident, where I fell off a chair lift, but thankfully nothing was damaged, although I did get a severe telling off from the lift warden…oops.


I’m not a big fan of views and I hate having to continually stop to take yet another snap! I have the view (pardon the pun) that once you’ve seen one snowy mountain, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Looking back now though, I certainly feel I took the spectacular sights and the fresh mountain air for granted! I’ll just have to go again.


I was desperate to pay a visit to the famous Folie Douce. For those of you who don’t know, le Folie Douce is basically a daytime club up in the mountain. Starting around mid-afternoon, it’s not long before people are dancing on the tables (still in ski boots) and enjoying the live music sets. The atmosphere is electric! Needless to say, skiing back down the mountain was a bit of a struggle.


My choice of hat for the holiday was very creative. It looks like I have tiny marshmallows stuck to my head, but I personally thought it worked really well. I imagine next year I will take it one step further and attempt to stand out even more…watch this space!


I made some pretty incredible memories during my skiing adventure this year – it was also the first time in my life I actually felt remotely fit!

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