The Cost of The Hangover Holiday in Las Vegas

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This week the Hangover series is returning to our cinema screens, with the third instalment promising more outrageous behaviour from Alan, Mr Chow and co. In Part III, our favourite Wolf Pack return to Vegas, so we thought it was the perfect time to figure out just how much a Hangover holiday to Las Vegas would cost. Unfortunately, we couldn’t account for the emotional and psychological costs, but if you want to experience the entertainment capital of the world in true Hangover style, you’ll need a pretty big budget…

Cutting no corners, has put together the financial cost of the original movie (Tiger rental, Mike Tyson and mega suite included) to reveal the princely sum needed to party like the Wolf Pack.

Cost of the Hangover Holiday

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Transport and Accommodation

Nevada State Police Car – Cruising around in a police car doesn’t come cheap! To discourage from ‘borrowing’ a police car, like the guys do in the movie, we’ve provided the price of second hand patrol vehicle.

Cost – $38,400

Mercedes 1965 220SE – There’s nothing quite like rolling into Las Vegas Boulevard in style, and if you want to imitate the guys, then purchasing a Mercedes 1965 220SE convertible may be necessary. Recently, one of these vintage vehicles sold for $95,000 dollars on eBay.

Cost – $95,000

Caesars Palace Suite – In the film, the Wolf Pack rest their heads in a VIP suite at Caesars Palace. The suite used was set up especially for the movie, so isn’t for sale, however, an equivalent suite comes with a check out price of $4,100. OUCH!

Cost- $4,100

Dinner at the Palms/Breakfast at Caesars Palace – Using prices from the Palms and Caesars Palace, we found that eating in Vegas isn’t as pricey as drinking, but it still costs! The famous breakfast scene at Caesars Palace is where Stu, Alan and Phil count the cost of the night before.

Dinner Cost – $19.99

Breakfast Cost – $65

Wolf Pack Costs and Expenses

Emergency Dental Costs – Losing a tooth is never a good thing, and the cost of emergency dental work in Las Vegas does nothing to soothe the pain. Replacing a tooth in Sin City costs a pricey $649.

Cost – $649

Baby Carrier – After Alan’s satchel, this has to be his favourite accessory, and a must if you’re imitating the guys. Carlos won’t carry himself!

Cost – $79.99

High Roller Wedding Package – Hats, mugs and calendars; the high roller wedding package is one to savour – even if you don’t want too! Costing $3,000, we guess the price doesn’t come close to the regret in the morning… either that or it’s a small price for happiness.

Cost – $3,000

Nevada Annulment – For those who do get married under the bright lights of Vegas and wake up with regret, there is one saving grace – A Las Vegas Marriage Annulment. Costing $500 it saves the embarrassment of heading home married to a stranger…

Cost – $500

Gambling Costs – In the movie, the guys vaguely remember gambling but, like when most visit Vegas, there wasn’t an exact figure to draw from the night’s events. The Las Vegas Tourist Board estimate the average holidaymaker spends $485 gambling in Sin City.

Cost – $485

Belaggio Drinks Receipt – Finding a drinks receipt in your jeans pocket the following morning is one of life’s bad points. When it totals a huge $800, it’s even worse! The Bellagio is one of Vegas’ swankiest hotels, so the $800 budget might not have gone that far.

Cost – $800

Digital Camera – If you black out like the guys in the film then a digital camera helps you work out what the hell went on. A modest pocket camera is perfect for documenting the nights you can’t remember…

Cost – $150

Optional Extras

Renting a Tiger – Stealing Mike Tyson’s pet tiger is quite a feat, so to save Vegas visitors the effort, we investigated how much it would cost to rent a tiger for the evening. Surprisingly, we got a response from a Hollywood film company.

Cost – $2,954

Hiring Mike Tyson – What’s a hangover party without Iron Mike himself? A Vegas veteran, the former world heavyweight champion offers unrivalled entertainment and might even let you borrow his tiger. Make sure you make the most of his company though, he doesn’t come cheap.

Cost – $100,000

Thinking of Vegas? can of course get you to Las Vegas at a much more reasonable price tag. What you then decide to get up to when you’re there is up to you! But hopefully you’re now more aware how much you may have to shell out for cutting a bit too loose…

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