The Latest #TTOT Roundup: Discover Your Own Country

The Latest #TTOT Roundup: Discover Your Own Country

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This week’s Travel Talk On Twitter (#TTOT) was all about looking into the many amazing places and things to do in your own country. With many top travel bloggers getting involved, as well as travel industry professionals, you can find out how locals view their own country and dismiss some comical stereotypes!


Q1 via @Shantitravel Which is the most undiscovered destination in your country having a great tourism potential & why? #TTOT

Some people pointed out the lesser known regions of their country while for others it’s simply a case of getting out into the landscape.

Getting a good selfie is always a priority with some destinations.

Q2 via @feetmeanttoroam What attraction do you consider seriously overrated in your country? #TTOT

Right from the beginning there were some controversial answers.

Others defended the landmarks that some may consider overrated.

Q3 via @travel_brain Which dishes are the ultimate must tries? #TTOT

This question got a flurry of answers, perhaps as a result of being half way between breakfast and lunch.


Q4 via @wendywutoursuk What always surprises you about travel in your own country? #TTOT

Some heartfelt answers here demonstrate that preconceptions about travelling in your own country can be often unfounded.


Q5 via @efitimonholiday What is one false stereotype people believe about your country? #TTOT

People used this question as a chance to put right the common stereotypes of their own countries.


From putting stereotypes to rest to arguing the value of famous landmarks, #TTOT is always a great way to hear the opinions and voices of travel enthusiasts and experts. Follow @lowcostholidays on Twitter and log in every Tuesday for the latest travel talk on Twitter.