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Discover Bosnia

This relatively new country is rapidly emerging as one of the leading holiday destinations in Europe; and it is a role that is well justified, especially considering the wealth of attractions on the Balkan Peninsula.

Bosnia and Herzegovina holidays offer visitors an insight into a developing and modernised nation that has a variety of attractions to suit holidaymakers seeking a lesson in Bosnian culture. The capital city, Sarajevo, has transformed into one of the most exciting cities in Europe with its sophisticated ideals and engaging past, while history-rich towns like Mostar and Jajce promise a cultural lesson blessed with gorgeous natural sites.

You’ll find unique highlights from your holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From medieval gems and mountains to vibrant nightlife and dense forest, it is variety that makes this Balkan nation such an attractive holiday destination – allowing you to effortlessly gaze into the heart of a mesmerising country.

A Cosmopolitan Treat

Arriving in the capital of Sarajevo will allow you to begin your Bosnia and Herzegovina holidays in a destination seeping history and culture, old and Eastern architecture, and a burgeoning nightlife scene.

One of the most interesting cultural experiences in Sarajevo is wandering the city’s beautiful old town, adorned with cobbled streets, oriental shops, mosques and churches. The atmosphere mimics that of a Middle Eastern city, buzzing with energy, sights and smells. The city is also home to the famous Latin Bridge where in 1914 Franz Ferdinand – the Archduke not the band, was assassinated, sparking the beginning of WWI.

You’ll also encounter many engaging museums during your stay in Sarajevo, most notably the Bosnian Historical Museum which has an extremely moving display on the Siege of Sarajevo, and the charming Sarajevo Art Gallery.

Heading up into some of the hills surrounding the city will treat you to incredible views of the old town. You’ll probably even be able to spot the array of 5-star hotels waiting to spoil you with top-class service!

Towns of History

There is a country out there beyond Sarajevo. As hard as it is to leave the capital there are many more attractions awaiting you during your holidays to Bosnia and Herzegovina. You’ll encounter historic towns and cities offering as much charm and culture as the next, as well as staggering natural beauty found in the form of mountains, rivers and waterfalls.

In the south you’ll find Mostar, the country’s second most popular destination and home to the famous medieval bridge, rebuilt after being destroyed during the Bosnian War. Today the bridge is back and is rightfully acknowledged as the symbol of the town. To the west of Sarajevo is the beautiful old royal town of Jajce, boasting a glistening waterfall in the city centre and a stunning nearby fortress. To the north of the country you’ll stumble across Banja Luka with its incredibly vibrant nightlife scene, beautiful cathedral and riverside fortress.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also boasts a decent winter sports culture and hosted the Winter Olympics of 1984. The most accessible skiing destination from Sarajevo is the mountain of Bjelasnica. The winter months from November to February are your best bet for some snowy action on the mountains and in the cities and towns, while the best weather for exploring the country will be experienced in the sun-rich months of June, July and August.

Out and About in Bosnia

In the northwest of the country you’ll find some fantastic hiking and biking opportunities in the form of the Kozara National Park. The park is full of dense forests and sprawling meadows as well as some active wildlife including deer, foxes and boars.

The inland town of Medugorje is relatively unremarkable in appearance and attractions, but the destination is hugely famous as the site of various apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Consequently the area has become a haven for pilgrims looking to experience their very own form of divine intervention – see if she appears for you.

Your Bosnia and Herzegovina holidays won’t be blessed with the coastal bliss of neighbouring Croatia and Montenegro. Although there is one coastal town that will allow to you experience some form of beach holiday, found in the form of Neum – though taking a trip to nearby Dubrovnik in Croatia may be more suited to your sand and sea standards.