Rio de Janeiro Holidays 2016

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Riveting Rio

Rio de Janeiro holidays will transport holidaymakers to a land of awe-inspiring landscape with an exhilarating beach culture met with vibrant and colourful streets and a staggering mountain backdrop. In addition to this, visitors will be treated to a remarkable array of informative and engaging museums, some beautiful churches and landmarks, and of course the Christ the Redeemer statue, one of the Wonders of the World.

Holidays to Rio de Janeiro capture that famous spirit and character of Brazil, and there’s no better way to absorb the vibrancy than visiting the city during its world-famous Carnaval. Held in February, the carnival welcomes two million people each day to the city streets, often culminating in a refreshing drink and dip on the long, iconic sandy stretch that is Copacabana Beach.

Vibrant Character and Alluring Culture

Nobody would think less of you if you spent the majority of your Rio de Janeiro holidays bathed in sunshine on one or more of the city’s stunning beaches. There are countless options for beach bums - alongside the world-famous Copacabana you also have Ipanema, Barra da Tijuca and Leme among the most attractive. Those that feel particularly inclined to turn their holidays into a beach break may want to stay in one of the Rio hotels near the beach. For even more stunning beaches, a few hours from the city is the breath-taking island of Ilha Grande, packed full of sandy strips of perfection.

You won’t achieve the complete Rio de Janeiro experience without visiting some of the city’s cultural sights or climbing one of the towering surrounding mountains. You’ll discover neoclassical churches among colonial architectural treats, the imposing Candelaria Cathedral and the impressive Theatro Municipal. Culture Vultures will revel in Rio’s collection of fantastic museums, including the National Museum of History, the Museum of Fine Arts and the wonderful Museum of Carnival.

One of the most memorable things to do during your holiday in Rio de Janeiro is climbing to the top of a stunning Brazilian mountain. None come more famous than Corcovado, home of the landmark statue, Christ the Redeemer. Besides introducing visitors to the giant statue up close, you’ll also enjoy an incredible view of the city below. The nearby Sugar Loaf Mountain is another great vantage point for views of Rio’s stunning bay and expansive beaches.

Discover Rio de Janeiro


You will find the city of Rio de Janeiro an excellent place to come on a city trip. There is so much to see and do here and you have the added benefit of a spectacular beach right next to the city. Check out the Christ the Redeemer statue, which has become a well-known landmark across the world. You can enjoy the amazing views on offer from the top of the mountain peak as well as the experience. Head to the botanical gardens in the city where you can explore the local plants and nature of the country in a beautiful city retreat.

Things to Do

There are many things to do in the city, and with the abundance of sightseeing options you can spend much of your time learning about the cities rich culture and exploring the culture of the area. Why not join a walking or open bus tour of the city where you can enjoy a guided tour of the best sights from a knowledgeable guide. You can also find many great scenic walking trails in and around the city where you can gain some of the best views of the area.


There are many great festivals and celebrations around the year in the city of Rio, so why not book your trip to coincide with one of these vibrant celebrations. Head to the city for the famous Rio Carnival or the Rock in Rio festival or make th emost of th evibance and excitiment that takes over the city at New Year down at the Copacabana Beach.


The city is rich with many wonderful examples of architecture and design that will keep any architecture fan happy on their trip. You can see many examples of ancient Brazil and times gone by in the many cobbled streets and quaint lined houses. Enjoy the architecture of the many churches and shrines throughout the city too and the Theatro Municipal is another must see.

Rio de Janeiro Beach Holidays

Top Beaches

Many people are drawn to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro in search of the perfect city beach holiday, and it does not disappoint. The area has many great beaches to offer those who want to relax on white sands and swim in crystal clear waters. Head to the Ipanema beach and Copacabana beach for plenty of vibrant beachside fun or the Barra da Tijuca beach where you can marvel at the natural beauty of the bay.


There are many things that draw holidaymakers to the shores of the city of Rio. The white sandy beaches are some of the most famous in the world, as is the vibrant beachside feel and activities. Make the most of the clear waters and wonderful surroundings with plenty of time spent relaxing and swimming.

Beach Activities

There are many things to do on your beach holiday to the area. Spend time relaxing in the year round warm sunshine down at the waters edge or take a swim in the crystal clear waters. Go scuba diving in the bay or discover some of the nearby wrecks or try your hand at a range of water sports on offer at the beach.

Seafront Stays

There are many excellent seafront hotels in Rio de Janeiro that are perfect for a beach holiday to the area. Enjoy the wonderful views and facilities on offer at the Windsor Palace Hotel. Here you can enjoy the spacious rooms and beachside location of the hotel. All rooms come with great views and access to the range of facilities on offer such as swimming pools and rooftop terrace.

Rio de Janeiro Couples Getaways


It is so easy to see why so many couples come to the city of Rio de Janeiro for a romantic getaway. The city is vibrant and exciting as well as being relaxing and idyllic. You can spend hours relaxing down at the beach on the white sandy beaches. Head to the Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountains where you can explore the rich nature of Brazil and get some of the best views of the city.


Make the most of the many sightseeing options in the city by setting aside time to explore some of the most important features. Why not join a sightseeing tour or a bus trip where you can be guided around the city by a knowledgeable tour. Head down to the harbour of the city where you can find many different boat trips that make the perfect afternoon trip.


You will find many romantic restaurants and bars in the city where you and your partner can enjoy each others company whilst sampling the local dishes and enjoying the Brazilian hospitality. Head to the samba clubs for plenty of dancing and make the most of the live music bars and open-air cafes. You can also find many vibrant nightclubs where you can dance the night away.

Couples Hotels

Add the perfect touch to your romantic holiday to Rio de Janeiro by booking yourselves into one of the cities many wonderful five star luxury hotels and resorts. At the Copacabana Palace Hotel you can enjoy beautiful rooms, which are elegantly, decorated as well as the wonderful sea and mountain views on offer. Guests can relax in the elegant hotel and make the most of the swimming pools, sun terrace, gym and spa on offer. You will find yourselves fully relaxed on your trip, giving you more time to enjoy each other company.

Rio de Janeiro With the Kids


Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place for a holiday with the kids; the Brazilian city has so much to offer, from breathtaking natural beauty to culture, art and cuisine. You will not have a dull moment on your trip to this amazing destination. The beaches in Rio are some of the finest in the world, you will find yourself spending hours relaxing on the shores and swimming in the clear water. Head to the Maracana Stadium where you can enjoy a game in true Brazilian style. Check out the many museums in the city too and you can learn all about the rich history and culture of the city and country.

Things to Do

There are many things to see and do in Rio de Janeiro, you and your family will be spoilt for choice. Head to the football stadium where you can catch an exciting football game or head to the shopping district where you can browse a range of wonderful designer and high street stores. Down at the beach you can enjoy a range of water sports too or hire a bike and cycle around the city in style.


The city comes alive as the sun sets, with plenty to see and do into the evening. Head to one of the many excellent Brazilian and international restaurants where you can enjoy national dishes and locally caught seafood in the breathtaking surroundings of the vibrant city. Head to the many cafes and bars where you can enjoy live music or even catch an open air band or gig down at the beach.

Family Hotels

There are many wonderful hotels in Rio de Janeiro that make the perfect place for you to stay with your family on your getaway. Check out the Leme Othon Palace Hotel, here guests can make the most of the spacious and sound proofed rooms with all of the local mod cons. Enjoy the hotels great beach side location with great views of the surrounding city, mountains and white sandy beach. Guests can also make the most of the range of facilities on offer at the hotel as well as the extremely friendly staff and great location.