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Bulgaria Holidays 2016

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Beautiful Bulgaria

Do something a little different this year and discover the majesty of Bulgaria. From breath-taking beachside destinations to vibrant cities that ooze glamour, Bulgaria holidays are a sure-fit for all.

The Black Sea coastline brings in flocks of Bulgarians and foreign visitors alike, and it’s little wonder why with its soft, golden sands and azure waters. Rivalling the very best of Spain and Greece, the resorts along the Black Sea coast are finally beginning to be recognised as the must-visit destination they are. Combine this with intricate architecture, sensational restaurants and the most welcoming of locals, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a holiday you’ll want to repeat to year after year.

From Coast to City

For beachfront beauty, Sunny Beach on the country’s east coast is great choice. Boasting luxurious 5-star hotels as well as those better for visitors on a budget, it’s a resort that really has it all.

For a city break that you can boast about, Sofia is where it’s at. As Bulgaria’s capital, it already stands in pretty good stead as being one of the country’s most unforgettable destinations, but once you throw in the stunning mix of Roman, Byzantine and medieval architecture, the majestic backdrop of Vitosha Mountain and some truly iconic landmarks, you simply can’t go too far wrong.

To combine the best of both these resorts, Varna is a stunning beachside, city location that has a whole lot to offer. Beautiful shorelines meet a dynamic, bustling city centre, making it the ideal choice for a beach getaway with an extra dose of pizazz.

Bulgaria’s Best Bits

As a vibrant and fascinating country, Bulgaria is ideal for families, couples and groups. Offering an abundance of sweeping landscapes, beautiful beaches and mouth-watering cuisine, holidays to Bulgaria are designed to impress, and they certainly don’t fall short.

Boasting an enviable Mediterranean climate, this stunning country is ideal for summer getaways that are doused in sunshine. Temperatures vary from region to region, but if you’re looking for soaring temperatures that are met by a cooling sea breeze, the Black Sea coast was made for you.

Complete a day in the sun by indulging yourself at one of the many restaurants and bars. The realm of resorts along the seafront offer these treasures in abundance, and you can taste delights including Eastern European fare, favourite international dishes and Bulgarian must-tries. Couple this with a bar overlooking the sparkling waters and you’ll understand why every day during Bulgaria holidays ends simply beautifully.

Out and About in Bulgaria

If you’re in need a blissful beach break, be sure to head to Golden Sands. Located next to the Black Sea, it offers miles of crisp, white beach that are simply perfect for topping up that tan. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you well looked after, and an abundance of water-sports are available for some competitive fun!

For the many culture vultures and history buffs among us, Nessebar has a realm of 11th century ruins for you to explore. Alternatively, head to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Rila Monastery near Sofia. Perched on the Rila Mountain, it boasts beautiful architecture and even better views. Couple this with a few days exploring the country’s capital and you’ll be so glad you came!

If holidays in Bulgaria sound more appealing if they’re spent soaking up the sun in glorious luxury, look no further than Sveti Vlas Village. Indulge in crystal clear waters, gourmet dining and high-end treatment – sounds pretty perfect, right? It even boasts some of the country’s most luxurious nightlife, making it perfect for couples looking for a secluded retreat.

Bulgaria Activity Holidays


While many visitors to Bulgaria rush straight for the beaches, there is also an awful lot on offer further inland. If you head up into the mountains for example, you’ll be able to find some superb terrain for hiking and walking trips. Around the Old Capital of Veliko Tarnovo for example, holidaymakers can enjoy a breathtaking landscape of mountains, forests and lakes.

Water Sports

You will be able to find a superb range of water sports on offer at coastal resorts such as Golden Sands and Sunny Beach – ranging from water skiing to scuba diving in the Black Sea! However, these aren’t the only water sports that Bulgaria has to offer. Head inland and you’ll be able to have a go at rafting on the Struma River, or sailing on the mountain lakes near Veliko Tarnovo.

Mountain Biking

With so many miles of unspoiled mountain scenery, it should be no surprise that mountain biking has become a popular pastime in Bulgaria! Head to destinations such as Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo or Shipka in the Balkan Mountains, and you will be able to find plenty of places to hire bikes, as well as miles upon miles of scenic mountain trails.

Rock Climbing

Those looking to try their hand at rock climbing during their holiday to Bulgaria will find some superb spots to try along the Yantra Gorge. Located just outside the city of Veliko Tarnovo, the gorge offers breathtaking scenery looking out over the river valley and the old castle beyond… as well as a selection of climbing courses that range from beginner to expert difficulty levels.

Bulgaria Couples Holidays

Eating out

If you’re looking for venues for a romantic meal out during your trip, then you won’t have to look far! Golden Sands and Sunny Beach both offer their fair share of restaurants and bistros, while the city of Varna features a superb range of fine dining options – you’ll find the French restaurant ‘Bordeaux’ close to the beach, and this is a great example of the kind of haute cuisine that will be available during your trip.

Things to Do

There are some great options when it comes to planning a day out in Bulgaria. You could visit the picturesque Sea Gardens in Varna, or even head to the Greek ruins at Nessebar! If you’re looking for a taste of the local culture, then cities such as Bourgas and Varna boast a wide selection of museums and galleries that you’ll be able to visit as well.


One great way to pass your holiday in Bulgaria would be to indulge yourselves with a spa treatment! At Pomorie you will find the country’s most famous mud treatment resort, while the city of Varna was built upon natural hot springs – here you can enjoy a range of luxurious treatments at a selection of spas, or even bathe in the springs themselves!


Bulgaria offers a good selection of beaches along the Black Sea coast. While popular resort destinations such as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands can get a little crowded during the summer months, head to destinations like Varna or Bourgas; here you’ll easily find a quiet, relaxing spot, just by taking a short walk along the beach.

Bulgaria Group Breaks


Bulgaria boasts more than its fair share of bars and nightclubs! In resorts such as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands you will find the larger clubs, along with a high proportion of foreign holidaymakers. If you want to enjoy a taste of traditional local nightlife though, head to one of the larger residential cities – Varna is a great place for a night out, and the northern city of Ruse offers a superb selection of late night venues.


For many people, the beaches of Bulgaria will be one of the country’s largest attractions. Head anywhere along the Black Sea coast, and you’ll be able to enjoy fine sand, warm, crystal clear waters, and a good provision of facilities such as sun beds and parasols. The resorts of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands in particular, are geared up towards group trips.

Eating Out

Bulgarian cuisine tends to centre around choice cuts of flavoursome meat, seasonal vegetables and rich spices. In many of the popular resort destinations though, you will also be able to enjoy a wide range of international cuisines. Groups tend to be warmly welcomed in most restaurants, and the prices to eat out here are some of the lowest anywhere in Europe!


If you find yourselves growing tired of beautiful beaches and fine food – as strange as that may sound – then you will be able to visit a range of exciting attractions during your stay, as well. From water parks to ancient Greek and Roman ruins, there are plenty of options for those planning a day out. The aviation museum in Bourgas makes for a fascinating trip, while the coastal town of Nessebar offers some of the best-preserved ancient Greek architecture in Europe.

Bulgaria with the Kids

Family Resorts

Bulgaria offers some superb beach resorts, most notably those at Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Here you’ll be able to enjoy great facilities for families traveling with children, and the gently sloping seabed provides clear, shallow water, along with the perfect conditions for swimming and sunbathing.

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Bulgaria boasts a great selection of beaches along the Black Sea coast. Some of the more popular tourist destinations include the cities of Varna and Bourgas, as well as Nessebar – a site which boasts both ancient ruins, and beautiful stretches of sand. Alternatively, you could head to the lively resort destinations Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, where you’ll be able to enjoy warm hospitality, and a range of resort attractions.


There are some wonderful options for a day out during your trip to Bulgaria. At Golden Sands you’ll find the Aquapolis water park, offering an excellent selection of slides and flumes, in addition to a number of different splash pools and bathing areas. In the coastal city of Varna you will also be able to visit the Sea Gardens, a peaceful stretch of park which can be found just behind the beach.

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There are some great options on offer for eating out, during your holiday in Bulgaria. Many of the restaurants in the seaside resorts cater for entire family groups, and you will often be able to enjoy demonstrations of traditional Bulgarian music and dance while you eat!

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