Cape Verde Holidays 2015

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A Holiday with a View

Brimming with vibrant coastal beauty and breath-taking nature, the Cape Verde Islands are a virtual paradise just off the coast of Africa. Belonging to Portugal until the 1970’s, you can find a mishmash of cultures, terrains and cuisines while on Cape Verde holidays.

For the most spectacular views, take a trip to Fogo. A good pair of walking shoes is a must, especially as the climb up Mount Fogo can take around four hours – but the views are fabulous and certainly worth the trek. Make sure to visit the beaches of Boa Vista to catch a glimpse of giant turtles coming to shore to lay their eggs, and keep your eyes peeled for majestic African birds flying overhead.

Islands for All

Santiago is the largest island and located to the south of the group; the island is mountainous and offers a host of beaches off the beaten track, while its capital, Praia has a great choice of restaurants and fascinating nightlife for upbeat holidays in Cape Verde.

To the west of Santiago is Fogo Island, and while all the Cape Verde islands are volcanic, Fogo has the only active volcano, presenting a magnificent sight to behold.

Boa Vista Island is the furthest east of the islands and boasts an amazing 55 km of stunning white sand beaches lined with tropical palm trees. To the north of Boa Vista is the Sal Island , a flat island boasting some gorgeous sandy beaches.

Cultural Cape Verde

The rainfall in Cape Verde is almost non-existent, ensuring you guaranteed sunshine on your Cape Verde holidays. The temperature reaches 25C in January and February and 30C in September, making sandals and swimwear must-haves for your trip to Cape Verde.

The most popular beaches can be found on the eastern islands of Sal and Boa Vista. Relax on the pretty sandy beaches of Santa Monica or Curralinho, perfect for swimming and relaxing in the sun. Travel to the south of the island and experience the joys of Sal Rei and Estoril Beach which are ideal for families and learning how to surf. Chaves Beach near Estoril is also a gorgeous place to spend the day.

An infusion of rural Portugal and Africa will awaken all your senses when on holiday in the Cape Verde islands. While the official language is Portuguese, you will hear many variations of Cape Verdean Creole, and music which also incorporates tastes from Brazil. Watch the morna dance or more modern passada, and savour the wonderful tastes of typical Cape Verde dishes particularly the delicious fish cuisine.

    Cidade Velha
  • or Sidadi - is the oldest settlement in Cape Verde on Santiago Island just 15 km from Praia. Accessed by water taxi or bus from Praia, Cidade Velha, formerly Ribeira Grande, was the original capital of the island chain and where Sir Francis Drake visited; it has since been awarded the UNESCO World Heritage status.

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Things to do in Cape Verde

Top Attractions

There’s no doubt that of all the Cape Verde attractions, its stunning landscapes are part of the allure. Whether you’re seeking adventure on its mountainous terrain or you’re looking to catch a glimpse of the fantastic array of wildlife that inhabits the area, there’s nowhere better to explore than the stunning Cape Verde islands. Laze on its golden sands with a good book, dive into the sea to experience a wealth of marine life or climb aboard a boat for some island hopping – you’ll soon uncover the beauty of this natural landscape.

Wine and Dine

Seafood lovers will be in their element, with plenty of fresh fish featuring highly on the menu. One of the best things to do in Cape Verde is to sample the mouth-watering speciality dish Capucha. A hearty dish made with maize, beans, herbs, sweet potato and fish, it’ll give you an authentic taste of the region and is widely available in many of its restaurants. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re in luck – mangoes, bananas, papayas and guavas are all popular in Cape Verde and considered local specialities.

Action and Adventure

Thanks to its rewarding landscapes, there are numerous Cape Verde attractions for those seeking something a little more energetic. Diving and snorkelling remain popular pastimes among visitors, with Sal and Boa Vista the best places to enjoy. If you don’t fancy donning a wet suit, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the water without getting your feet wet – take a boat trip for some whale watching or catch a glimpse of Boa Vista’s loggerhead turtles.

Couples Holidays

With the Caribbean islands located close by, the allure of sugar-white sands and clear blue waters is strong – especially for couple’s holidays or honeymoons seeking a slice of paradise. If you’re looking for a dose of relaxation, you’ll find beautiful backdrops to experience, alongside stylish spa hotels and extended beaches. With your days remaining warm and sun-filled and your evenings filled with an array of entertainment, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of things to do in Cape Verde with your significant other.


Much of the evening entertainment in Cape Verde comes from traditional live music, with European and Latin influences evident in its various nightclubs and bars. Not dissimilar to the vibrant Canary Islands, you’ll find the usual pool of Irish bars and beachside nightclubs to choose from. A lot of the nightlife can be found directly on your doorstep in the hotels themselves, while the areas that locals tend to flock to have their own lively spirit. Whether you fancy a delicious meal at an ambient restaurant or a chance to wear your dancing shoes in a music bar, you’ll find something to cater to your tastes.

Recharge and Relax

Aside from topping up your tan on the beach, there are numerous things to do in Cape Verde for those craving relaxation. Head to the Boa Vista Island and you’ll come across miles of empty sprawling beaches and gloriously soft sand dunes to dip your feet into. One of the most picturesque islands, it is the ideal spot for a relaxed escape, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist resorts. One of the most popular activities for those seeking something more sedate is a night-time excursion to catch a glimpse of the Loggerhead Turtles in their natural environment – the perfect accompaniment to your Cape Verde getaway.

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Top Beaches

    There are many fantastic beaches throughout the Cape Verde Archipelago, making it the perfect getaway for those who want to bask in the warm tropical weather. On Boa Vista, there is Santa Monica beach, named after the California beach of the same name. It has 18km of untouched white sand
  • perfect for families, sunbathers and swimmers. Or, if you’re looking for something unexpected, visit Santiago, where the black volcanic beaches stretch along its coast. But, for the best water sports, you’ll want to visit Sal and Boa Vista.


Aside from sunbathing, swimming and playing on the beach, Cape Verde offers the rare opportunity to see four species of turtle breeds. During the summer months, guided tours are available to view the cumbersome beasts coming ashore. It is a special treat to see this event take place, and even more so to see the eggs hatch. Holidays can be booked around this fantastic environmental experience.

Stay Active

With the perpetually lovely weather, Cape Verde is an ideal place to spend a beach holiday. The clear water makes scuba diving and snorkelling a blast, and the easy tides make swimming enjoyable for all. But, many hotels, especially on Sal and Boa Vista offer surf and windsurfing rentals. Or, if you dare, you can learn to jet ski. With such wonderful beaches, and a wealth of activities set to make the most of the sapphire water, Cape Verde is the perfect place to spend a beach holiday.

Beach Hotels

Being a small collection of islands, most hotels are in close proximity to the beach, but for the best beaches and accommodations, why not try the Odjo d'Agua Hotel, resting on the edge of Santa Maria. Or, if you are looking for something a little more affordable, then take the Da Luz Hotel into consideration. It is affordable, family friendly and a mere 300m from a wonderful white sand beach.


How lovely does a little romance under the sun sound? With the best beaches on Boa Vista and Sal, the volcano on Fogo, or the cultural capital of Mindelo in Sao Vicente, you will have little trouble keeping your days filled.


Get out and explore! Cape Verde holidays offers fantastic trails, like the breathtaking mountains of Santo Antão or the sand dunes of Boa Vista. If the sun is too warm for you to explore the islands, then Cape Verde makes it easy to explore the water. Most hotels have facilities to cater to the experienced, and novice scuba divers, bringing you to Cape Verde’s vast sea life. Or, if you prefer to stay above the water, there are surf and windsurf hires readily available.


A holiday with a significant other wouldn’t be right if you didn’t soak up all the best things happening once the sun goes down. Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente, is a great place to spend an evening. Here you will have access to the delicious local cuisine, while listening to the locals sing and dance, while sipping grog and pontche in the local bars. Music is a staple in Cape Verdean life, and you are bound to hear it at its best in Mindelo. Praia, the capital, and Cidade Velha also have excellent local food and bars.


Boa Vista and Sal are great destinations to base your holiday. Centrally located in the archipelago, they offer the finest beaches, a wide range of restaurants and access to the other islands. If you are really looking to escape it all, then the Hotel Sabura, just outside of Santa Maria on Sal, is the place you are looking for. Beautifully set, and as an adults-only hotel, you are sure to get the rest, and relaxation you are looking for.


Cape Verde is one of the richest cultural and geological locations in the world. From Cidade Velha, the UNESCO site on Santiago Island, to the active volcano on Fogo, you will never be at a loss during your holiday to Cape Verde. The Boa Vista beaches offer opportunities to see the giant sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, or chance of seeing rare breeds of African birds in flight.


    With a unique terrain and a beach paradise, there is no shortage of activities to keep the most active of visitors happy. Water sports are popular throughout the archipelago
  • surfing, windsurfing, jets skiing and the like are readily available, but so too are the many trails that weave through the mountains, and the quad bikes that allow you to roam the dunes of Boa Vista.


Though music and dance are an integral part of Cape Verdean culture, it doesn’t even compare to the festival that takes place every February in the town of Mindelo. There is a large parade on the Monday, with the festivities lasting until the late hours, and then picking up again for Shrove Tuesday. The locals are very welcoming to tourists, so go, experience and enjoy. Also, during the first weekend of August, the Baia das Gatas is a large local and international music festival, taking place on the beach just outside of Mindelo.

Extreme Sports

With clear, untouched water, diving is a favourite pastime in Cape Verde. With a rich marine ecosystem, you’ll be amazed by the life underwater. But, if you prefer to keep your rugged adventures dry, grab a bike and traverse one of the many trails that line the rugged, volcanic islands of Cape Verde.


From beaches to historic towns, holidays in Cape Verde have fantastic options for families looking to unwind in the sun. Take a trip to Cidade Velha, on the island of Santiago. Being the oldest European city in the tropics, you can see the influence Europe had on one of the smallest corners of the world.


Families love coming to Cape Verde because there is so much to do. From game fishing to safaris, strolling the trails or investigating the canyons, Cape Verde has something for everyone to make sure you're kept busy during your stay.


Cape Verde has a lovely, welcoming attitude that extends well into its nightlife. Music and dancing is an integral part of Cape Verdean’s culture, and they encourage tourists to join in. Sao Vicente is home to a number of venues that are family friendly. Here you will be able to see traditional music, as well as dine on some of the local faire such as Lagostada, a lobster dish, or Cachupa, a traditional potato and maize meal.


With ten islands and some 24 cities on Cape Verde, finding a place to stay isn’t difficult. It’s deciding where you want to make your base, which poses the biggest question. The largest hotels in the archipelago are on the island of Sal and Boa Vista. Both Sal and Boa Vista offer great resorts, and beaches, making it the perfect location for a family looking to take it easy.