Guadeloupe Holidays 2016

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Glorious Guadeloupe

The idyllic Guadeloupe lives up to the ideals of paradise for most holidaymakers around the world. The amazing beach and laid back atmosphere is exactly what you need when looking for your perfect getaway, and the welcoming locals and the great cuisine will only add to the perfection of Guadeloupe holidays.

Guadeloupe presents the best in Caribbean culture with diverse areas contributing to the overseas region of France. The multiple colours of sand on the many beaches will leave you spoilt for choice, as the paradise so often referred to when talking of Caribbean holidays is not a myth. Activities are plentiful here too, from surfing and snorkelling in St Francois, to botanical gardens and spas in Deshaies.

The Diversity of Beauty

You’ll never be short of things to do during holidays to Guadeloupe, whether you’re in search of romance, adventure or pampering. Absorb some amazing views at the top of La Soufriére, an active volcano that hasn’t threatened to erupt since 1976. Along the way you can admire the Galion Waterfalls and swim in the lake, a beautiful checkpoint that makes the journey even more memorable.

Arguably one of the most idyllic beaches is located on Le Gosier, boasting turquoise waters and white sandy strips. Snorkelling trips allow you to explore the depth of the ocean and confront the sea creatures up close, ideal for the curious and adventurous swimmers. Pay a visit to the Aquarium de la Guadeloupe if you’re not too confident in the water where you can see the wildest sea dwellers face-to-face.

The beach bars offer the best in local drinks, the highlight being the rum made from the sugar cane so popular on the island. For a dose of excitement on holidays in Guadeloupe you can hire a dune buggy and explore the countryside areas of St Anne, just make sure you leave the rum tasting till afterwards!