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St Lucia Holidays 2016

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Let Loose in St Lucia

The volcanic mountains and waterfalls of St Lucia are as close to paradise as it comes. The exotic landscapes and dense jungles are an explorers dreams. The towering mountainous green scenery coupled with the long stretch of sandy beaches contribute to an authentic but unique Caribbean experience, ideal for honeymooners, families and those generally in search of wonder. Offering much more than your standard tropical getaway, St Lucia holidays are a haven for adventures as well as those looking to unwind. Hiking through the lush rainforests, climbing the mountains and swimming the azure ocean waters are just some of the things to do on your holidays to St Lucia.

An Unforgettable Experience

Whether in search of romance or adventure, St Lucia will immerse you in your preference. The grandiose island is full of calm and cultured resorts such as Vieux Fort. Museums and preserved monuments exemplify the islands rich history for those in search of culture. The secretive area is scattered with vegetarian and fish markets on a Saturday morning, alongside restaurants interspersed across the seafront blessed with spectacular views.

Accommodation is plentiful during St Lucia holidays, especially in the slightly more populated area of Marigot Bay. Waterfront apartments and villas host small to large groups with views overlooking the beach and bay.

Luxury and Celebration

The exuberant natural attractions are enough to occupy the longest holidays in St Lucia, as the magnetic secrecy never loses its appeal. The pitons understandably allure visitors, with a two-hour climb to the top to satisfy your sense of adventure. A shorter hike can be embarked upon to the Pigeon Island National Park. The park includes beaches and restaurants to ensure a luxurious visit.

As well as hiking trails, yachting and boat trips are especially popular, though it must be said, the ideal way to appreciate the St Lucian seas is via a snorkelling or scuba diving trip. Explore the Lesleen M shipwreck and come face to face with over 150 species of fish on this family friendly activity.

Couples in search of romantic retreats are spoiled for choice. Just a boat ride away is the island of Antigua and Barbuda, a resort which has over 365 beaches. Watch the sunset on horseback along the scenic sandy shores, and bask in the glorious landscape this unique island offers.

Evenings across the island are as varied as its landscape, ranging from lively nights in the bustling capital, to drinking laid-back cocktails in Marigot Bay. Enjoy flavoursome fresh cuisine during holidays in St Lucia across many of St Lucia’s restaurants, which showcase the very best in local flavours and specialties. Music and arts can be appreciated in April and May throughout the St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, with the livelier St Lucia Carnival taking place in July. Expect lavish costumes and elaborate floats in this grandiose celebration of Caribbean culture.

Important Information

Travel Information
Language: English (Creole - French)
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars
Local time: GMT -4 hours
Local airport: St Lucia Hewanorra
Flight time: 8 hours 30 minutes

Quiet Spots

Visit the picturesque Pigeon Island National Park located towards the north of the island. The national landmark captures all of St Lucia's Caribbean beauty in one setting.


The Grande Anse is a fantastic stretch of sand with a glamorous back drop of cliffs behind it which means wherever you look you’ll see a beautiful view. There is also the palm-fringed Choc Bay, which is another idyllic spot soaked in sunshine.

Water Sports

Like any good Caribbean destination there are plenty of water sports to choose from. At the Vieux Fort you’ll be able to try a spot of wind and kite surfing on the crystal clear waters. If you feel more like close to nature try a spot of snorkelling which will really take your breath away.