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Christmas Markets 2016

Christmas Markets 2016

Head away this December to experience the wonderful Christmas markets of Germany as well as other great places too. Snow-covered stalls, aromas of spiced puddings and mulled wine fills the air and souvenirs, Christmassy toys as well as crafted goods decorate market tables in a colourful glow you could only associate with the wintery festivities. Twinkling lights and carol singers complete the scene, whereas those more interested in exploring what else the many famous Christmas markets have to offer will be well-catered for too.

There’s no better way to build up the magic surrounding Christmas than by heading to a festive market in one of Europe’s top cities. Whether you have the little ones in tow or not, you’re bound to reignite your passion for the wintery captivations and you’ll soon be enthralled with the traditions of Christmas once again! Don’t forget to check out our winter city break deals today, so you can find your ultimate winter break.

A mystical vibe envelopes Europe as it approaches the festive season, stalls are placed and stands are prepared for the Christmas crowds who come to spy souvenirs and gifts, while playing witness to the seasonal atmosphere that eclipses the European Christmas markets. Transport yourself to enchanted lands of festive appeal, here you’ll find various cold lagers, fruit-mulled wines and sumptuous snacks to gorge yourselves on as you live a life of Christmas cheer which captures the feeling you used to get as the anticipating child who listens out for the sound of sleigh bells. Whether you find yourself perusing the German Christmas markets or somewhere a little closer to home, you’re sure to find yourself brimming with excitement as you explore the decorated streets.

Explore Germany’s Christmas Markets

From Cologne to Berlin, we’ve got the very best of Germany covered when it comes to a December break in the festive country. Stalls, attractions and a number Christmas markets populate the most famous cities and towns, but the festive cheer can be felt throughout Germany wherever you stay. Head to Munich or enjoy the Christmas market of Hamburg, there are a number of tempting options that will help you make the most of the Christmas season. Whether you’re a family, couple or group of friends, there’s something to suit everyone in what can be considered the Christmas market capital of Europe.

Under-the-Tree Floor Fillers

Take a journey around the Paris Christmas markets, where you’ll find delicately hand-crafted trinkets, toys and ornaments, each item capturing the essence of Christmas. France shines through as a beacon for many tourists looking to fill their families’ stockings with hand-made varieties of high quality products, but plenty of European Christmas markets will serve the purpose, with Tallinn Christmas markets providing the perfect example of knitted hats and mittens gloves – the ideal gifts to help stave off the winter frost back home. Elsewhere you will find an array of sparkling jewellery at affordable prices, an eye-catching treat for anyone looking to show off their trip to this illustrious city.

Fill the Belly with Festivities

Festive food is always a mainstay of Christmas, and you’ll find nowhere better to conduct your search for fine foods than around the Berlin Christmas markets. From an eclectic selection of high quality cuisine from culinary masters at Gendarmenmarkt to a bountiful arsenal of bratwurst sausages for an authentic dining experience in Germany. As you walk past the various stalls your senses will be filled with aromas of local herbs and sounds of barbequing meat for that cold-preventing treat – there’s more than one way to get that warm fuzzy feeling around Christmas time! If it’s a drink you’re after to get into the Christmas spirit, then the Budapest Christmas market serves gallons of mulled wine in special mugs, differing with a various decorated designs every year.

Treat the Inner Child

Part of Christmas is getting excited over the little things; spending time with family on Christmas day, decorating the house with garish lights and hoping for the snow to come a-falling down like malting clouds – the European Christmas markets will ensure you’re invigorated with the Christmas spirit we all sometimes forget. Head to theKrakow Christmas markets for a dose of tradition, where you overlook what appears to be a quaint fairy-tale, Szopki, little constructions of card and coloured foil, are placed underneath the Mickiewicz statue on the first Thursday of every Christmas. Elsewhere you’ll see monolithic sights, sometimes topped with snow for that truly visceral Christmas feel.

Where to Stay

Indulge in luxury during your visit to the various European Christmas markets, and you’ll find some of the best places are only a stone’s throw away from the festivities. Make sure you look at the best spots around the Brussels Christmas markets if you want to beat the rush to chocolate heaven, or ensure you’re first to the old wooden amusement ride situated around the Copenhagen Christmas markets – probably best to get this one out of the way before you munch down of the Christmas cuisine! Wherever you decide to spend your Christmas adventure, you’ll be guaranteed a slice of tradition along with your slice of Christmas pud!