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City breaks

City breaks

From European city breaks to those found further afield, there are so many dynamic and cosmopolitan cultures that are just waiting to be explored. With some jetsetters disappearing on city breaks and others venturing out for weeks at a time, there’s a variety of city breaks to fit you, your budget and your time frame. Boasting breath-taking architecture and out of this world charisma, city breaks are designed to please everyone. Whether you’re after mind-blowing cuisine, an insight into a unique culture, or simply some indulgence across world-class shopping, you’ll find the right destination for you with lowcostholidays.

From Marrakech to Rome, there are a number of places you can choose from the extensive range of destinations we offer. Explore the vibrant Spanish capital of Madrid or work your way through the picturesque waterways of Venice – whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.


4* Barcelona

18 January from London Gatwick
3 nights
£190 per personpp was £211

4* Rome

29 January from London Stansted
3 nights
£148 per personpp was £185

3* Amsterdam

01 February from London Southend
2 nights
£67 per personpp was £84

4* Lisbon

20 January from London Stansted
3 nights
£119 per personpp was £132

4* Berlin

16 December from London Stansted
3 nights
£193 per personpp was £227

4* Krakow

08 December from London Stansted
3 nights
£148 per personpp was £174

5* Morocco

06 January from London Gatwick
3 nights
£298 per personpp was £331

3* Brussels

01 December from Manchester
2 nights
£119 per personpp was £140

3* Paris

11 January from London Luton
3 nights
£154 per personpp was £171
New York

3* New York

22 January from London Heathrow
4 nights
£574 per personpp was £638

5* Prague

24 December from London Stansted
3 nights
£352 per personpp was £414

4* Reykjavik

13 January from London Luton
3 nights
£287 per personpp was £338

Exciting City Breaks in 2015

There are some fantastic city breaks 2015 destinations to choose from for those hoping to satisfy their wanderlust this year. Anniversaries, accolades and investment combine to ensure numerous locations around the world will be particularly special to visit in 2015 and none more so than Singapore. The city-state celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence, though you’ll be forgiven for letting this slip your mind as you wander the incredible shopping malls, marvel at the fountain show at Marina Bay Sands, absorb the hustle and bustle in Chinatown and dine on delicious chilli crab beside Singapore River. Malaga is another fantastic option for those embarking on city holidays in 2015, with one of Spain’s oldest and most vibrant cities opening its revamped port, playing alongside top attractions such as the Picasso Museum and the country’s best-preserved Moorish castle.

In 2015, two cities reign as the European Capitals of Culture, and the beautiful Belgian city of Mons is one of them. Hosting over 300 major events across the calendar year, surrounded by beautiful architectural feats and sprawling market squares, the city will keep you continually captivated, even when you don’t have a chilled glass of Belgian beer in hand. When you hit the winter months, there’s no better country to visit than Germany, especially when the wonderfully-magical range of Christmas markets begin to populate the major cities. Cologne hosts one of the most magical markets in the shadow of the city’s immense cathedral, while a trip to Munich will allow you to make the most of the city’s fantastic beer gardens, and a trip to Berlin means culture, history and unrivalled nightlife.


Those Old Reliables

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it – has there ever been a more relevant idiom when it comes to some of the world’s most rewarding city breaks destinations? Holidays don’t always have to be spent somewhere unique and different, and with big cities always evolving, you’ll never go back to the same place where you spent your last weekend away, even if that city is the same. You’ll find some fantastic last minute city breaks to these exact destinations, including jetting across the Atlantic to the engrossing and recognisable city of New York, with its towering skyscrapers, wonderful shopping and breath-taking cultural sites, or perhaps a whirlwind trip to Paris, the City of Love, will satisfy the romantics among you?

If it’s ancient history and culture you’re after, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Italian capital city of Rome. As one of the most prosperous cities on the planet – often referred to as the Eternal City – you’ll struggle to find another destination quite as crammed full of ancient sites, incredible churches, wonderful cuisine and beautiful natural landscapes. Barcelona will push Rome hard however, promising to be a big city breaks 2015 destination, attracting visitors with its top nightlife, vibrant atmosphere, stunning old quarters and remarkable Gaudi architecture, while closer to home, Dublin will captivate city break travellers; boasting wonderful architecture, amazing ancient sites and enough of the black stuff to go around for your entire visit.


Discover Somewhere Different

If you fancy heading somewhere unfamiliar for your city holidays this year, there’s nothing more fulfilling than discovering a unique culture and immense history within the realms of a city off of the typical tourist trail. Head out to the U.A.E and immerse yourself in one of the world’s most developing and forward-thinking emirates. Whether it is Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you can enjoy the luxury, comfort and discovery of a land of wealth, all with incredible and enchanting cultural themes bubbling beneath the surface. Head even further east and discover the gems and ideals of Thailand by setting food into the hustle and bustle of bombastic Bangkok. Hundreds of grand temples, vibrant and colourful markets and grand wealthy districts prove that the capital is one of Southeast Asia’s most diverse destinations – and only a short hop from incredible offshore islands.

If the travel puts you off going long haul, Europe is home to an amazing array of variable cultures and histories, changing across each and every border. Set foot in Budapest, Hungary’s spell-binding capital, and explore ancient castle complexes, awe-inspiring Jewish Quarters and a somewhat turbulent history through the means of countless museums, monuments and landmarks. Others will be enticed by a visit to Europe’s second Capital of Culture for 2015, Plzen. Located in Bohemia in the Czech Republic, the city is a maze of grand spires, green parks and engaging museums – a fascinating stop for those searching for city breaks inspiration.