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Holidays to Colombia, South America

The beauty of Colombia is recently being realised by European travellers searching for a combination of beach holidays, safaris and entertaining nightlife.

Discover a South American paradise largely unspoilt due to a lack of tourism during decades of civil unrest...

Discovering Colombia

For many years Colombia has been known as one of the World's biggest exporters of fine coffee. However, as the number of tourist entering Colombia increases in recent years, many are realising it is one of the most spectacular and colourful countries in South America offering a diverse setting for various holidays.

For coastal city holidays in Colombia check out Cartagena. Cartagena offers a variety of restaurants and accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets and the open-air cafes on leafy plazas offer a break from the historical delights found in the colonial walled city and fortress.

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Other recommended destinations:

Colombia borders South America's largest country, Brazil, another great holiday option for jungle safaris, beaches and hedonistic nightlife.

Colombia Beach Breaks

Best Beaches

Being the only country in South America to meet both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Colombia is filled with stunning beaches. Cartagena is bordered by powdery beaches and coral reefs, with plenty of activities on offer. At the other end of the scale sits Choco, which is where you will discover rugged beaches that are often isolated and extremely peaceful.

Things to Do

The coast on either side of Colombia is great for water lovers, as there are plenty of sports to choose from that will see you out on the ocean. Whale watching is common in the Pacific during July, and the underwater sights make snorkelling and scuba diving a particularly magical experience.


The beaches are the perfect place to spend some enchanting evenings in Colombia. The busier resorts give you the chance to dance on the sand and watch the sun rise, and the more relaxed destinations will see you sipping on cocktails under the stars as the sea laps at the bay. Fresh sea food is found in abundance across the coast, with laid back beach restaurants serving up some beautiful views with their menus.


Sitting just moments from the beach, Arhuaco is ideal for making the most of the beautiful coast in Santa Marta. The Capilla del Mar/75/capilla-del-mar-global.htm) is found nestled on the beach in Cartagena, with sun loungers and parasols just waiting for guests to unwind in the sun. The hotel boasts a spa, outdoor pool and water sports.

-Santa Marta

Colombia Couples Holidays


Magical sites await couples on a romantic holiday in Colombia, such as the Los Nevados National Park, which will treat you to sights of some stunning volcanic peaks. The Farallones de Cali National Natural Park is filled with mountainous summits and dense forests. The city of Bogota is an intriguing destination, where modern meets historical, and bustling streets make way for open green parks.


The vast landscapes in Colombia give couples the chance to enjoy some once in a lifetime discoveries, whether you trek across the mountains or delve deep into the Amazonian rainforest on safari. Golf lovers will find some superb greens, with beautiful landscapes and impressive courses. If you’d prefer to explore the cities, there are plenty of ancient sites, museums, galleries and shops to discover.


The cities in Colombia give couples the chance to enjoy both hectic nights and relaxed evenings. You will find bustling streets filled with live music venues, dance performances, vibrant bars and all night clubs. If you’re feeling lucky you can place your bets in a casino, or if you want a romantic evening for two, you can dine by the ocean in a laid back beach bar.


Offering a stylish, elegant environment, the Avia 93 Hotel gives couples the chance to indulge in a luxurious setting. Found in the centre of Bogota, it’s ideal for sightseeing, dining and enjoying the nightlife. A stay at the Bantu Hotel gives you the chance to enjoy the stunning Cartagena Beach. The hotel boasts a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, as well as a superb restaurant and lounge.


Colombia Exploring Holidays


Explorers will fall for Colombia’s stunning scenery, including the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta mountain range. The world’s highest coastal mountain, it sits 5700 metres above the sea and is ideal for climbing, mountaineering and hiking. Delve into the past at the Ciudad Perdida, an ancient archaeological site believed to have been formed in 800 AD.


The Amazon rainforest is one of the most stunning attractions in Colombia, and deep in the jungle sits the Amacayacu National Park, a unique site filled with monkeys and pink dolphins, which can be discovered by boat. The Tayrona National Park is home to some stunning beaches, with hammocks and beach shacks to relax in.


The vast countryside in Colombia is great for outdoor sports, with countless walking and biking trails steering you across some amazing landscapes. You can delve deep into the rainforest on an Amazon safari or a jungle walk, or you can head to the water and explore the sea life with some scuba diving.


Colombia’s calendar is a cultural blend of fun fuelled festivals and celebrations. Visit over July and August to see the vibrant Flower Fair in Medellin, or listen to some salsa after Christmas at Cali’s Cali Fair. The Green Moon Festival is a unique celebration held on the San Andres Islands, and Pasto’s Blacks and White’s Carnival in January is an intriguing, vibrant celebration of history and culture.

Colombia Family Holidays


Families will find some magical sights that will enthral both adults and children in Colombia, such as the Cano Cristales. This exceptional biological wonder is often called the River of Seven Colours, and during the summer months it blossoms into a rainbow of underwater colours. Catagena is a popular city, boasting an array of colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers.


The town of Villa de Leyva offers some beautiful surrounding scenery, which is peppered with waterfalls and is great for hiking and biking trails. Museums and markets are found throughout the bustling cities, and festivals are held throughout the year in Cartagena. If you’d prefer to relax by the beach, there are plenty of sparkling examples, with water sports on offer across the coast.


You will find plenty of family friendly nightlife options in Colombia, with theatres, music and dance performances in the cities, and relaxed pueblos giving you the chance to unwind in the countryside. You will find restaurants offering a range of international cuisine, with some Colombian traditional restaurants, such as steak houses and paella houses on offer.


Offering a home from home in a peaceful area of Bogota, the Estelar Apartamentos presents guests with apartments fitted with fully equipped kitchens, living and dining spaces and facilities such as a children’s play area and beautiful gardens. The Andes Plaza is found on the fringes of the city, so you can enjoy a relaxing position, with easy access to local attractions.