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Giza Holidays 2016

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Glorious Giza

In view of the recent unrest in Cairo, we advise travellers to check the latest updates and travel information on the UK's Foreign Commonwealth Office website.

If you’re looking for a getaway jam-packed with history and culture, there’s no better reason to embark on holidays to Giza.

With a short jaunt from Egypt’s capital of Cairo, Giza is the ultimate destination for holidaymakers looking to catch a glimpse of some of the most wondrous sites of the ancient world. From the famous Pyramids of Giza to the majestic Sphinx, you’ll find an array of wondrous treasures to discover – be prepared for the holiday of a lifetime.

Ancient Wonders

One of the Seven Wonders in the World is on offer on Giza holidays. The largest of the three pyramids, Cheops was constructed from over 2.5 million limestone blocks and still stands today, awaiting your exploration. Dating back to 2560 BC, this grand structure is a must-visit for your Egypt getaway, while the Solar Barque museum situated nearby also offers a chance to see an ancient boat made to help Pharaohs in the afterlife.

If you still haven’t got your fill of Egyptian culture on your holidays in Giza, head to Luxor to see the famous ruins of the Temple of Karnak. Take the journey to see the tombs at the famed Valley of the Kings, finishing up with a visit to Tutankhamun’s burial chamber.

After all that culture, you’ll be in need of a dose of beachside relaxation and a visit to Alexandria is likely to fulfil your fantasies of sand and sunshine. Renowned as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, this was once the capital city of Egypt, so there’s plenty of history to uncover too.

Giza Couples Holidays


Allow yourselves to be enchanted on a holiday to Giza with the fascinations of the attractions and magic of the experiences on offer. Take a balloon ride over the expansive Aswan Dam, gasp at the Pyramids Light Show, and take in the sights from the top of Cairo Tower.


The traditional markets of the town centres in and around Giza provide a unique and enjoyable shopping experience that alights the senses with the sounds, smells and tastes of local craft and produce. Cairo is awash with bazaars and souks, with the Khan El-Khalili market being one of its most popular.


Indulge on the delightful cuisine on offer on a romantic holiday to Giza. During the day sample the sweet pastries and fresh produce of the stalls and markets, before searching out an inviting and intimate restaurant on an evening. Choose from local taverns serving traditional delicacies and the fine dining of international cuisine.


Complete your holiday to Giza with a peaceful and relaxing hotel providing solitude from the bustle of the city. has a range of offers that are ideal for couples city breaks, so that you can create the perfect getaway to Egypt with a loved one, without the hassle.

Giza Exploring Holidays

Ancient History

A holiday to Giza, and even Egypt, is not complete without discovering at least some of its history, whether you visit all that there is to offer or sample some of its attractions. The Pyramids, Luxor Temples, and Necropolis provide a good starting point for learning more about the area.


The wonders of the desert provide an abundance of activity, from camel rides to quad biking, to tours and excursions around the landmarks that mark the otherwise arid stretch of desert sands. For city life, you can find plenty of activity in the market places and squares of Giza’s centre.


There is a healthy variety of museums in the area, including the Agricultural Museum teaching visitors of the challenges of Egyptian farming; the Coptic Museum, tracing the Christian past of the country; and Beshtak Palace, a shining example of Arabic architecture and also home to a museum of Cairo’s history.

Local Cuisine

Giza holidays include a thriving city centre full of the smell of freshly-cooked local cuisine, including sumptuous kebabs and falafel, as well as more unique delicacies such as fatayeer, the Egyptian version of our pasty, and muzagga, a kind of moussaka. These are delicious and loved by locals and tourists alike.

Giza Family Holidays

Things to do

Combine learning and fun for all the family by visiting some of the city’s museums during your Giza holiday. Escape from the heat for a while by exploring the delights of the mummies and relics of the Egyptian Museum. Alternatively, be fascinated by the enormity and importance of the constructions at the Solar Barque Museum.

Days Out

Put a smile on the children’s faces on a camel ride across the sands of the desert, a great way to see the area without tired legs. For something more fast-paced, head to Dream Park or Magic Land Theme Park, where the roller coasters and water rides provide thrills for all.


Giza has no shortage of restaurants, so there is no need to worry about the fussy ones in the family when eating out. From familiar foods to the more adventurous dishes, there is something to please everyone. The restaurants open late into the evening and normally welcome children.


Find affordable accommodation in a great location that is perfect for family groups with From budget hotels to luxury all-inclusive spots in the centre, we can help you hunt out a hotel right for you, with summer deals great for kids' holidays that will ensure smiles all round.

Giza Historical Holidays

Pyramids of Giza

Take a guided tour of the impressive Pyramids during your Giza holiday, where you can see the tombs and relics of the ancient pharaohs. Be sure to go early or book in advance to avoid disappointment though, as only limited numbers can enter the pyramids each day. They are definitely worth a visit.

The Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Giza is the oldest and largest existing Monolith in the world, looming over the landscape of the Giza Plateau with its enduring figurehead. Situated near the Nile and the Pyramids, it cannot be missed as a key attraction on any tour of the area.

The Valley Of The Kings

On the west bank of the Nile lies the Valley of the Kings, where centuries before Christ the Pharoahs had tombs erected for them, including that of Tutankhamun. Be sure to take a guided tour of The Valley of Kings to guarantee that you make the most of your visit.

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

Though to some this may not sound very interesting, it is in fact one of the world’s most extensive collections of ancient Egyptian antiquities, and is therefore an important part of the country’s past. Built in the 19th century, today it encompasses a rich insight into Cairo’s history.

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