Heliopolis Holidays 2016

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Ancient Heliopolis

In view of the recent unrest in Cairo, we advise travellers to check the latest updates and travel information on the UK's Foreign Commonwealth Office website.

A desirable suburb of bustling and captivating Cairo, Heliopolis holidays will transport you away from the comparative chaos of the main city, but not away from a hub of cultural and historical attractions, ensuring you’ll be engrossed throughout your time in the suburb. The suburb is located between central Cairo and the city’s airport, proving to be in an ideal location for holidaymakers looking for convenience in their travel and exploration.

Given the suburb’s location, you’ll find yourself in an ideal position for visiting some of the premier sites of Egypt, whether it is the Pyramids of Giza you flock to or the mosques and souks of central Cairo. Holidays to Helipolis will also throw up numerous attractions of their own, ensuring you don’t have to continually jump between the suburb and the centre, home to a range of sites spanning palaces and churches.

Churches, Palaces and Culture

You’ll have a myriad of sites to explore during your time in Heliopolis, whether in Cairo’s centre, outskirts or surrounding areas, you’ll discover the history and culture or Egypt effortlessly from your relaxing base. Head to Memphis, one of the oldest cities in the world, visit the Hanging Church or Saqqara – the most ancient burial ground in Egypt and see the fantastic Pyramid’s Sound and Light Show – allowing your holidays in Heliopolis to capture the ancient heart of the country.

Head to the Egyptian Museum in Cario proper and see the unrivaleld collection of mummies and the famous treasures from Tutankhamun's tomb, while a stroll around the Khan El-Khalili market will give you a flavour of the Egypt of today, as you barter for a great bargain on gold, silver, glass and ceramics for that perfect gift to take home. In Heliopolis itself, don’t miss the chance to encounter sites such as the towering Baron Empain Palace or the beautiful Basilica of Notre Dame, proving there is more to Cairo and Heliopolis holidays than the tourist centre.

Heliopolis City Breaks


Cairo has a pulsating shopping centre that thrives on a mix of traditional and modern crafts and culture. Weave your way through the souks and markets, bartering with locals and hunting out a bargain. For some great deals, be sure to head to El-Khalili Market, though don’t miss out the high-end stores either for the latest fashion.


In and around the centre of Cairo you will find traces of its religious past which make up an important part of its culture today; buildings like the Hanging Church, the oldest Christian church in Cairo, are worth a visit. Check out the museums too for a chance to learn more and escape the crowds.


Whether you seek to sample the local delicacies or find your favourite international cuisine, you are never far from a good restaurant in Cairo. As the night progresses, the bars and clubs come to life and give Cairo an infectious youth that delights the party animals and night owls.

Heliopolis Couples Holidays


Complete your romantic escape to Egypt by staying in an area which is quieter and more intimate than Cairo but only a bus ride away. See all of the city's attractions, climb Cairo tower and enjoy the excellent shopping facilities, with a peaceful neighbourhood waiting for your return of an evening.


A holiday to Heliopolis can be full of activity for those seeking to explore. Take a tour of the Pyramids, broaden your mind learning about the country’s past in the Egyptian Museum, and wander the ornate buildings that scatter the area. The Basilican design of the Hanging Church is one such attraction.


Seclude yourselves in one of Heliopolis’ little restaurants after a long day milling among the crowds for some authentic food and a relaxing ambience. However, if you still buzz with the energy of the city, Cairo is full of bars and clubs for those wanting to dance into the night.

Heliopolis Exploring Holidays


Cairo is a thousand years old, yet its culture is anything but decayed and in fact blossoms on the basis of its heritage, which can be seen in the city’s museums and historic sites. Experience local culture best by visiting places like the markets and authentic eateries in the capital.


To really take a trip back in time, immerse yourself in the Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings, which protect the relics of ancient pharaohs, tombs and historic landmarks. A tour around the Pyramids at Giza and a visit to the Great Sphinx are a must.

Day Trips

There are numerous day trips of all kinds to be made from Heliopolis. While the Pyramids and ancient temples are unmissable, so is the chance to take a cruise down the Nile to see the wilder side of Egypt. For family-based fun, spend the day at Merryland recreational and amusement park.

Heliopolis Family Holidays


For a chance to explore Cairo and the surrounding area, Heliopolis is a great base. Situated only ten minutes from the airport, it is an easy distance from the city without being directly in the busy capital. It also benefits from local amenities such as cinemas and shopping centres.


Find endless family fun within a close distance of Heliopolis, from thrilling theme parks at Dream Park and Magic Land, to leisurely cruises down the Nile. To explore the area in a way that the children will love, go camel riding across the desert, or for the teens try quad biking.


In Heliopolis there is a good selection of restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines, as well as more traditional eateries serving up fresh local dishes for the more adventurous. If you cannot find what you are looking for, the vibrant centre of Cairo is only a bus ride away.

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