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Paris City Breaks 2016

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Pulsating Paris

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Paris city breaks are a recipe for captivation and inspiration, transporting holidaymakers into one of the most historic, romantic and infectious cities in the world. Seeping grandeur and magic, the capital of France is a magnet for artists, writers and culture vultures, boasting an endless number of iconic landmarks, architectural beauty and natural splendour – influencing generations and generations.

The city has become the ideal destination for city breaks; just a short hop across the channel and you’ll find yourself embedded in the heart of Paris. History buffs will revel in the array of palaces, castles, landmarks and museums, cuisine freaks will salivate at the aromas of delectable and traditional dishes oozing from classy eateries, and couples will find that everything is just that little bit more loved up during city breaks in Paris.

Romance, Art and Culture

You’ll capture the spirit of Paris in all corners, whether strolling along the vibrant streets, ducking into engaging museums or floating along the dissecting River Seine. There is a relentless artistic vibe present throughout the city, something you can detect from individual neighbourhoods to world-class museums. The captivating Latin Quarter evokes a bohemian atmosphere, cloaking a maze of narrow streets dotted with cafes, eateries and boutiques – this is where you’ll encounter Paris of old.

If you want to access this cultural ethos with comparative ease, setting foot in one of the city’s famous museums or basking in the shadow of one of Paris’ iconic landmarks will do the trick. Paris city breaks aren’t complete without a visit to the incredible Louvre. This range of fantastic museums, set amid an architectural triumph, houses wonders such as the Mona Lisa and is an overwhelming ode to the city’s cultural relevance. Meanwhile, a little further along the Seine sits the legendary and imposing Notre Dame Cathedral, while further north you’ll encounter the theatrical Opera area, noted for its stunning Opera House – one of the finest in the world.

In the Heart of France

Many of Paris’ most revered sites lie at the heart of France’s tourism lure, so there’s no surprise that the capital is one of the most visited cities on the planet. The city is the perfect destination for all manner of holidaymakers, whether embarking on a family adventure, a couple searching for a romantic getaway or a solo nomad hoping to embrace a significant cultural movement. Whoever you are, city breaks in Paris will introduce you to some of the world’s most memorable sites that are guaranteed to impress. The endless stretch of the beautiful Champs-Elysees meets the towering Arc de Triomphe, a structure that simply radiates splendour. Not far from here is the ever-recognisable Eiffel Tower, providing wonderful views across the city via a testing climb or a not-so-testing lift.

The Sacre Coeur is another of Paris’ grand and famous sites – a church perched atop the highest peak in the city. The city views are predictably impressive, but don’t keep your back to the church itself, this is an equally-impressive landmark of the city. Further afield from the city, the magic only continues. Families would be wise to drop in on Disneyland Paris – a haven for the young and young at heart, and one of the most famous theme parks in the world. The Palace of Versailles is another box to tick during Paris city breaks. This royal chateau encompasses all of the extravagant grandeur that characterises the breath-taking city of Paris – a destination simply not to be missed.

Important Information

Travel Information
Language: French
Currency: Euro
Local time: GMT/BST +1 hour
Local airport: Paris (Charles de Gaulle)
Flight time: 60 minutes

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is probably one of the most famous attractions in the whole of Europe, as well as being an iconic symbol of Paris. No trip to the city would be complete without at least one photo of the impressive structure. There are three levels that you can stop at to admire the views of the city, day or night and you can either walk or get the lift to the first two.There are gift shops for souvenirs and restaurants where you can enjoy a gourmet dinner over-looking the city lights at night.

For more information, visiting hours and ticket prices, see here:

Arc de Triomphe

This stunning landmark that heads up the Champs-Elysees is a memorial to all those that have lost their lives serving France and is the home of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. When the Arc is lit up at night it frames the famous street in Paris and is also one of the main points that the Bastille Day parades pass every year on the 14th July.

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This famous art museum is one of the largest collections of art and sculpture in Europe and has over 380,000 pieces, from almost every era and country!

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There are so many amazing sights in this beautiful city that it can be hard to fit them all in to a short break to Paris. We have put together attractions guides so that you can find out everything you need to know about the best places to see.

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