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Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany



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City breaks

Stretching from the Baltic down to the Alps and bordered by more countries than any others in Europe, Germany has something for everyone, even the most seasoned low-cost traveller.

With mountains and forests, lakes and huge rivers, medieval villages and hyper-modern cities, wine growing or Alpine sports, there is no shortage of value destinations in Germany serviced by cheap low-cost airlines. The German people are renowned for their courtesy and friendliness and travel is easy, organised and safe.

Germany city hotel breaks

With Germany as your compass you can travel east to the capital Berlin, a truly vibrant international city, with its impressive architecture and avant-garde club scene, or north to the impressive sea port of Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany. Westward lies Cologne with its world famous cathedral and Dusseldorf on the Rhine with its fantastic shopping centres or travel south to Munich the capital of Bavaria lying close to the Alps. Have you considered Germany for your 2014 holiday destination?

Cheap holidays

Whichever holiday or short break you choose in the vibrant country of Germany you will find plenty to delight and all of it readily accessible through cheap flights and bargain hotels with lowcostholidays.

Other recommended destinations

South of the Bavarian capital city of Munich, is Austria, recommended for lakes and mountains holidays.

With influences of French, Italian and German, picturesque Switzerland is like visiting three countries in one, as is The Netherlands which borders Germany to the northwest and is perfect for European spring breaks.

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Top Cities

Berlin is the exciting German capital known for its vibrant music and entertainment as well as its varied cultural highlights. Munich is the largest Bavarian city full of historic monuments and buildings. Cologne is a historic German city filled with art galleries and museums. Hamburg is a beautiful city known for its spectacular architecture and vibrant nightlife. Frankfurt is an exciting modern city known for its music and performing arts.


The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most well-known landmarks in Germany; the gate was built as a symbol of peace in the 18th century and served as one of the city’s main gates. Germany is home to a large number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, areas of significant natural beauty, historic importance of cultural significance.


German cities have no shortage of shopping opportunities, whether you are visiting the very trendy Munich or the designer haven or Berlin, you’ll find plenty to suit your taste. City tours are a great way to explore and discover the delights and secrets of German cities. Depending on what you are interested in there are tours that specialise in history, architecture, music, culture and more.


Germany has a large number of spectacular Opera Houses, ranging from the modern to the historic, depending on the city you are in.

Theatre is a thriving art form in Germany with performances of all types all year round. Germany is well known for its club scene, the major cities and towns have a huge range of clubs playing everything from techno to disco. Germany is well known for its bars and taverns which can be found in even the smallest towns. German cities are not short of restaurants from traditional German fare to international cuisine.