Holidays to Greece in 2014-2015

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A Greek Life

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From sailing across the Aegean to hiking impressive peaks and spending lazy days on the sun-kissed beaches, Greece holidays come in every pace.

This gorgeous country is covered in rolling mountains, picturesque olive groves, and hundreds of islands just waiting to be explored. Dive into the turquoise waters that make Greece the ultimate beach destination, and then head into the lively towns and modern cities like Athens for an unforgettable city break in any season.

Experience first-hand how this alluring country effortlessly blends the ancient with the new, as you step foot into the heart of the stunning mainland or escape to one of the idyllic islands like Crete. Brush up on your history with a visit to one of the many archaeological museums and get to know friendly locals in charming villages for an insight into modern Greek culture. Embrace the rich cultural heritage, indulge in delectable gastronomy, and explore Greece on a holiday unlike any other as you enjoy one of our luxury hotels.

Cities and Villages Fit for the Gods

With such a beautiful and varied landscape, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a room without a view of the calming sea or the breath-taking mountains on holidays to Greece. Start in the bustling capital of Athens for a wide range of neighbourhoods brimming with character, like Plaka, which is close to one of the country’s most prized historical sites, the hilltop Acropolis.

The Cyclades are just a ferry ride away from the capital, and comprise of scattered islands across the Aegean dotted with whitewashed buildings that reflect the Greek sunshine and blue waters. Hop over to Santorini for postcard-worthy sunsets from the romantic village of Oia, or dance the night away on the party island of Mykonos. Take a sailing tour from Rhodes to another nearby Dodecanese island, like Symi, or head for Corfu to explore the Ionian islands.

Crete is the largest island of Greece and home to a multitude of pretty villages and bustling cities along its scenic coastline and in the pine-scented mountains. Embrace the road less travelled and discover the peaceful island of Sporades and the panoramas from the southern Peloponnese, both promising delicious fare and secluded coves. With hundreds of inhabited islands and the whole of the mainland to explore, there are parts of Greece to please all visitors.

More than just Beaches

With the golden sands, pebbly coves, and crystal-clear waves, the stunning beaches here are a definite highlight of a holiday to Greece, but not the country’s only natural beauty. Mount Olympus in the heart of the mainland is only one of the many, many dramatic peaks with spectacular views that are waiting to be captured. Make like a mountain goat and hike, or gently climb, up these rolling hills and mountains to see yourself. For the less adventurous, there is also the downward hike through stunning Samaria Gorge in Crete that rewards you with the sea at the finish line!

Uncover Greece’s vibrant past with a trip to the ancient palaces like Mycenae and Knossos and catch a glimpse into the life of civilizations long ago. Fast forward to 500BC and tour the famed marble Parthenon atop the Acropolis in Athens, complemented with a 360-view of the city. From temples in Rhodes and Delphi to the home of the original Olympic Games in Olympia, you don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate Greece’s long history.

Greece enjoys a Mediterranean climate which provides almost continuous sunshine between the months of April and November. The hot and dry summers tend to peak in July and August when temperatures can reach anywhere between 30-38C. From May-June and September-October the temperature will sit in the more comfortable mid-20s. The peak summer months tend to welcome the most visitors to the country, and while the weather turns wetter and cooler from November through to April, fewer tourists and reduced prices make the low season a rewarding time to visit Greece.

Important Information

Travel Information
Language: Greek
Currency: Euro
Local time: +2 hours GMT

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Island Beaches

Greece is home to thousands of islands with Crete being the largest and home to some of the finest beaches. The Balos Lagoon on the west side of the island is beautiful with long white sandy beaches and warm shallow waters. The Ionian islands are home to vast arcing white sands that rise up to green topped limestone cliffs. Myrtos beach on Kefalonia island is one of the best with the beaches on Corfu offering up a choice of vast sandy beaches, idyllic coves and quiet stretches of sand perfect for sunbathing.

Popular islands:

Water Sports

There are a number of great sites for watersports throughout Greece. The island of Kos in particular is host to some great beaches and warm clear waters that are perfect for an array of different sports. Wind surfing, jet skiing and diving are all possible here. The island of Rhodes is also a popular choice for those seeking some high octane adventures. Hire a speed boar and power through the waters or try out some kite surfing for a truly exhilarating experience.

Quiet Spots

The southern coast of Crete is much rockier than that of the north and so makes for fantastic snorkeling spots. The relaxing beach of Sougia is a nice option, the beach itself is wide and long, meaning that even in busier periods it doesn’t feel crowded. Plakias is also ideal, snuggled in a quiet bay that started life as a fishing settlement it offers shallow waters and nice scenery.