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Sunny Santorini

The gorgeous Greek island of Santorini has it all – a glorious coastline, beautiful backdrops, vibrant towns and a fun atmosphere. If you take the time to explore the island to its full potential, you will discover a truly unique character and personality that you simply won’t want to leave behind.

Miles of rambling and brightly coloured cliff faces scale the island’s perimeters, and provide countless opportunities for outdoor exploration on your Santorini holidays. Stretches of red, white and black beaches seduce sun-worshippers and water sports fans alike while charmingly Greek towns offer delicious dining and vibrant nightlife opportunities. The best way to experience Santorini is to reset your watch to island time, and dive straight in!

Greek Chic

Like a stunning mirage of white and blue, the rambling cliff-face houses of the town in Firostefani provide an endlessly picturesque location to make your base in Santorini. Modern hotels and cosy guesthouses can all be found here, each one with the added bonus of an incredible sea view. Fira is another popular place to stay on holidays to Santorini, where you’ll find a lively mix of family-run eateries and bars. Oia is also a great place for loved up couples where they can catch some of the island’s best sunset views!

Those looking to infuse Santorini holidays with culture and history should opt to stay in the charming coastal town of Kamari. This town’s beautiful hotel complexes and guesthouses are all interspersed with typically Greek ruins and black pebble beaches, as well as the cultural fascination of the Ancient Greek Thira site, which features remains of houses, markets, baths and stunning temples.

An altogether more laid-back vibe can be found in the charming fishing village of Monolithos, located on the island’s eastern coast. Settle into one of its provincial guesthouses, indulge in freshly caught seafood, and enjoy the beauty of a stunning Aegean sunset.

Holidays in Santorini

Santorini’s coastline is understandably a draw for many holidaymakers. The stretches of sun-drenched beaches are perfectly primed for relaxation, snorkelling, scuba diving and many other water sports. One of the best ways to enjoy the coastline however is by boat, hopping on and off a day cruise along the island’s littoral towns.

When not lazing on the beach or cooling off in the Mediterranean Sea, visitors often flock to Santorini’s numerous historical attractions. As well as the fascinating Ancient Thira, the beautiful Minoan city ruins of Akrotiri on the southern coast make for an incredible insight into the island’s past, excavated from three stories of volcanic ash. Don’t worry about sun cream, as this spectacular site is protected from the rays. As well as its numerous ancient ruins, Fira boasts numerous cultural and archaeological museums with beautifully curated and enlightening exhibitions for an insight into Cycladic and Minoan culture.

As the sun sets, the island adopts a new personality, with its numerous traditional restaurants throwing open their doors to hungry travellers and locals alike, serving up sumptuous, freshly caught seafood. But of course, it is Santorini’s renowned nightlife that really brings out its unique personality. Whether a beachside bar or trendy club, there’s somewhere on this island to dance the night away on your Santorini holidays.

Wines and Great Food

Aside from its gorgeous beaches, a holiday to Santorini is most renowned for its sweet white wines. Experience the fruity flavours for yourself, with one of the many winery tours on offer near Ancient Akrotiri, or discover the wonders of the island’s many volcanic ash vineyards.

As alluring and beautiful the Santorini is today, journeying into the island’s fascinating past is a must for any visitor. Providing an unequalled glimpse into the cultural past of island that has shaped the lives of its present day locals, the Folklore Museum of Santorini allows you to get to grips with its traditions and customs, and leave having gained a deeper understanding of this unique, Grecian destination.

A glorious port of vibrant fishing boats and provincial, harbour traditions, the beautiful Ammoudi on the island’s northern tip provides a secluded and tranquil setting for a day of leisurely exploring. Don’t forget to hike up the volcano or take a donkey ride up the caldera and keep your camera handy! Tuck into a plate of freshly caught fish, soak up the enchanting scenery, and feel your cares float away.

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