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Skiathos Holidays 2016

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Stunning Skiathos

Sandwiched in the water between mainland Greece and the island of Skopelos, Skiathos holidays immerse you within a rich tradition of Greek heritage while having acclimatised to the ever-warm Mediterranean atmosphere; sun, sand and scintillating views all combining to make Skiathos a haven for holidaymakers. Not unlike the majority of Greek islands, Skiathos has a vibrant and lively nightlife which explodes into life as the sun sets over the horizon, but with a wealth of historical attractions and picturesque sights, holidays to Skiathos can be so much more.

Greece is known for its accommodating and friendly atmosphere, and with locally-owned restaurants and boutiques Skiathos is no different in providing a homely culture in which to relax. Over 65 sun-splashed beaches will also mean that Skiathos can act as the ultimate respite away from the stresses and strains of everyday life – a prominent combination for an endearing holiday experience.

Architectural Allure

Wherever you decide to base yourself during Skiathos holidays, you can be sure of winding cobbled streets, Venetian and Ottoman architecture and an authentic aura emanating from the tantalising towns and quaint little fishing villages around the island. To the east of the island, Skiathos Town will host just about every activity you’ll need for an energetic escapade, whether you want to explore the depths of the deep blue sea with a scuba or snorkelling session, relax on the gold-glittered beaches or experience the raucous nightlife that paints the scene in a colourful neon tinge.

If you’ve arrived on your holidays to Skiathos to unwind amid the famed pine forests, then the southern resorts are the best place for relinquishing yourselves to the natural splendour. Koukounaries and Kanapitsa opulently showcase luxurious hotels, many having their own spas for a viscerally relaxing affair, while hiking through pine forests and breathing in the verdant, vegetative aromas is another way to leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind.

A Colourful Vibrancy

Whether you want to make the most of the natural landscapes, delve into a range of activities along the sandy embankments that lap up the summer sun or peruse the historic ruins and towns which are born out of resplendent views, holidays in Skiathos will always open your eyes to a varicoloured kaleidoscope of shades and beauty. If it’s a mixture of history and culture you’re after, then making the trip to the Medieval Castle is a must. Just off of Lalaria Beach you’ll come across the majestic medieval building which was at the heart of many Venetian and Ottoman disputes, and is a wonderful example of Skiathos’ rich heritage-ingrained past.

Many top destinations are situated around Skiathos Town and heading south will transport you to the small resort of Troulos, an ideal escape for families. Lusciously white sands and crystal clear waters decorate the shores, while from Troulos Beach you will be able to look out towards a small green coloured islet, jutting out from below the waters and standing proud in providing eclectic scenery upon which to gaze. Skiathos holidays in Troulos also allow the chance for picking up a trinket or two at Patitiro Souvenirs, before heading to one of the many snack bars and trying out some authentic Greek cuisine.

Your stay wouldn’t be complete without engaging in the eclectic nightlife opportunities that exist in the more lively parts of the island. Skiathos Town draws the majority of party animals and with an assemblage of cocktail bars crammed around the old port it’s easy to see why it’s counted among the islands top attractions. Venue, Seven Steps and Rock n Roll are just a few of the top bars that you should visit before heading to the strip, while a lack of entrance fees for the majority of clubs here will mean club-hopping for a more diverse dance scene is easy. Whereas away from the dynamic allure of Skiathos’ finer clubs, you can always find solace on your holidays in Skiathos in the many monasteries such as Panagia Evangelistria, a more humbling excursion that will suit the adventurers and culture vultures among you.

Skiathos Activities


There are lots of chances to harness the sea breeze around the island; go day sailing from Skiathos town either alone or on a tour, or for the more determined sailor why not complete your RYA training here in the beautiful setting of the Greek island.


The warm, crystal clear waters surrounding Skiathos offer some wonderful diving opportunities, and with several centres around the island there is no excuse not to make the most of the island’s natural beauty. Skiathos town and Koukounaries beach have great diving facilities for all ages and abilities.


Banana beach is ideal for keen windsurfers wanting to get the adrenaline going, whilst Vromolimnos is perhaps the island’s most popular sport for waterskiing. However for a beach where you can enjoy a whole range of sports, Kanapitsa has something for everyone.


Beyond the beaches and dirt tracks are some delightful walks that cut through the hills and forest of the islands to offer excellent views about. Take a hike up to Kounistra or Evangelistra Monastery, or pack your camera and a picnic for a long leisurely stroll around Kalamaki.

Skiathos Couples Holidays


The island has a great range of beaches from the hidden and tranquil to the loud and lively; on the Mandraki peninsula you will find some gorgeous couples retreats in Xerxes or Elias, whilst Koukounaries and Banana beach are ideal for younger couples seeking lots of activity.

Eating Out

There are lots of cute little taverns to enjoy a quiet and romantic evening meal overlooking the island’s waters, but why not go that step further and take a night time cruise around the island, where you can sample fine dining by candlelight as the sun sets over Skiathos


Skiathos town and Troulos offer the best nightlife, whether you are seeking to taste the local brews in a local tavern or dance the night away in a club or disco. Enjoy cocktails in a happy hour along the harbours before watching the island come alive with its evening activity.


For a relaxing afternoon strolling shops and boutiques, Skiathos town has no shortage of shops and offers the island’s finest in terms of local handmade crafts and summery fashion, as well as souvenirs to take home and remember the holiday by or give to friends and family.

Skiathos Cultural Holidays

Eating Out

Greek cuisine is varied and delicious, with rich casseroles, fresh salads and seafood and succulent sweet desserts delighting the pallet. Wash these down with some locally produced wines as you watch the sun set over the town, before perhaps going to enjoy a traditional Greek theatre performance in Skiathos town or the island’s other busier resorts.


The old, white washed building that was once home to Papadiamantis is today an interesting little museum giving an insight into the life and works of the writer and poet who lived here in the 19th and early 20th century. He is an important figure of the island and the museum celebrates his rich contribution to literature.

Art Galleries

The old, white washed building that was once home to Papadiamantis is today an interesting little museum giving an insight into the life and works of the writer and poet who lived here in the 19th and early 20th century. He is an important figure of the island and the museum celebrates his rich contribution to literature.

Historic Sites

The ruins of the old capital, Kastros, are well worth a visit and are a key to the island’s past, whilst religious sites such as Kounistra Monastery and Monastery Evangelistra preserve the Greek religion and culture of times gone by and offer some excellent views and a refreshing walk to get there.

Skiathos Family Holidays


With over 60 excellent beaches, there are plenty of family friendly spots along the island’s coasts. Resorts such as Kanapitsa and Megali Ammos have an endless range of activity to suit all ages, so are great bases for holidays that will keep everyone entertained.

Eating Out

Troulous is an ideal destination on the island for food to please everyone. With a range of world cuisine as well as the traditional Greek dishes, you won’t struggle for a hassle free family meal here.


In the summer, visit the Bourtzi area of Skiathos town where a whole host of cultural activities are held throughout the season from concerts to traditional performance. But to make the most of the inviting waters, take a cruise or go island hopping, great ways to explore the island.


Take a boat tour and stop by the ancient city of Kastro, a medieval town that today lies abandoned but gives an intriguing insight into the island’s past with its military remains, crumbling ruins and old fortifications, great for the children to spend a few hours exploring.

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