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Holiday in Skiathos

Complete with the alluring, luxurious coast, charming, traditional fishing villages and buzzing nightlife usually associated with Greek islands, Skiathos also boasts numerous historical sites and a rich, fascinating culture just waiting to be discovered. As one of Greece’s most popular holiday destinations, Skiathos has much to offer a sun-seeking traveller.

This sun-drenched island offers everything you could want for a chilled beach escape; glorious coastline, authentic restaurants, charming bars and a wealth of aquatic options. Dig a little deeper, however, and you will discover an island of vibrant cultural heritage with a truly unique personality of a holiday in Skiathos.

Decadent Resorts and Charismatic Hotels

For a Skiathos holiday that incorporates the best of both beach and town life, the bustling and charming Skiathos Town provides endless accommodation options. Whether a chic, contemporary hotel or a cosy guesthouse, you are sure to find a little corner of the town to call home. With a wealth of shops, boutiques, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, as well as incredible Venetian and Ottoman architecture, this is also the best location for those looking for a buzzing atmosphere to compliment the beautiful inviting coastline.

Luxury comes as standard in Skiathos’ south coast regions. The towns of Kanapitsa and Koukounaries provide decadent hotel resorts, drenched in sunshine, lapped by the azure Aegean Sea and aromatic with the scent of coastal pine forests. Platanias and Troulos are southern towns perfect for history fans, with stunning rambles of Ottoman architecture and ancient cobbled streets.

The east coast of Skiathos also boasts some beachside gems. The beautiful fishing town of Achladies offers some truly charming hotel options, while sun-seekers and water sports fans delight in the endless stretches of beach on offer in Megali Ammos.

Enticing Coastal Towns

In Skiathos you are truly spoilt for choice, as the island boasts an incredible 65 beaches along its glittering coastline. From the water sports mecca of the east coast to the pine-fringed natural beauty of the south, it is impossible not to be ensnared by the allure of the island’s warm, golden sands and glistening, clear waters; grab your beach towel and dive right in!

Holidays in Skiathos needn’t be all about the beachside relaxation. The unspoilt islets of the south coast provide some truly incredible diving opportunities, with a multitude of beginners’ and intermediate schools leading expeditions around the beautiful Tsougria Island; often including encounters with the indigenous dolphin pods for which this area of Greece is so famous. Hiking fans continually enjoy the incredible vistas and fragrant scent of Skiathos’ pine forest walks. Mani Evangelistrias, Cape Kastro and Agios Apostolis are perennially popular hiking destinations, and can also be explored by bike.

Ridiculously picturesque, Skiathos Town is a welcome burst of vitality among the island’s natural serenity. With a traditional port, countless restaurants serving the freshest fruits of the sea, lively bars and a sprinkle of hot nightspots, this town has everything to make a Skiathos holiday complete. However, it is only when strolling through the sun-kissed, cobbled streets and ornate, Venetian architecture that the true character of the town comes alive.

Things to do in Skiathos

Away from Skiathos’ seductive coastline, imposing pine forests conceal much of the island’s fascinating historical relics. The incredibly preserved monasteries of Moni Evangelistrias and Moni Panagias Kounistras are haunting monuments of the past. Once used as refuges during the War of Independence, these breath-taking edifices have played their part in much of Skiathos’ heritage.

Situated on a dramatic headland on the island’s north coast, Kastro, once the island’s capital, remains a beautiful place to visit. Complete with preserved canons and multiple churches, the town is also home to a number of breathtakingly vibrant frescoes and provides rambling, panoramic vistas across the island’s northern regions.

If the sheer number of beaches to visit on this island is a tad overwhelming, why not enjoy them at a thoroughly relaxed pace aboard one of the many available boat cruises. Hop on and off as you please, soak up the sun and experience the stunning coast that is this island’s main attraction.

Important Information

Travel Information
Language: Greek (English widely spoken)
Currency: Euro
Local time: GMT +3 hours
Local airport: Skiathos
Flight time: 4 hours

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There are lots of chances to harness the sea breeze around the island; go day sailing from Skiathos town either alone or on a tour, or for the more determined sailor why not complete your RYA training here in the beautiful setting of the Greek island.


The warm, crystal clear waters surrounding Skiathos offer some wonderful diving opportunities, and with several centres around the island there is no excuse not to make the most of the island’s natural beauty. Skiathos town and Koukounaries beach have great diving facilities for all ages and abilities.


Banana beach is ideal for keen windsurfers wanting to get the adrenaline going, whilst Vromolimnos is perhaps the island’s most popular sport for waterskiing. However for a beach where you can enjoy a whole range of sports, Kanapitsa has something for everyone.


Beyond the beaches and dirt tracks are some delightful walks that cut through the hills and forest of the islands to offer excellent views about. Take a hike up to Kounistra or Evangelistra Monastery, or pack your camera and a picnic for a long leisurely stroll around Kalamaki.