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Alykanas Holidays in 2016

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Astounding Alykanas

Olive groves and luscious green scenery encapsulates the resort in a verdant hue of natural splendour, but with being so close to neighbouring Alykes, holidays to Alykanas provide two locations in one, it being more than easy to traverse between the two.

The two resorts share an array of water sports and intriguing activities to get involved with, as well as a resplendent beach of soft sand and crystal clear waters. As on any part of the coast of Zante, you will find a plethora of seafood restaurants taking advantage of the wonderful waters which are teeming with exotic wildlife and tropical crustaceans.

Exploring Zante

As well as the beachside resort you can travel slightly inland towards Old Alykanas, a quaint and charming location which has firmly held onto its traditions as an antiquated village in Greece. From here you can see ancient ruins and duck into olde-worlde tavernas, serving ample portions of delectable local cuisine. Alykanas holidays wouldn’t be complete without exploring the local area and Yanni’s Horses will allow you to do this in an authentically rural way, with well-looked after horses and expert guides this really is a must for the budding adventurer just waiting to discover Zante.

Be sure to get active while away on your holidays in Alykanas with a water sport or two, while a calming pedaloe voyage on calmer waters can be a rewardingly relaxing experience for all. Take to the skies and see the shores from a bird’s eye view when paragliding, whereas those who want to keep themselves rooted to the ground may be better served among the bustling bars and lively, but laid-back, atmosphere.

Alykanas Beach Holidays


Alykanas features three separate bays spread out along the coast, each with a slightly different atmosphere to the last – the bays also prevent larger waves from reaching the quiet beach, making this a great place to bring your young children! However, they all share the same golden sands, and you’ll find good facilities such as sun beds and refreshment stalls on hand at each.


Aside from the beautiful selection of beaches on offer at Alykanas, there are plenty more attractions for those in search of the perfect beach holiday. A range of waterfront bars and tavernas line the coast, and the seafront promenade makes for a charming walk as it loops from beach to beach.


One of the great things about Alykanas is that with so many beaches on offer, there’s plenty of space for you to do as you please. So, whether than means swimming, sunbathing, playing ball games or trying some thrilling water sports, you’ll find that Alykanas is the perfect place for it!


The Aparthotel Plessas Palace is just the kind of place you might be looking for, when it comes to finding an attractive property on the beach in Alykanas. Located just 600m from the shoreline, this comfortable property is deeply imbued with the local Greek culture.

Alykanas Couples Holidays


Perhaps the thing most likely to draw you to a romantic holiday in Alykanas, is the slow pace of life. It really does feel as though you’re stepping into another world, when you immerse yourself into this warm and hospitable village environment – leaving you with plenty of time to spend just enjoying one another’s company.


You’ll find there are plenty of things you can see and do outside of the town as well, though – if you like walking, then head up into the hills above Alykanas and explore this rustic green landscape for yourself! Not far from here you’ll have the opportunity to ride horses, while down at the seafront there are companies who offer romantic tours by boat.


For such a quiet village, Alykanas does manage to boast a disproportionate number of bars and restaurants. There are some truly delightful venues here to visit for a romantic meal, or settle down to watch the sunset with a cocktail. Then again, those looking for a late night will find that the nearby town of Alykes offers a superb selection of nightclubs and bars.


There are some great accommodation options available for your romantic break to Alykanas. Perhaps you might like to consider something along the lines of the four-star Hotel Zante Village; this holiday complex includes an impressive array of facilities, offering a spa suite, bar and restaurant in addition to luxurious guestrooms!

Alykanas Exploring Holidays

Surrounding area

Alykanas is located roughly 20km northwest of Zante Town, which would make a great option for a day out – boasting a wide range of modern shops and bars, in addition to fascinating ancient ruins. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in traditional Greek culture in nearby villages such as Alykes and Katastari.


There are a number of famous attractions that you’ll be able to visit in the region around Alykanas. Check out the magnificent Blue Caves for example, or the picturesque Smugglers Cove, with its bloodthirsty history. Even the countryside around Alykanas makes for a beautiful outing, and is rich in olive groves and rolling hills.

Things to do

Those looking for adventure during a holiday in Alykanas will be able to choose from exciting activities such as boat trips around the scenic coastline, hiking across the green hills inland, or if you’re brave enough, you could even try your hand at paragliding during your stay!

Alykanas Family Holidays


Unlike many of the more modern resorts that lie scattered throughout the Greek Islands, Alykanas is a coastal village that has changed very little over the last few centuries. As such, this peaceful and welcoming destination makes for the perfect place to bring your whole family in search of a little sun, sea and sand!

Things to do

You’ll be able to spend your time in Alykanas wandering around the sleepy village itself, browsing through shops, markets and colourful cafés. Alternatively, head down to the waterfront and you’ll be able to enjoy activities such as sea fishing and a range of family-friendly water sports.


As day turns to night, the seafront promenade of Alykanas lights up with a good range of bars, tavernas and cafés that face out over the Aegean Sea. Here you’ll find a good range of menus on offer, and the majority of Alykanas’s restaurants will be only too happy to cater for family groups.


If you’re looking for a great family hotel in Alykanas, then a good place to start might be with the Letsos Hotel – this three-star property combines comfort with superb value for money, and stands in a private garden of palm trees! Families are welcome, and children will even have their own kids’ pool and play area.