Reykjavik Holidays 2016

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Remarkable Reykjavik

Reykjavik holidays will be caked in adventure and awe, transporting you to the mysterious and rugged country of Iceland, boasting stunning natural landscapes and wonderful artistic heritage. The capital city of Iceland is the entry point for tourists hoping to engage with the wonderful natural treasures of this isolated nation. And while being on the doorstop of many natural wonders, from mountains and glaciers to volcanoes and waterfalls, within the city of Reykjavik itself you’ll encounter many worthwhile sites and attractions.

All manner of visitors will be inspired by their holidays to Reykjavik, whether exploring the city’s engaging historical and cultural attractions, delving into Icelandic ideals in the form of interesting cuisine, or exploring the natural beauty that is embedded within and around this unique city.

City of Nature and Culture

Embarking on Reykjavik city breaks will provide holidaymakers with the opportunity to experience a unique city, in both culture and architecture. The city’s old town is a hub of interest, and though small in size, it is big in character and appeal. The walkable area is adorned in colourful buildings and striking architecture, as well as several engaging museums and art galleries. Among the landmarks that deserve a spot on your camera include the modern architectural beauty of the City Hall, as well as the parliament building and Reykjavik Cathedral.

Culture vultures should also make the effort to explore some of the city’s museums during their holidays in Reykjavik. The National Gallery of Iceland and the Reykjavik Art Museum are two of the finest examples of the country’s artistic heritage, while the National Museum will impart all there is to know about Iceland. Nature lovers will also be appeased by this variable city, with sites like the Botanical Gardens and Tjornin, a lake at the centre of town, providing a dose of tranquillity to your break.

The Beauty of Iceland

There aren’t many countries in the world that can match Iceland’s striking and diverse natural beauty – there is something otherworldly about this intriguing nation, characterised by steaming geysers and glistening glaciers. Many of these highlights can be easily explored from Reykjavik, allowing you the best of both sides of Iceland during your Reykjavik holidays. Among the country’s most famous sites is the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights. The best time to see the lights from the city is from September to October or from February to March, always after 8pm, though the early hours of the morning are the best time to spot them.

From spotting bright lights to spotting giant creatures – whale watching is another fantastic activity to undertake around the capital. Many tour operators depart the old harbour in search of minke and humpback whales. Hiking is another great way of exploring Iceland’s wonderful landscapes. Esjan Mountain is one of the most popular trekking areas outside of Reykjavik, and is easily accessible from the city by bus.

Another famous attraction in the area around the capital is the Blue Lagoon. This popular geothermal spa is located south-west of the city and boasts a wonderful bathing and swimming area in waters up to 40C – a wonderful way of relaxing as your holidays to Reykjavik come to an end.

Reykjavik Couples Holidays

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

Reykjavik’s well known for its myriad of boutique hotels. With impeccable service and individually themed and furnished rooms, these hotels are bastions of intimate romance amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Or if you’re not so much into romance in its traditional sense and prefer something more up to date and lively, Reykjavik also has a set of much more modern hotels on offer.

Snæfellsjökull National Park

Snæfellsjökull is Icelandic for snow-fells glacier and is aptly named. A vast area of outstanding natural beauty, the National Park boasts a glacier, lava fields, huge forests and even several dormant volcanoes. If you can appreciate the romance in nature then this stark look at nature at its most rugged should get your heart pumping.

Couples Hotels

Reykjavik’s well known for its myriad of boutique hotels. With impeccable service and individually themed and furnished rooms, these hotels are bastions of intimate romance amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Or if you’re not so much into romance in its traditional sense and prefer something more up to date and lively, Reykjavik also has a set of much more modern hotels on offer.

Reykjavik Exploring Holidays

The Northern Lights

There are some things in life that everyone should experience at least once and the Northern Lights certainly fall into that category. So, make sure to book your visit between September and April for a chance to see the spectacular phenomenon paint the skies. Tour operators will pick you up from your hotel and whisk you away from the city to the stillness beyond where you can marvel at one of the natural wonders of the world.

Snowmobiles and Jeeps

If you’re looking for something slightly less tranquil and slightly more exhilarating then why not take a ride on the Icelandic Super Jeep? Afterwards you’ll be given the opportunity to tide a snowmobile and really take in the rugged countryside


Motorised excitement isn’t for everyone and it’s important to remember that some of the most beautiful and isolated spots can only be reached by foot. Take a stroll through the national park or amongst the geysers to really appreciate the unique Icelandic landscape.

Reykjavik Family Holidays

Skiing and Ice-Skating

If you’re visiting in the winter months then why not hit the slopes with the whole family? Iceland has a huge variety of ski resorts and slopes, ranging from those aimed at complete novices to those which only the pros should tackle. There are also many spots in the city to strap on your skates and get out on the ice, with both indoor and outdoor venues it shouldn’t be hard to find something your whole family will enjoy.

Whale and Puffin Watching Tours

Book a Whale Watching Tour on one of the many ships in Reykjavik’s Old Harbour and be amazed as you get up close and personal with the vast marine mammals. Also on offer are Puffin Tours which leave from the same harbour but instead take you over to Akurey Island, where the small colourful birds are known to roost.

Summer Activities

If you’re planning a visit in the summer months then don’t hesitate to get out of the city for a while and explore the countryside. Whether it be by bike, on horseback or simply hitting the trails on foot there’s plenty to see and the uniquely rugged landscape won’t disappoint.

Open Air Folk Museum

Described as a ‘zoo for houses’, Reykjaviks Open Air Folk Museum is a vast collection of old buildings which have been uprooted from their original locations and rebuilt together. This bizarre village was created to give visitors a real look into what life was like in Iceland in times past and is a fantastic, if educational day out.

Reykjavik Nightlife


Being an island nation, Iceland’s more traditional cuisine revolves around seafood and is about as fresh as you can possibly get. So if the Nordic classics are your thing, you’re going to find a wide variety of establishments in which to sample the best the North has to offer. For those who aren’t fans of seafood, you’ll be delighted to hear that Reykjavik has a great many restaurants which serve a far more international menu.

Pubs and Pub Crawls

In the past decade the nightlife of Reykjavik has really blossomed and though it’s hardly considerable as a new clubbing capital, the locals have embraced the weekly pub crawl with a passion. Ideal for smaller groups, couples or individuals who want to experience what Reykjavik has to offer with a larger amount of people. Signing onto the pub crawl gives free entry to a club, an hours free drinking and even a free hotdog, something not to be missed!


The bar-scene in Reykjavik is just as varied as the rest of the city, with something for everyone all with a wonderfully arty feel. If you’re looking for somewhere a little different from the norm then head on down to the Astro Bar, Reykjavik’s own illumination hosting a light display which features over 300 different morphing shades and intensities. For something more mainstream and popular, try Hverfisbarinn, a small coffee shop by day which gives way to an ultra-trendy DJ-bar by night. Well worth a visit.


Reykjavik’s not a big city and its clubs reflect this. Not in their lack of variety, but instead in their smaller size and more intimate atmosphere. You’re not going to find vast dancehalls here; instead you’ll find bustling clubs filled with specialist music and entertainment. All in all the whole spirit of Reykjavik is encapsulated in its nightlife, small and friendly but also trendy and ostentatious with a constantly changing and evolving set of attractions.

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