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Head for Iceland’s stunning capital Reykjavik and enjoy a low cost holiday unlike any other. Sat on a wide sweeping bay with a glorious mountain backdrop the air in Europe’s most northerly capital is clean and crisp and the city itself offers everything you would expect of a modern European capital and more!

Originally named in the first century AD, Reykjavik translates as ‘Smokey Bay’ but it wasn’t smoke that the Vikings first discovered drifting over the bay but steam rising from the bubbling, boiling natural geysers and geothermal springs that can be found in the area. These are now a big attraction for anyone on holiday in Reykjavik with the Blue Lagoon being the most famous of the thermal spas.

If you visit Reykjavik for a holiday between the months of September and April there is a good chance that you will see the fabulous Northern Lights, a naturally occurring colourful light show and a truly wonderful experience that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. If you visit during the warmer summer months you can expect long hours of daylight. During June the sun actually never sets in the north and you can join a local excursion to the island of Grimsey on the Arctic Circle and experience the midnight sun in its full glory.

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Reykjavik and the surrounding area offer plenty to see and do whenever you decide to visit. As just over 10 percent of Iceland is covered by glaciers and 30 percent is lava fields you can be sure that the landscape will play a big part of any holiday in Reykjavik. Your first stop should be the viewing deck on the dome of the Perlan Building (meaning ‘The Pearl’), where you will get a great view of the city and a feel for its layout. If Viking history is of interest then a trip to the National Museum is a must and there are plenty of other museums and galleries exhibiting items from Reykjavik’s culturally rich history. A ‘must see’ on any Reykjavik holiday is a trip to the Blue Lagoon and there are opportunities to take a day out from the city and visit other thermal springs, glaciers, lava fields, waterfalls, geysers and volcano’s. At night the city offers an excellent nightlife scene with some legendary bars and clubs as well as world-class restaurants where you can enjoy international cuisine alongside typical Icelandic dishes.