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Reykjavik city breaks 2016

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Riveting Reykjavik

Reykjavik city breaks transport holidaymakers into the centre of Icelandic culture and history, into a city boasting unique and colourful architecture and beautiful natural scenery. A trip to Iceland will allow visitors to explore and indulge in a removed culture unlike any found on mainland Europe, while the natural splendour of this wonderful country will add a relentless sense of adventure to your getaway.

Within the city of Reykjavik itself you’ll discover much culture in the form of significant landmarks, informative museums and engrossing galleries, while the country’s natural prowess also finds a way into the core of the capital, discovered in the form of lakes, gardens and sweeping vistas. City breaks in Reykjavik have license for variety, a getaway which can incorporate cultural exploration one day, and whale watching the next.

Museums, Architecture and Scenery

Iceland has an intriguing artistic heritage, one that is best explored and experienced in Reykjavik, in particular across the variety of museums and galleries that the capital city boasts. The National Gallery of Iceland is one great stop for culture vultures, boasting some rather eye-catching and imaginative pieces – something has to compete with the volcanoes and glaciers! Reykjavik Art Museum is a little more subdued, but equally impressive, while the National Museum is a great place to visit to gain a little bit of an insight into the history of Iceland.

There are a number of interesting and attractive landmarks awaiting your gaze during your Reykjavik city breaks – so make sure you don’t spend all your time in the museum. The city hall is an intriguing example of the country’s modern architectural vision, while the cathedral and the parliament building are two other sites that need ticking off your itinerary.

If a sparkling lake interests you more than a piece of bizarre modern art, you’ll be pleased to learn that Reykjavik boasts some wonderful natural attractions in and around its cityscape. Tjornin is a large lake found in the centre of town and is a great place to head for a picnic or to read a book, while a visit to the the wonderful Botanical Gardens will present a botanist’s haven. One of the country’s most breath-taking natural events can be enjoyed in Reykjavik – that of the Northern Lights. The phenomenon takes place mainly in the winter months during the early hours of the morning – but believe us, it is worth staying up for – bring a warm coat and some strong coffee!

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