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Goa Holidays 2016

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Holidays to Goa

Lapped at by the sparkling turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, Goa holidays are tropical havens, ideal for anyone who wants to soak up some sunshine in tranquil surroundings. Whether you’re a backpacker taking in the endless delights of India, or you’re looking for a once in a lifetime trip to one of Asia’s most dynamic and beautiful countries, holidays to Goa are sure to delight.

With more than 80 miles of picture perfect beaches, glorious sunshine, shining seas and legendary hospitality, you’ve got yourself a recipe for an enchanting holiday in one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations.

Explore and Get Active

Holidays in North Goa will provide you with memories to last a lifetime, and it offers a perfect destination if you want to kick back and relax on the beach and admire the breathtaking views. The crystal clear waters in South Goa have fantastic snorkelling and diving if you’re after something more adventurous. With a flight time of 10 hours, India’s most popular tourist destination offers a break with a difference for couples, families and groups.

Take some time to venture away from the beach and you’ll find another side to Goa. Days out could see you admiring the brilliant architecture of churches, cathedrals and temples in the capital, Panjim. Take a boat ride up the River Sal to catch a glimpse of a bluenose dolphin or haggle in the markets for traditional handicrafts and hand painted ceramics.

Things to do in Goa

Despite its reputation as a beach bum’s paradise, Goa holidays are filled with sightseeing highlights that rival any historical destination. Religious buildings such as the Bom Jesus Basilica and the Sea Cathedral are must sees, and museums such as Old Goa’s Archaeological Museum and the Portrait Gallery provide some insight into the state’s rich and multi-cultured beginnings.

The beaches are why many come here, and they range from secluded, untouched bays such as Patnem and Asvem, to lively shorelines filled with top amenities, such as Baga and Calangute.

Goa’s seas provide the perfect setting for divers both new and experienced, with schools set up throughout the state and dive sites ranging from shallow beginners’ spots to extreme deep sea shelves. Visitors will also find the chance to enjoy a host of other water sports, from jet-skiing and paragliding, to kite surfing and banana boating.

Away from the shores you can seek out some of Goa’s more cultural offerings, such as the Anjuna flea market and the Butterfly Conservatory of Goa.

If you're looking for more inspiration on what to do in Goa, check out our things to do guide.

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Goa Beach Getaways


A beach holiday in Goa offers miles of warm perfect sands and perfect vista’s over azure seas. Since the 60s travellers and tourists have found their paradise on the sandy dunes, revelling in a wonderful choice that suits every taste - from the quieter resorts of Arpora and Candolim in the north to Agonda beach and Colva beach in the south which is also a favourite amongst Indian tourists.

Snorkeling and Diving

Diving in Goa is fantastic, with a varied mix of dive sites including wrecks, colourful marine life and vast corals. You’ll find dive schools and sites across the region, but by far some of the most exciting can be found close to Grand island with a mix of cove’s, bays and underwater wrecks. For those wanting to snorkel, you’ll find that you too are equally well catered to with some great reefs with both soft and hard corals. Bat Island and Sunchi reef are amongst the best, though most resorts around Goa offer average to good snorkelling spots.

Secluded Spots

Guests can still experience a more ‘original’ Goa experience with beautiful quiet beaches far removed from the party centre of Anjuna beach and its full moon parties. Patnem beach is located in south Goa just 20 minutes from Palolem and is home to warm embracing sands and curving shallow waters that are ideal for swimming. Bambolim beach lays almost undiscovered, open and tranquil with lines of coconut groves ideal for shading under when the sun gets too much.

Goa Cultural Trips


Goan architecture is a charming mix of Indian, Islamic and Portuguese with the latter providing a wonderful idyllic charm very different to anything else in India. The churches and houses built during Portugal’s rule offer a wonderful European aesthetic in amongst the lush beaches and tropical nature of Goa. The best place to see all these clashes of culture are in old Goa, the former state capital. Many of the villas are long since gone but a flurry of churches and convents remain, enough that Old Goa has been named a UNESCO world heritage site. The domed church of St Cajetan holds particular interest and was modelled after the Basilica of St Peter’s in Rome, this is what makes holidays to Goa unique.

Boat Trips

The shore lines surrounding Goa offer perfect opportunities for a variety of boat trips. Whether you’re spotting Dolphins off Calangute beach or taking a day trip cruise on the river Sal and on to the Arabian Sea. Some of these boat trips offer perfect getaways from the frantic beach life, with escapes to otherwise inaccessible scenic beaches. From Mobor beach you can cross to the mountain range to relax on the idyllic open beaches far away from the crowds - once there you can sunbathe, swim and relax in absolute peace. For something a little more active, diving, snorkelling and fishing trips can all be arranged from most popular beaches.

Goan Cuisine

The chance to sample some of India’s most unique curries make a break to Goa a foodies dream. Goan cuisine has been heavily influenced by its Hindu, Konkani and Portuguese origins and due to Goa’s geographical location by the coast, consists heavily of seafood, using fish such as pomfret, Kingfish, shark and tuna and also Pork - a rarity in India. Coconut milk based Fish curries and fried fish dishes are very popular, and like the rest of Indian cuisine, many of Goa’s dishes are served with rice and are heavily spiced, though the Hindu cuisine of the region is less spicy and focuses more on sweet vegetable dishes.

Goa Nightlife


Goa has been a popular destination for travellers since the 60s, with all night beach parties being one of the major pulls. Goa is synonymous with trance, a music style that incorporates elements of trance and EBM which has now crossed into clubs all over the worlds cities and beaches. There are many beaches offering parties, the most celebrated of which is Anjuna beach with its famous full moon parties and there are night clubs in most towns and cities that usually pretty cheap and centrally focused to tourists.


If you’re heading to Goa to experience the party scene then north Goa is for you. Though if you’re in the south why not try out a silent party at Neptune bay next to Palolem beach? it’s a little different as here you hire a set of wireless headphones and dance the night away with hundreds of other party goers amidst the silent idyllic beach side setting, take off your headphones to experience the silence!


There are a great selection of bars and restaurants to choose from in Goa, many of which are situated right on the beach. Depending on where you’re staying you will find a wonderful mix of live music, DJ’s and theme nights including retro nights to sample. Tito’s bar on Baga beach is a popular late night destination while Shores and Guru bar on Anjuna beach are open are to 11 and serve up a nice mix of local food and classic drinks.


When in season the night markets in particular are charming and colourful, and you can expect to find a great mix of trinkets, souvenirs, food and local arts and crafts. Night markets can be found at Arpora, Anjuna and Baga beaches, though there are often special events and parties that are also occasional homes to night markets - explore where you’re staying and ask at your hotel for information.

Goa Romantic Retreats

Romance in Goa

The beautiful beaches, charming old towns and flawless vistas offer a perfect location for a romantic tropical getaway. Enjoy the golden sunsets from aboard a boat and then slowly make your way back to land under the starry skies, or adventure to the most quiet of beaches and lay back with a cocktail enjoying the idyllic charms of Goa’s quiet side.


Goa is a perfect honeymoon destination, ripe with unforgettable sandy beaches, irresistible sunsets and romantic architecture. A honeymoon will leave you with lingering memories of sun soaked days spent on the beach and warm nights of candle lit dinners under the stars. There are a number of excursions to try as well, with water sports, cruises and legendary parties across miles of beaches, alternatively you can explore the jungle!


The Colonia De Braganza Hotel is in a quiet position, just a short stroll from the centre of Canangute, and 10 minutes from the beach appealing to couples for its simple but comfortable accommodation in a central area, enjoying everything vibrant Canangute has to offer

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