Maldives Holidays 2015

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The Luxuriously Moreish Maldives

Each island a pearl of indulgence, Maldives holidays are an example of elegance that all beach islands try to follow, but can never quite replicate. Pale sands seamlessly blend into the unique glow of blue that laps across the shores, absorbing the sun’s glory in creating luxuriantly warm waters which are ideal for snorkelling and water-based activities, the Maldives being world-renowned for its indelible diving scene.

Palm trees sway in the calming breeze, a breeze which carries the undertone of refreshingly invigorating aromas, providing a tranquil experience that reaches all of the senses and combines to create a truly visceral feeling of relaxation – there’s nothing quite like holidays to the Maldives. Hotels and resorts compete when it comes to pampering and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hotel without a spa, bringing the Maldives to the top of the wish list for post-nuptial nourishment.

Indulge in Serenity

Each island will offer incredible scenic views across the Indian Ocean and this combines peacefully with the ultimate array of relaxing attractions of calming allure. Bandos Island is a circled oasis in a blue desert of vast turquoise waters; an uninhabited island which is a resort in its entirety, and seemingly worlds away from civilisation, this island is the perfect model in secluded splendour as well as providing an assemblage of activities to get involved with.

If you’re looking for something a little livelier then it’s advisable to take advantage of the exceptional diving scene which encapsulates much of the Maldives, Raa Atoll being just one of the many hubs for magical marine life. Here in particular you will be able to spy upon rare manta rays and a congregation of whale sharks that come to feed on the ever-populating plankton along the sea bed. Make sure you look into liveaboard cruises if you’re serious about diving during your Maldives holidays, the cruise ships visiting many of the top scuba diving spots.

Discovering Diversity in Bliss

As well as diving and taking in the tropical sea life below the surface of crystal clear waters, there are plenty of things to do above the Indian Ocean too. As you arrive in the Maldives you’ll most likely be greeted at their airport in Male, here is where the culture begins to take precedence during your stay in the Maldives. The thriving capital is densely populated and is often considered the throbbing heart of the archipelago, whether you’re content with meandering around the tall colourful buildings, immersing yourself in proceedings at the Grand Friday Mosque or fancy perusing rare exhibits in the National Museum – Male is where you’ll find the hive of activity during your holidays in the Maldives.

Without a doubt the best attraction is the scenery itself, taking a trip around Addu Atoll on a moped trip or venturing past islands riding in extravagant seaplanes are probably the best ways to see the views. After having seen the sites you’ll be able to settle down among the water sports and activities which line the many beaches across the glittered islands; scuba diving, snorkelling and an exhibition in paragliding and extreme sports in areas will leave you tantalised by the prospect of spending the rest of your Maldives holidays on the sun-splashed shores – perhaps dragging yourself away for an hour or two to spend some time in the lavish spa at your resort.

In regards to the nightlife, generally being a very devout nation means there are a lack of alcohol-serving bars and clubs in the cities, towns and villages, but in keeping with the relaxing tones the resorts usually provide small quiet bars in which to enjoy a crisp cocktail or three, so cocktail lovers need not fear! On occasion you will be treated to a live performance and traditional dancing events but there really is no better way to enjoy the Maldives than to just sit back and chill.

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Things to do in Maldives

Top Attractions

The ultimate honeymoon destination, the Maldives is home to astounding scenery that captivates all who visit. Spend days on end mastering that perfect tan on the sugary white sands of Bandos Island, calmly swimming around in the refreshing ocean waves near South Male Atoll, and indulging in some serious me-time in one of the country’s many, many spas. Whether you want to dive into the brilliantly blue waters of the Indian Ocean or enjoy a massage, you can find yourself in the midst of many things to do in Maldives for all holiday paces.

Wine and Dine

As the Maldives are close to the stunning island nation of Sri Lanka and vibrant India, you’re bound to come across these cuisines on your tropical getaway. The capital of Male is where you can find plenty of eating options, from steak, crab and mussels to a variety of vegetarian dishes and international fare, some of the top Maldives attractions. Dine with the sea just a few metres away here, or in the cosy outdoor terraces of the hundreds of resort islands around. From Thai and Japanese to even an Olive Garden, picky eaters can find comfort in the Maldives.

Action and Adventure

Of all the exciting things to do in Maldives, snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean is a necessity. When you come here, you have to grab some flippers and an underwater camera, and get up close and personal to some of the most spectacular marine life. Just off the Ari Atoll is the world-famous Fish Head diving spot, and the North Male Atoll is home to vibrant Helengeli Thila, one of the most amazing underwater reef-covered landmasses in the Maldives, and not to be missed. There are plenty other thilas, reefs, and even shipwrecks to discover along the over 1,200 islands in this ocean nation, too. If you’re not a fan of diving but still want to encounter the creatures of the Indian Ocean, the Whale Submarine at Male is the way to do it.

Romantic Retreat

If you’re not visiting the Maldives on your honeymoon, you’ll certainly feel like you have won the romantic retreat lottery in this island country. With over a thousand islands to choose from, and each island having its own resort, there are literally hundreds of places to stay here that have the couple-friendly quality you need for a holiday for two. The heart-shaped Addu Atoll is one of the most colourful and believe it or not, picturesque.

Bask in luxury in the North Male Atoll where you and your partner can relax in an infinity pool by day and sip champagne at restaurants in 5-star resorts. For some silent bonding and Zen, try a couple’s massage, as one of the top Maldives attractions is enjoy some of the world’s best spa treatments.

For holiday bliss, spend the day on the beach with your loved one, enchanted by the clear green waves lapping at the sugary white sand. The end to the perfect day begins with a dazzling sunset beachside and a moonlit walk along the shore before turning in for the night.

Culture Vulture

The Maldives are more than just a breath-taking island chain, but are brimming with rich heritage for its visitors to discover. Start in Male and take a trip to the stunning coral Hukuru Miskiiy, the country’s oldest mosque, dating to 1656 and piece of art in its own right. The recently built Grand Friday Mosque is more accessible than the Hukuru Miskiiy if you want to venture inside, though it is less eye-catching.

Also in Male is the National Museum, not as beautiful on the outside as the mosque, though brimming with artefacts from all over Maldivian culture and history. A visit to the early 20th century palace of Muleeaage and the National Art Gallery are two top things to do in Maldives.

Visit the historic Haa Alifu Atoll for a crash course in recent Maldivian history from the 16th to 20th centuries, as one of its island was the birthplace of famous Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu and a World War II base for the British.

Recharge and Relax

Once you feast your eyes on the dreamlike blue hues of the waters that surround this island chain, you’ll fall in love with the scenery and the specific Maldives attractions, namely, unwind. For the ultimate tranquil break, head to the isolated Raa Atoll for days on end relaxing in a private villa balanced over the Indian Ocean.

Pack a lunch and have a calm picnic on the beach, culminating with laid-back nights of sipping tropical cocktails while watching the fiery oranges and subdued pinks of the sun set over the water. With a paradise like this, you’ll want to keep pushing back your return flight.

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Top Beaches

Maldivian cuisine is largely made up of freshly caught seafood, most commonly tuna-fish. At lot of these foods are heavily influenced by Sri Lankan and Southern Indian cooking, meaning a lot of powerful, often spicy flavours. If you’re a fan of curries then you’ll be delighted by the local delicacies, if not then don’t worry! All of the resorts have their own restaurants each of which serves a wide selection of western and Asian favourites, you won’t go hungry!

Winter Sunshine

Not only are the endless beaches of the Maldives atolls and islands a wonderful break in the summer months, they’re warm all year round. Why not take a break from the winter weather and escape to paradise? You could be enjoying the eternally summery sunshine while the rest of us are wrapped up and braving the cold!


In a paradise where the water is 26-28 degrees all year round, why not go for it and get a bit wet? With just about every water-sport imaginable available to you in the Maldives you certainly won’t want for new experiences. Why not pull the whole family onto a banana-boat? Or, if you fancy something a little more extreme, try windsurfing or water-skiing.


The Maldives are naturally extremely exclusive. You’re unlikely to be burdened by throngs of other beach-lovers even in the busy seasons. But, what could be more romantic than a stretch of pure white sand shared but just you and your loved one? The endless sapphire-blue of the Indian Ocean before you and the dappled greens and browns of the palms behind you. Take a long stroll down one of these beaches and you won’t struggle to find such a spot, then all that’s left to do will be sitting back and relaxing.


There is nowhere better for a honeymoon than the Maldives. Dine together, surrounded by candles and beneath starry skies while the waves lap gently against the delicate white-sand shores. Gaze into the eyes of the one you love and eat some of the finest and freshest cuisine you’ll have ever tasted. Spend wonderful days, collapsed together on isolated beaches or even take to the seas and explore the depths where a vibrant array of marine life is awaiting you. This is a honeymoon you’ll remember for the rest of your life and look back on with fond memories


With such levels of luxury and relative exclusivity available in the Maldives, you’ll be hard pressed to leave at the end of your holidays. For those who wish to explore there are plenty of opportunities to do so, from aerial sight-seeing tours to Dolphin watching cruises and a whole plethora of water-sports, you won’t get bored. If idle luxury is more your thing, then book yourself into a spa where the sound of gently lapping waves combined with the wonderful treatments available will lull you into a level of relaxation you’ve never experienced before.

Things to do

So, you’ve had your days on the beach and you’ve waded through water. What else is there to do in the Maldives that you haven’t already done? Well you’re not the first to ask such questions and the Maldives resorts are more than prepared for you. Take a sunset cruise and watch the sun paint the sky in oranges, pinks and reds while the water reflects and amplifies this glory tenfold. Take a shopping trip to the countries capital of Male’, where you can buy locally made crafts and a wide selection of other items. Or, if you fancy a real walk on the wild side why not join an excursion to one of the uninhabited islands and sit on a beach knowing that the only ones on the island are you and the one you love.


Maldivian cuisine is largely made up of freshly caught seafood, most commonly tuna-fish. At lot of these foods are heavily influenced by Sri Lankan and Southern Indian cooking, meaning a lot of powerful, often spicy flavours. If you’re a fan of curries then you’ll be delighted by the local delicacies, if not then don’t worry! All of the resorts have their own restaurants each of which serves a wide selection of western and Asian favourites, you won’t go hungry!

Why Choose the Maldives?

If your idea of heaven is a place with sparkling blue waters, endless stretches of white sand beaches and enough things to do to keep the whole family entertained for your entire stay, then look no further than the Maldives. With a growing number of kids clubs across the islands’ collection of resorts, your children can make friends and play in absolutely safety while you make the most of the tranquil beauty which is the Maldivian Islands.

Things for you and the Family to do

If the kids don’t fancy sunbathing then why not hop on a dolphin watching cruise? Sure to excite kids of all ages, the cruises allow you to get up close and personal with the marine mammals and with over twenty species of dolphins to see and even the occasional whale, it’s a fantastic experience! There are a huge variety of water-sports on offer from catamaran sailing to banana boat rides; you’re unlikely to get bored. For those travelling with young children, or simply those who don’t fancy scuba-diving, why not take a ride on a glass bottomed boat? Take in the breath-taking array of brightly coloured fish from the plush comfort of one of the many ships.


With the Maldives being such an exclusive destination, great effort had been made to make sure than each visitor is adequately comfortable. Most resorts have a top chef ready to whip up international cuisine, suitable for even the fussiest of eaters and many even have dedicated kid’s menus. For the more adventurous amongst us, there’s a wide selection of the local delicacies, largely constituting of very fresh and flavourful seafood dishes with locally caught tuna being most famous.


With so many luxurious resorts and hotels available in the Maldives, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Many offer the choice of villa’s or bungalows, some of which squat on stilts directly above the ocean itself, while others boast truly unique entertainments or features such as underwater dining or Whale diving. There’s no-where in the world where you’ll be pampered quite as much as you will in the Maldives, which is perfect for the ultimate in relaxing beach-bound holidays!


The Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas boasts magnificent villa’s, each of which is located directly over the ocean and offers fantastically romantic views. Each villa is fully equipped with everything you’d expect from a top quality resort and they offer a level of intimacy and isolation which most hotels only dream of.

For something a little more unexpected, the much newer Anatara Kihavah Villas may be for you. With a huge variety of activities on offer, the resort also has several unique features which aren’t to be missed! One of these is the astounding underwater restaurant, with huge glass walls looking our directly onto the ocean floor you can eat a five star meal while watching hundreds of brightly coloured fish dart and play.


The resort is a good choice for a family holiday. Individual bungalows with their own private gardens means that your whole family can be based under one roof, leaving you free to explore. The resort offers twice daily dolphin safari’s as well as a selection of other exciting activities which are sure to entertain and enthral the whole family!

For those travelling with children, the Diva Maldives Hotel may be for you. With a fantastically equipped kids club called the Nest to keep 3-12 year olds entertained and even a teen club called the Place for older kids. The resort’s well stocked for food and drink with several bars and restaurants and it even offers the once in a life time opportunity to dive with Whale Sharks!


For a taste of true luxury on your special day, why not try the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo resort? With individual villa’s each with their own butler service and in-room dining, you can get down to the business of actually getting married without having to worry about anything else. The resort’s set over the water and as the sun sets there’s nothing more romantic than the Indian Ocean reflecting the suns final rays.