Ireland Holidays 2016

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Idyllic Ireland

The wondrous and varied country of Ireland is a top tourist attraction of Europe, and with so much to offer it’s not difficult to see why.

Ireland holidays are full of adventure, excitement and seemingly endless rich culture. With so much to bestow, your adventure here can truly be crafted to suit your specific desires. Ancient forts and cliff walks in Cork are ideal for families, while romance is nurtured in castles and cottages in the Dublin countryside.

Immerse yourself in the country’s artistic culture on holidays to Ireland and cherish the medieval architecture. Explore the luxurious lakes on a canoe ride or hop on a surf board to sail the salty seas. If you prefer something more stable, engross yourself in the verdant landscape on horseback.

Historical Pride with a Modern Spirit

In such a vibrant country, the accommodation options are vast. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil space overlooking Galway harbour, or an elegant Georgian build in the heart of Dublin, our choice of vast hotels and recommended accommodation is sure to please. The former, is occupied by pleasant parks and majestic monuments such as Cooper’s Hill Livery the Galway Cathedral, an ideal location for those curious about Ireland’s affluent history.

Dublin is one of the most popular locations on holidays in Ireland and therefore features an abundance of hotels. Its popularity is understandable due to locations such as Temple Bar. The cobbled streets host culture and high jinks in equal measure, with spots such as the Irish Film Institute and the Debbie Paul Studio and Gallery propping up the cultural end of the bargain, while venues such as Alchemy and Club M will have you propping up the bar.

Vibrant Ways to Spend Your Days

This versatile country allows you to modify your perfect getaway, that’s the beauty of Ireland holidays. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the two mountain ranges in County Waterford on a family hike. Mount Congreve House features a spectacular botanical garden strewn with captivating views and a quaint café. Mahon Falls boasts a similarly invigorating landscape equipped with craggy coves and wonderful walkways.

A walk through Cork will elucidate a similar scenic aesthetic. The clandestine Ballycotton Cliff Walk presents some of the most spectacular views in the county. Scenic picnic routes and mountainous landscapes make for an unforgettable experience, whether you’re hyperactively hiking with the children, or strolling at a snail’s pace on a romantic endeavour.

If a quiet and sober evening isn’t part of your paradise during your holidays to Ireland, Galway will cater for your needs with many quintessentially Irish pubs and bars, including Roisin Dubh, which welcomes local bands playing traditional music. Grab a Guinness at Garavans Bar, or absorb the colourful atmosphere in O’Connors Pub.

Dublin nightlife adds variety to the evening’s entertainment, including the comedy show Laughter Lines Dublin and theatre performances such as The Irish House Party. The latter combines traditional singing and dancing with a theatre performance and dinner to produce a unique night’s entertainment. Alternatively, head to the South City Centre for the Irish Dance Party during holidays in Ireland and partake in some Riverdance to a soundtrack of live Irish music. Bear in mind, you might want to enjoy your evening meal after taking part in the demanding traditional dance!

Ireland City Breaks

Top Cities

Dublin is Ireland's exciting capital, a vibrant city filled with arts and culture. Galway is a beautiful city in western Ireland that is steeped in history. Cork is Ireland's second city situated on the River Lee in the beautiful Cork Harbour. Sligo is a city in the north west of Ireland, among beautiful rolling hills and coastline.


Walking tours are a fantastic way to explore and discover an Irish city, there a plenty of guided tours that can show tourists the key sights of cities as well as some of the secret spots. There are a number of beautiful botanical gardens scattered all over the country in the major cities; they are a calm haven away from the bustle and excitement of the city. Pub tours are a fun way to take in some of the city's sights, visit some local pubs and sample the local beers and hospitality.


The Guinness Storehouse, aka the Guinness Brewery, is one of Dublin's top attractions, tours of the brewery run regularly as well as tasting sessions of Ireland's favourite tipple. Dublin Zoo is another of the city's top tourist attractions home to a number of endangered animals. Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery is a huge collection of Stone Age tombs found in County Sligo.


There are plenty of clubs in Irish cities playing everything from techno to disco into the morning. There are plenty of bars in Ireland’s cities whether you want to sip cocktails or enjoy cheap drinks deals. A trip to Ireland is incomplete without a visit to a local pub to sample a pint of Guinness. Traditional Irish music can be found all over the country and is an absolute must.

Ireland Couples Holidays


There are a number of spas and hotels with excellent spa facilities all over the country. Why not relax with a hot stone massage or a seaweed wrap and let the stress of modern life melt away? Wherever you are in Ireland you will be sure to find a great place for a romantic stroll, walking in Ireland is a delight, take your time and enjoy the sights along the way.


The countryside surroundings of Ireland are some of the most spectacular in Europe with beautiful green pastures, rugged coastline and imposing mountains, the Emerald Isle is a beautiful country to explore and discover. Ireland has a rich culture, check out some of the traditional folk music at a local venue or visit Dublin, the home of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce to discover the cultural legacy of the city and its inhabitants.


Ireland has some excellent restaurants serving spectacular dishes whether local dishes of international classics. Traditional Irish music can be found all over the country and is an absolute must. A trip to Ireland is incomplete without a visit to a local pub to sample a pint of Guinness and the lively atmosphere.


If you are looking for a lovely hotel in which to send a romantic holiday then there are plenty on offer from those with spectacular views of rolling countryside to those that sit in the heart of Dublin, whatever you are after you will be sure to find the perfect hotel.

Ireland Family Holidays


There is no shortage of shopping opportunities in Ireland, in the larger cities there are plenty of high street and designer shops.

Horse riding is an excellent and exhilarating way to experience the beautiful Irish countryside. Walking is extremely popular in Ireland due to the awe inspiring scenery of lush rolling fields, rugged mountains and exhilarating beaches.


Ireland is home to a number of beautiful regions that are protected in National Parks all of which are open to the public. Zoos are a popular Irish tourist attraction and the most popular is Dublin Zoo home to hundreds of rare and fascinating animals. Ireland has a number of aquariums full of exotic and local fish and marine life.


Dining out in Ireland is a wonderful experience. Ireland has a large number of excellent restaurants and the country has made a name for itself at the forefront of cooking. It is almost impossible to avoid listening to some traditional Irish music, most pubs have music on a regular basis, and the lively atmosphere is second to none.


There are plenty of hotels throughout Ireland that are well equipped for families with children with recreation areas and entertainment.

Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel to relax in or an affordable hotel to use as a base while you explore the beautiful Irish countryside there is a hotel to suit you.

Ireland Group Holidays


Golf is popular in Ireland and there are plenty of fantastic courses. Water activities can be found all over from kayaking to water skiing. Hiking is a popular pastime; the Irish countryside is perfect for exploring. Cycling is a great way to enjoy the Irish scenery. Surfing is popular and there are plenty of great spots all along the Irish coast. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is a suspension bridge that leads to Carrick Island, open throughout the year.


Ireland has a large number of historic towns that are full of culturally significant buildings and monuments. Ireland is home to a number of beautiful regions that are protected in National Parks all of which are open to the public. Cliffs of Moher are a beautiful natural attraction that looks out onto the Atlantic Ocean.


There are plenty of clubs all over the country that play everything from techno to disco into the early hours. There are plenty of bars scattered throughout Ireland great for sipping cocktails or light bites. When in Ireland you must try Guinness from a local pub, an absolute must. Traditional Irish music can be found all over the country in hundreds of venues and local pubs.


Ireland has a huge comedy festival held each year in Kilkenny. Food festivals are common in Ireland such as the Taste of West Cork Festival held annually. There are also plenty of music festivals held all over the country.

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