Jerusalem Holidays 2016

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Ancient Wonders and Religious Stature

One of the oldest cities in the world, unique and holy to three religions – the captivating mixture of ancient ambience and modern evolution make Jerusalem holidays a truly mesmerising experience. Jerusalem is one of the most significant cities on the planet, famed for its religious devotion, it is a bridge between the religions and peoples of Israel. The city’s importance through history has left a legacy characterised by incredible structures, buildings and sites, making Jerusalem one of the most visually-striking destinations in the world.

Embarking on Jerusalem city breaks will expose you to countless ancient sites, mostly encountered within the Old City district, an area considered immensely holy for Jews, Christians and Muslims. The list of churches, tombs, archaeological sites and changing districts is seemingly endless, ensuring that you’ll have relentless exploration to experience during your holidays to Jerusalem.

A Bible of History

The old city should be the natural starting point for those ready to immerse themselves in the history and extensive attractions of Jerusalem. The district is bursting with intriguing buildings, structures and streets, all devoted to Christianity, Judaism or Islam. The small city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring some of Israel’s most famous sites, such as the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock – all represented different quarters of the Old City. Another fascinating and insightful attraction that you should experience during your Jerusalem holidays is the Via Dolorosa, or ‘Way of Sorrows’, believed to be the traces of the last steps of Christ.

The picturesque quality of the Old City is best viewed from up high, and there are two great options for those looking to capture a memorable vista. Mount of Olives provides a stunning view back across the city, while also being home many intriguing sites of its own, such as the Kidron Valley Monuments, Maria’s Tomb and Domini Flevit Church. Another great way of viewing the cityscape is from the Ramparts Walk, scaling the Old City walls and peering over Jerusalem’s majesty.

The city is also home to some fascinating and engaging museums, such as Israel Museum and the Yad Vashen Holocaust Memorial, while those that have travelled with the kids will perhaps want to give them some respite from historical gems with a visit to the Biblical Zoo. For a change of scenery all together during your holidays to Jerusalem, spend a day meandering around the city of Tel Aviv.