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Relax by the Red Sea

The resorts of the Red Sea are some of the most sought-after destinations in the entire Middle East, extraordinary places of extreme beauty, charm and opulence. Red Sea holidays are a real opportunity where you can luxuriate in style.

The Israeli resort of Eilat, in the southernmost tip of the country and the northernmost part of the Red Sea, is one of the leading destinations along this vast coastal area that borders half a dozen countries and straddles Africa and Asia. Eilat is a thriving port area but is equally busy with its tourism industry, providing excellent beaches and a buzzing tourism infrastructure. You can also spend your Red Sea holidays in the great resort of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt and Aqaba in Jordan.

Blissful beaches

You’ll be so blissed out by your holidays in the Red Sea, and so thrilled at the great value, that you’ll be in seventh heaven. All your everyday frustrations and worries will simply evaporate once you lay on the gloriously sandy beaches of Israel’s Eilat resort. Sprinkled with boutique hotels and spa centres, you are sure to be pampered with your stay by the glittering Red Sea.

The area is as renowned for what's below the water as much as what's above it, to appreciate this you can scuba dive or snorkel to witness the treasures down below. There's also excellent nightlife in Eilat, with lots of great venues where you can live it up. Other great places to stay include Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada in Egypt as well as Aqaba in Jordan, all of which offer deluxe resorts and seaside sunbathing.

Seaside retreats

The Red Sea is a year-round tourism destination thanks to the glorious weather of the region. The average temperature high for the year is just over 31C and in the peak summer months of July and August it rises past a sweltering 40C, so sunbathing is always an option here.

If you’re thinking about going on holidays to the Red Sea, don’t just think about it – go! Perfect for everyone from foodies to culture vultures, you can explore some of the famous attractions and dine at the top local restaurants in the evening. With cuisine ranging from Brazilian to Italian, as well as the finest seafood spots, you can be sure to enjoy culinary delights of the highest order.

This ancient part of the world, of civilisations lost long ago, is also a place of extraordinarily rich culture. The region’s history stretches all the way back from the dramatic reign of the Pharaohs to the modernisation of more recent times and the development of tourism for all to enjoy.

Out and about in the Red Sea

Full of things to do, your Red Sea holidays could see you do everything from meeting a dolphin to enjoying a safari. Located just off the coast of Eilat, Dophin Reef is home to a large number of friendly bottlenose dolphins that visitors can swim with. You can go on organised diving tours to swim with these beautiful creatures, therapy sessions are also available for the disabled.

For a wonderful desert adventure, head to the Camel Ranch just outside of Eilat. There, you can hop up on one of these extraordinary creatures and go on tour – they're suitable for families and people of any age. Camel safaris can last from one and a half hours up to half a day, and they take in the stunning landscape of the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve.

Visit the popular Kings City historical theme park in Eilat. Covering a large area and held in a palace like building, complete with watchful gargoyles, the popular attraction could not have a more grandiose setting. Various areas showcase the pharaohs in Egypt, King Solomon and his mines as well as waterfalls, various fun rides and slides; perfect for a family day out.