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Portofino Holidays in 2016

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Pristine Portofino

An idyllic coastal village perching beside the beautiful Ligurian Sea, Portofino holidays encompass glamour, luxury and escapism by the sea. Located in the north of Italy beside the beautiful ocean, Portofino is the perfect destination for relaxation within a fantasy setting, characterised by colourful and striking architecture, a vibrant harbour and a number of high-end facilities.

The Liguria region of Italy is famed for its flamboyance and architectural lures, particularly around the Cinque Terre area and within the region’s capital Genoa. During holidays to Portofino, you’ll discover yourself embedded in a rich community feel, one of exclusivity and relevance. Indulge in this environment with cappuccinos on the harbour-front, a yacht trip out into the blue ocean or with a top quality hotel to keep you pampered.

A Slice of the High Life

The boutiques, cafes and restaurants will demand much of your attention during your Portofino holidays, filling your days with spontaneous shopping exploits, refreshing beverages and hearty Italian cuisine. But beyond the façade of relaxation and slow pace, you’ll find a number of exciting things to do in the village if you’re not here solely to recharge your batteries. You can get out on the open water, whether on a guided yacht trip or in a rented kayak, allowing you to explore the further reaches of Liguria’s coastline. Drop in on Rapallo just around the corner and pick up some delightful bites from the bustling farmers’ market.

If you’re after a little bit of Italian that goes beyond the typical culinary prowess, embark on a mission to discover some of Portofino’s historical attractions. Castello Brown is a 16th-century castle which now functions as a museum and offers fantastic views of the harbour, while the Church of St Martin is a quaint, 11th-century church that is well worth a look. If you need a little bit of beach added to your trip, pay a visit to Chiavari – another popular yachting stop that will allow you to soak up some sun or splash around in the water.