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Marche Holidays in 2016

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Marche at a Glance

Marche is a region in the centre of Italy on the Adriatic Coast. The region is home to gorgeous Adriatic beaches, ancient villages and rolling, sloping countryside. Marche consists mainly of mountainous hilly regions and the majority of the larger cities are situated along the coast, with the historic focus of the region having been on the port of Ancona and other seaside resorts.

Marche Highlights

  • The Apennines are the range of mountains that make up the backbone of Italy and run through the Marche region. These provide the area with plenty of trails and paths making it an ideal destination for walkers and hikers.
  • The coastal towns also boast some of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern coast of Italy; many have achieved blue flag status for cleanliness. Marche is a particularly unspoilt region of Italy, making it a perfect holiday destination.
  • Fermo is a beautiful mountain town in Marche and home to a large concentration of Roman ruins and buildings as well as a number of other important sights.
  • Ancona is an important Adriatic port and the capital of the Marche region, the beautiful town has spectacular views of the surrounding areas and the Adriatic Sea.
  • Fano is a popular seaside resort on the Adriatic coast that is home to a number of beautiful sandy beaches as well as secluded coves and bays.
  • Ascoli Piceno is one of the oldest towns in Italy and home to a fascinating array of buildings from the medieval period.
  • The Marche region is well known for its spectacular beaches along the Adriatic coast. There are a number of seaside towns which have developed into modern coastal resorts offering all the amenities of a 21st century resort. There are plenty of beaches that are perfect for swimming as well as a number that specialise in a variety of water sports.
  • The Apennine mountain range that dominates the region is the ideal place for hiking and trekking as there are plenty of paths and trails stretching through the mountains and hill of the region. There is no better way to experience Marche than exploring its many hillside villages and towns.

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Top beaches

If you are looking for a quiet holiday on the beach, and one that isn’t going to break the bank, then Fano is exactly what you’re looking for. This beautifully clean beach is relatively free of crowds, and there is no beach fee. The beach is separated into two sections: Spiaggia Sassonia and Spiaggia Lido. Spiaggia Lido is all sand and has rows of umbrellas to lounge beneath; it is the livelier of the two. While the other side, Spiaggia Sassonia, has a pebbly beach, and a wide promenade. Ancona has a beautiful sandy coastline, with spectacular views and easily are some of the beast beaches in Italy.

Water Sports

If you are looking to get a little adventurous on your holiday to Marche, then look no further than Civitanova. Here you’ll find windsurfing and kite surfing for hire, as well as jet skis. If you are interested in hiring a boat, then the Porto San Giorgio is the place you are looking for. But, most of the major resort locations will have facilities to rent water toys, and if not, the staff will certainly point you in the direction of those that can.

Quiet Spots

Fano is a great location if you are looking to escape from the crowd this holiday season. With terrific coves, and little inlets to conceal yourself from the whooping youths, you’ll be able to watch the beautiful Adriatic Sea rolling before you, and hear nothing else.


When you’ve booked your beach holiday, there are a few caveats that are necessary when considering a hotel, and proximity to the beach is at the top of that list. So, if you are looking for a reasonably priced hotel on your beach holiday to Marche this summer, why not book yourself in at The Majestic Hotel. There is no better position that the Majestic’s, as it rests directly on the sand in Pesaro. The rooms have all of the amenities you could ask for, and in this case beach holidays are a lot like buying a house: location, location, location.