Puglia Holidays in 2016

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Passionate About Puglia

This vibrant region in southern Italy is as diverse as it is attractive, with beaches stretching across idyllic coastal towns steeped in tradition and a healthy passion for cuisine.

Home to the longest stretch of coastline in Italy, the farming region of Puglia sits between the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The combination of sunshine and blue seas make holidays in Puglia a firm favourite with Italian holidaymakers. Traditional buildings radiate Italian style and historical importance, along with coastal towns maintaining a homely atmosphere. Parties and family-friendly festivals during the summer exude vibrancy and entertainment, adding a dose of pizazz to your Puglia holidays.

A Real Taste of Italy

There truly is something for everyone during holidays to Puglia. Visit famous sites such as Alberobello, situated between two hills with a host of modern and ancient architecture. Explore the Trulli of Alberobello and marvel at the beehive buildings on cobbled streets. The preserved buildings occupy the fairy-tale town beside plenty of souvenir shops selling trinkets for you to cherish.

A sight for sore eyes is definitely the Shrine of Padre Pio located in San Giovanni Rortondo. The site is the second most-visited Catholic shrine in the world. The monument centres on the tomb of Saint Padre Pio alongside bronze and marble sculptures in the preserved church.

The charming city of Lecce boats spectacular architecture in the way of baroque churches and ornate squares. The city is also host to a number of beaches, including Punta Prosciutto, with crystal clear water and long stretches of golden sand. Perfect for families, the shallow seas facilitate water sports for those looking to get active. For those less inclined, there are plenty of lounge chairs across the beach for you to top up your tan.

As well as basking in the sun, be sure to let your hair down at the music festivals across summer on your holidays to Puglia. The Centro Artistico Musicale Paolo Grassi and the Festival della Valle d’Itria both run throughout July and August and host a range of local and international music performances, including opera, classical and jazz.

The famed cuisine of Puglia is a key facet to the region’s identity, with fresh local produce coming in the way of olive oil, mushrooms and artichokes. Take your pick from one of the medieval romantic style restaurants or quaint family run bistros along the coast.

Puglia Beach Breaks

Top Beach Destinations

The Gargano is a large mountainous outcrop on the northern coast of the region that is popular with tourists for its great views. Monopoli is a beautiful town situated on the coast that is popular with day trippers. Brindisi is an ancient port mainly known for its excellent beaches . The Tremiti islands are home to some of the best beaches in the whole Puglia region.

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Things to Do

Puglia is well known for its golden sands and crystal blue waters, they are the perfect place to soak up the sunshine. The region is well-known for its diving due to its clear blue waters and varied marine life. Some of the larger beaches are perfect for windsurfing and there are a number of operators available.


Swimming is probably the most popular activity in the region of Puglia. It’s popular with the locals and tourist alike due to the beautiful beaches. The endless stretches of sandy beach lapped by crystal clear waters are the perfect place to swim and cool off from the hot Mediterranean sun.


Puglia is home to a large number of hotels and they are not only situated in the cities and towns, many are positioned along the coast either on or within easy walking distance of a beach. Some of the larger hotels even have their own private stretch of beach.

Puglia Exploring Getaways


Puglia is an ancient region on Italy that has been inhabited for thousands of years and because of this it is home to thousands of historic sites and monuments. The Trulli of Alberobello are a collection of 14th century houses that have remained intact for hundreds of years and one of the most popular attractions of the region.

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Castellana Grotte Caves are a collection of beautiful caves that are open to the public; the caves are located on the outskirts of the small town of Castellana Grotte. The countryside of Puglia is crisscrossed by a number of walking trails that are a great way to explore and discover this beautiful region.

Puglia Festivals

Throughout the region of Puglia food is celebrated and throughout the year there is some form of food festival celebrating local produce, cookery and cuisine, making it an ideal getaway for food lovers. The region is also home to a number of great music festivals, celebrating both the music of the region and international music such as jazz and classical.


The region has a large number of castles dotted all over its countryside, either in good condition or ruins, many of them are open to the public. The larger cities such as Bari and Brindisi are home to some magnificent cathedrals. Puglia is home to a large selection of ancient ruins many of which date back thousands of years.

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Puglia Family Holidays

Things to Do

Adrenalin Zone is one of the most popular attractions of the region filled with outdoor activities such as rock climbing and rope swinging. For animal lovers be sure to visit Zoosafari, home to a large number of wild animals, you can drive around the park to get an up close experience. The region is home to a number of popular water parks that are a great day out for both kids and adults.To get a feel for the regions traditional atmosphere visit the local markets.


Boat trips are an excellent way to see more of the beautiful Puglia region and discover some of its fantastic scenery. The region is home to a number of excellent golf courses with well-kept greens and immaculate fairways, some also have their own driving ranges, there are also plenty of opportunities to go shopping in the region and there are a number of large shopping centres.


The larger cities of the region are home to a handful of cinemas, some of which play films in English with subtitles, great if you fancy a film in the evening and there is no shortage of restaurants in Puglia, serving up some of the local delicacies, much of which revolves around fish and seafood.

Family Resorts

If you are on a tight budget or you are looking to splash out then there are plenty of different hotels to choose from all over the Puglia region, whatever your tastes and budget, or if you would prefer to go self-catered there are also a number of apartments and villas available for rental.

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Puglia for Couples


Puglia is home to a number of gorgeous botanical gardens where hundreds of exotic and rare plants and flowers are grown. Alberobello is a unique ancient town known for its extraordinary architecture and famous ‘trulli’ buildings. The region has some truly spectacular countryside some of which is protected in National Parks which are open to the public. Wineries are another of the region’s most popular attractions; many are open for tours and wine tastings.

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Things to Do

There are plenty of shopping opportunities all over the Puglia region, whether you want local crafts or designer shoes. Cycling is an excellent and popular way to explore and discover some of the regions beautiful countryside. If you enjoy the cuisine of the region why not take a cooking course and take home some traditional skills.


There are plenty of restaurants in the region both in the towns and the countryside, try and sample some of the delicious local dishes. Puglia also has a large number of bars, whether you want a traditional style taverna or a modern seaside cocktail bar. The region does have a few clubs scattered around the larger towns and cities.

Romantic Hotels

Puglia is a beautiful place for a romantic getaway and there are plenty of hotels to choose from. Whether you would like to splash out for some five star luxury complete with pampering and spa facilities or if you’d like somewhere cheap and cheerful there are hotel to suit all tastes and budgets.

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