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Your City Break to Rome

Once known as the ‘Capital of the World,’ Rome has long maintained an allure of power and innovation. Today, a city break to Rome is perfect for those who want to take in all that this stunning historical city has to offer – devastatingly beautiful architecture, historic grandeur, effortlessly stylish locals and cuisine of the highest calibre.

Rome is the perfect destination for a city break. Intoxicating, seductive and full of surprises, the city captivates all with every curve of its amphitheatres, tang of its gelato and ray of its ever present sun. Stroll the ancient streets, shop in style at chic boutiques, gorge yourself on traditional dishes and above all, get Rome-antic!

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Exploring Rome on a City Break

Rome holidays have many different sides to offer. Art lovers, party animals, fashionistas and holidaying families can all feel at home in its patchwork of neighbourhoods. Those looking to be immersed into the Rome of history books should opt to stay in the historic city centre. Nestled amongst the dramatic ruins of the Pantheon, countless ornate churches and the magnificent Campo de’ Fiori are numerous beautiful hotels, perfect for distinguished culture vultures.

To soak up the vibrancy of Rome’s contemporary side, the sleek hotels, bustling boutiques, quaint cafes and humming bars of the modern centre are calling. Explore the ancient wonders from a city base with all the comforts of the modern world.

For an elegant mix of culture and beauty, the larger area of Colosseo offers the notoriously imposing Colosseum, vibrant colours of the Imperial Flora and Trajan Markets, and an incredible selection of fascinating museums. This area is also overlooked by the rolling expanses of Capitoline Hills, perfect for taking in the city from a distance.

When in Rome

For many, Italy and Rome’s allure lies in its artistic heritage. From its Etruscan roots to modern day, avant-garde scene, the artists of the city have been pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules. Visible in its marble statues, Baroque-style churches and Renaissance frescoes the Roman artistic flair is distinctive and powerful. Wander its magnificent galleries, marvel at the array of architectural prowess on display and feel inspired by the city’s unique aesthetic.

One highlight of a city break to Rome has to be the top-notch food on offer. With everything from gastro bistro finery to rustic complete with check tablecloths and wine bottle candles, the city’s food options are endless and decadently delicious. As well as the quintessential pasta and pizza, Roman chefs also serve up a mean seafood dish, not to mention the gelato!

It’s easy to get carried away with all the romance, historical charm and cultural attractions that pour from every street, but Rome is also a city with its feet firmly in the modern world. Edgy designers flock to its piazzas for inspiration and sell their wares in its glittering department stores. As the sun sets, trendy bars open their doors to crowds of locals and visitors, livening the atmosphere with cutting edge tunes. Get under the skin of this city and you will discover the vitality and energy that runs through its veins.

Picture Perfect Culture

Nothing can prepare you for the sheer wonder of a visit to the Colosseum on Rome city breaks. Grand, majestic, haunting – this ruin is all of the above, but none of Rome’s landmarks can provide as vivid an insight into its ancient civilisation and innovation hub status as this magnificent amphitheatre.

The rambling climb of the Spanish Steps provides a welcome and picturesque spot to take the weight off your feet and drink in the surroundings of the stunning Piazza di Spanga. Wonder across to the Trevi Fountain, where visitors have exchanged Lires and Euros for a spot of luck for centuries, through the ritual of throwing money over the shoulder into the fountain’s depths.

Art fanatics are truly spoiled on city breaks to Rome, but the shabby exterior of the Galleria Doria Pamphilj disguises the finest collection of classical art the city has to offer. With pieces by Raphael, Titan and Velazquez to name but a few, hours can feel like minutes as you wander the echoing halls of this creative treasure trove.

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Important Information

Travel Information
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Local time: GMT/BST +1 hour
Local airport: Rome Fiumicino (FCO)
Flight time: 2 hours 25 minutes

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Rome is a wonderful city for a romantic getaway: just look at the love story of Roman Holiday or the recent Woody Allen film, To Rome With Love. During the day you should make a pilgrimage to the main film locations with a Vespa tour or walking tour which explores the real-life places you've seen on screen. For more information, see the Rome film map on the blog.

The city is particularly beautiful at night and there are some excellent restaurants and bars to enjoy delicious candlelit meals or a quiet drink for two. Couples can enjoy a wide selection of boutique hotels and even spas and, during the day, enjoy strolling through the cobblestone streets and piazzas, and stop for a picnic in one of the lush green parks.


Italian food is world-renowned for its variety and sumptuous flavours and a trip to Rome is the ideal place to enjoy some authentic dishes. As well as delicious pizzas, you'll find that the local cheese, wine and pastries are superb. If you're on a health kick then don't panic as there are many healthy meals you can enjoy without compromising on taste, such as fresh salads, soups and seafood.

Try to head out of the tourist areas to find some really authentic spots. Italians love their coffee and a cappuccino or espresso is ideal mid-morning with a light snack.


Romans enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres, or aperitivi and antipasti, before dinner in one of the attractive piazzas. After dinner, there are many bars, clubs and live music venues, as well as Irish pubs. For something a little different, there are plenty of theatres and performing arts venues, hosting music and dance, as well as theatre, though it will be in Italian. Rome Opera Ballet and the RAI Symphony Orchestra are well-worth seeing.