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Alghero Holidays in 2016

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Get Away to Alghero

A seaside city composed of cobbled streets, beautifully painted buildings and a thriving marina, holidays to Alghero are ideal for travellers who appreciate history, opulence and rejuvenation.

Nestled north-west of Sardinia, the medieval coastal town of Alghero is an exclusive enclave bursting with unforgettable character and charm. Best known for its beaches, lovers of white sands and shimmering seas will feel they have found a secluded oasis perfect for catching rays, boating or playing water sports. Influenced by a collective mix of Italian, Greek and Spanish culture, you'll be inspired by the diversity that helps shape this picturesque island.

Where to Stay in Alghero

Set in the centre of beautiful landmarks, historic piazzas and stylish boutiques, you should choose your Alghero hotel near where you want to spend most of your time during your stay here.

Lovers of the sea should look for a place in the city's southern port area. Bordered by the vibrant Marina Di S. Elmo, this iconic harbour complex can be seen from most hotels nearby and is exceptionally stunning when lit up at night.

Meanwhile, history buffs will love taking shelter near Barcelonetta, the famous Spanish-themed quarter which is home to Alghero Cathedral and many of the city's top-rated restaurants.

Be Awe-Inspired

Algehro holidays are awe-inspiring for many reasons. From the beautiful landscape to the crystal-clear shores and all of the historical architecture in between, this city has a unique energy.

Maximise your days outdoors and catch the rays by taking your trip in the summer or early autumn months when temperatures hover around 30C, a recipe for a perfect tan. Prior to arrival, also decide which beaches you'll want to visit to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Whether you're travelling alone, with kids or with friends, each local sand and shore area has something special to suit your needs.

For traditional sights, spend time roaming around the Old Town district. Packed full of medieval streets, gothic-styled buildings and quirky shops, you can learn all about the city's rich history while creating your own memories.

Located in a region known for its appreciation of hearty cuisine and delicious wine, foodies will find themselves in the middle of a constant taste bud delight during their getaway. From traditional Italian pasta dishes to sweet treats, holidays in Alghero provide a dining experience to rave about.