Sicily Holidays 2016

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Sizzling Sunshine in Sicily

For holiday seekers looking for a memorable Mediterranean holiday, the island of Sicily, located at the tip of Italy's boot, provides the whole package. With its mix of golden beaches, Roman ruins, and the majestic Mt. Etna looming over fruit-filled orchards, the largest island in the Mediterranean serves up a memorable trip that will keep everybody smiling.

Explore the best of Sicilian culture, both ancient and modern, with a bit of sightseeing and magical days on the beach. From the classical mishmash of architecture in Palermo to the traditional Sicilian dishes served up in Catania and the stunning beaches that hug the coast, Sicily holidays satiate all palates.

Sleep Soundly in Sicily

For active holidays to Sicily with plenty of sightseeing, make sure to drop by Palermo, Sicily's lively capital city. After a long day, spend the evening sampling some of Italy's finest dishes, including the thin pizza-like sfincione and delicious seafood. Afterwards, burn those calories away with a night of dancing; Palermo and Catania are two of the best hotspots for an evening out in stunning Sicily.

Rest your head on soft pillows and fall asleep to the subtle sound of the sea in a beachside hotel in a small town minutes away from Taormina, or choose from a number of luxury hotels across the island in the large cities like Syracuse and Messina.

That’s Amore

At the top of the list for family-oriented holidays in Sicily is some fun in the sun, sea, and sand. There are several clean and safe Blue Flag beaches on the Italian island, including the Pozzalo, Ispica, Taormina and Porto Paolo beaches. With such an extensive coastline, there are plenty of pristine beaches and secluded spots to pick from.

Sicily also provides a great educational experience. The active Mount Etna, close to the city of Messina, is Europe's tallest and certainly deserves a visit. For the ancient Greeks that colonised Sicily, this mountain was believed to be the home of Vulcan, the God of Fire, and the one-eyed Cyclops!

With such a stunning landscape to enjoy on Sicily holidays, it’s easy to see where so many artists have received their inspiration; take a trip to a museum or art gallery to see the island’s highlights. Museo Archeologico di Taormina, built on the site of ancient Roman baths, offers an exciting day of discovery. Afterwards, enjoy a taste of Sicily's local gelato or head over to one of the many pizzerias for a bite.

Out and About in Sicily

In addition to its beaches, active volcano and museums, there are plenty of other attractions to visit during holidays to Sicily. Whether you are looking to relax or explore, there are opportunities for both.

The Teatro Massimo, Italy's largest opera house, is a must-see in Palermo; time it right and catch one of its magnificent performances. Also, don't miss the intriguing underground Catacombs of the Capuchins; over 6,000 corpses have been mummified here, making for an interesting day out.

Situated in the town of Taormina you can find the beautiful ancient Greek theatre, Piazza Amerina. Dating back to seventh century BC, this site continues to stage dramatic productions and concerts. Another ancient architectural site that should not be missed is the Valley of Temples, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where there are several archaic and restored temples to be admired on holidays in Sicily.

Sicily Beach Holidays

Top Beaches

Giardini Naxos is a coastal town well-known for its excellent beaches, Mondello Lido is the preferred beach of the residents of Palermo, Mortelle is home to some of the islands best beaches, Spiaggia Sabbie Nere is a gorgeous black volcanic sand beach and Lido Mazzarò is one of the islands most beautiful and unspoilt beaches.


Sicily is an island that is made up of beautiful beaches. The white sands and clear blue waters of the island’s beaches are the ideal place to soak up the Mediterranean sunshine and relax. The island is known for its excellent food, and it is famed for its exceptionally high quality seafood, you absolutely must try some of the local delicacies at a traditional seafood restaurant on your holiday to Sicily, you won’t be disappointed.

Beach Actvities

The island of Sicily is surrounded by the clear blue, calm waters of the Mediterranean that are perfect for water sports of all kinds. Along many of the larger beaches that are more popular with tourists there is a wide range of water sports and water activities available such as canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and water skiing.


If you have decided on a beach holiday in Sicily and would prefer to be as close to the beach as possible then don’t worry as a large number of the hotels on the island are located on or within easy walking distance of the beach. Many of the larger hotels even have their own stretch of private beach.

Sicily Couples Holidays

Couples Attractions

Sicily holidays offer plenty of beautiful beaches that are perfect for soaking up the gorgeous Mediterranean sun as well as swimming in the clear blue waters. The cities of the island are home to a number of tranquil parks that provide some welcome shade and relaxation from the midday sun. Sicily has the largest number of vineyards and wineries in all of Italy and many of them run tours and wine tasting courses.

Couples Activities

Holidays in Sicily offer a large number of shops especially in its cities and major towns, whether you are looking to pick up a bargain or a pair of designer shoes. Horse riding is a really romantic way to explore and discover the beautiful landscape of the island; it’s great fun even if you’ve never ridden a horse before.


Holidays in Sicily iare well known for its excellent local cuisine; the food is very similar to Italian food and they share many of the same dishes, plenty of which revolve around fresh fish and seafood. The island has a handful of theatres in the towns and cities which followed by dinner and drinks can make for a romantic evening.

Hotels for Couples

Sicily is a wonderfully romantic island, lapped by the gorgeous blue Mediterranean, a great place for a romantic getaway. The island has no shortage of romantic hotels in fantastic locations, such as five star luxury hotels in the centre of bustling Palermo or small tranquil boutique hotels along the coast overlooking the sea.

Sicily Exploring Holidays

Top Destinations

Catania is an important city in the eastern coast of the island, Palermo is the island’s exciting and ancient capital, Taormina is a popular town on the island home to some spectacular ruins, Aeolian Islands are the legendary home of the ancient wind god situated just off the coast of the main island, Agrigento is an ancient city in the south of the island known for its temples and ruins.


Hiking is an extremely popular activity on the island; the rugged landscape is crisscrossed by hundreds of hiking trails which provide excellent views of the surrounding areas. Boat trips are a great way to explore and discover the beautiful island of Sicily; there are plenty of tour operators to be found in the coastal towns and harbours. The natural sea caves are one of the real natural treasures of the island and are a real must.


If you can you should try and catch a traditional musical performance by some of the locals, it helps give visitors a real feel for the culture and atmosphere of the island. Look out for regular performances from local musicians in the bars or restaurants as well as larger music venues such a concert halls.


The island has been inhabited for thousands of years and as such has an array of historic castles that are open to the public. There are also plenty of churches dotted around the island in both the cities and the countryside. Temples are another key feature of the island as it was once home to the Greeks and the Romans.

Sicily Family Holidays

Family Attractions

Mount Etna is the volcano that dominates the island of Sicily; there are tours that run up the mountain to the summit. Sicily is home to a number of interesting museums many of which have interactive exhibits aimed at children. Sicily has a large amount of beautiful landscape much of which is preserved in Nature Reserves which are open to the public.

Family Activities

An excellent way to discover and explore the spectacular countryside of the island of Sicily is on foot and there are a number of excellent trails that crisscross the island.

Golf is a popular sport on the island and there are a handful of golf courses with well-kept fairways and immaculate greens suitable for all abilities.

Family Nightlife

Sicily is home to some of the best food in the world and the island has a huge number of restaurants. Fish and seafood play a key role in the cuisine of the island, which is also known for its sweets and pastries. There are a number of theatres in Sicily making it easy to catch a show, which is a great way to spend an evening.

Family Hotels

There is no shortage of hotels in Sicily. The island is slowly developing into a modern tourist destination and there is a wide range of hotel to choose from whether you want five star luxuries or a traditional family-run establishment the island has plenty to suit all tastes and budgets.

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