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Palermo at a glance

Palermo holidays offer a variety of attractions. It is Sicily's cultural, economic and tourist capital. It is a city rich in history, culture, art, music and food. Numerous tourists are attracted to the city for its good Mediterranean weather, renowned gastronomy and authentic restaurants.

You'll love Palermo if ...

  • You are endeared to cities that combine both decay and splendour. Promising an interesting contrast, Palermo is an intriguing capital with a compelling history to be told through the jaded architecture.
  • You enjoy the delights of Mediterranean fare. Here you will have the opportunity to savour an abundance of freshly-prepared treats, in particular the pastries and ice cream.
  • You show an interest in architectural styles. Best described as a giant treasure trove of palaces, castles and churches, Palermo boasts a unique architectural fusion of Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Renaissance and baroque gems.

Top attractions for a Palermo holiday

  • At the civic heart of Palermo, a crowd of imposing churches and buildings surrounds the ornate Fontana Pretoria. This huge fountain fills the piazza with its tiered basins, supporting the sculptures, rippling in concentric circles and is frequented by locals and tourists as a place to mix and catch up on the day’s news.
  • The Chiesa di San Domenico was built in 1640 and has been the place where Italian VIPs have been buried since the Middle Ages.
  • The Cathedral is an extraordinary feast of geometric patterns, ziggurat crenulations, majolica cupolas and blind arches. The interior, although impressive in scale, is a marble shell, a sadly unexotic resting place for the royal Norman tombs.
  • Laid out by Léon Dufourny and Venanzio Marvuglia, the gorgeous Orto Botanico is a tropical paradise, with massive fig trees, tall palms and dazzling hibiscus bushes. There is an avenue of the bizarre-looking bottle, soap and cinnamon trees, as well as coffee trees, papaya plants and sycamores. A must for the botanist enthusiasts, as well as anyone looking for some respite from the chaotic interior of Palermo.

Palermo highlights

  • After a day of sightseeing take the time to visit the city's local hamam, a luxurious marble-lined Moorish bathhouse where you can indulge in a vigorous scrub down, a steamy sauna and many different types of massage and therapy.
  • For exquisite and innovative Sicilian ceramics and pottery, stop by Casa Merlo.
  • Specialising in Sicilian classics, Papoff creates an intimate ambience with carved wooden ceilings, exposed brickwork and torch-style lighting.
  • No Palermo sightseeing adventure would be complete without a tour through one of the city’s outdoor markets. Blending flea market, casbah, souk, and hagglera heaven, the markets in Palermo vibrate with energy.
  • UNESCO has labelled the November Festival di Morgana as a unique treasury of living history. The best Sicilian puppet masters and puppet makers present works of unbelievable beauty in the finest oral tradition throughout the month.

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Important Information

Travel Information
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Local time: GMT/BST +1 hour
Local airport: Palermo
Flight time: 3 hours

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