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Elba Island at a Glance

Considered the most beautiful of the Tuscan Islands, Elba Island is full of history, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that make it the perfect destination for anyone looking to relax in what Tuscany has to offer.

Perfect for...

  • Couples looking for a getaway that offers; sand, sea and total serenity.
  • Families looking for a quiet beach location.
  • Travellers looking for that perfect mix of history and lazy days at the beach.

Explore Elba Island

Once known for its riches, Elba Island contributed to the wealth of ancient civilisation. Today Elba Island is popular with tourist looking to take in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, with small bays and beaches the coastline is waiting to be explored by travellers looking for their own spot to relax in the perfect destination for a holiday in 2014.

  • The sandy beach of Elba Island are coloured by iron deposits which make the sand a darker colour.
  • No two beaches are the same so make sure you explore and don’t stick to the same one.
  • Full of sea life the crystal clear waters are not only good for a spot of swimming. Try your hand at Scuba Diving and see what lies beneath.
  • Elba Island has a wealth of local produce making the local food heavenly. With a diet based mainly around fish, seafood dishes are flavoured with local spices and guaranteed to be top quality.
  • Be sure to try Schiaccia Bread which dates back to when the pirates invaded Elba Island. This sweet bread, also known as drunken bread is sweet and flat, topped with pine nuts, raisins and dried fruits with a distinctively oriental flavour.
  • If you like to cycle then Elba Island is the perfect place to do so. Rent a bike and explore Elba Island exactly how you like on two wheels.
  • Visit the small island on an island, Capo Sant’Andrea. Located down a small road heading towards the sea Capo Sant’Andrea is the perfect combination between sea and mountains.
  • The main activity in Elba Island has long been iron extraction and although mining has been stopped the richness of the soil mean there are lots of minerals to be found. Precious stones are often transformed into jewels by local craftsman making the perfect gifts to take home as reminder of Elba Island.
  • Elba Island is well known for its wine, acting as the perfect accompaniment to the local dishes many are made from ancient recipes.
  • Elba Island has lots of hotels to choose from during your stay. Making guests feel at home with personalised services and unique style, the best accommodation for a relaxing holiday while in Elba Island.

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