Venetian Riviera Holidays in 2016

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Rest and Relax

While many will head to this corner of Italy to delve into the cultural and historical majesty of the breath-taking city of Venice, those that take time to explore the outer stretches of the famed destination will discover some real treats, including long beaches, delectable Italian grub and an outdoor pursuits scene that will satisfy those after action and adventure – you heard it here first, Venetian Riviera holidays are the best thing since, well, Venice holidays.

The cultural depth of Venice doesn’t stop at the city proper, with numerous islands within the Venetian Lagoon and charming towns on the mainland all boasting architectural magnificence and numerous historic sites. Murano is a key example, an island located just a short boat ride from Venice city, and famed for its incredible glass-blowing heritage – a key stop on holidays to the Venetian Riviera.

Beach Bum and Cuisine Buff

You’ll gain a distinct flavour of Italy throughout your holidays in the Venetian Riviera, whether it is soaking up the sun on the longest beach in the country at Lido di Jesolo or munching on one of the world’s best pizzas at a waterfront restaurant, this is the indulgence you deserve from your Italian escape. Engage in water sports or outdoor pursuits like cycling or golfing, all allowing you a dose of activity during what is usually a culture-filled break.

Of course, you’ll never be too far from the mesmerising canals and grand churches of Venice, and you won’t want to be considering the amount of attractions awaiting you in the city. Whether you head to the city for a daytrip or choose to break up your time in the Riviera, make sure you don’t miss the stunning Rialto Bridge, the expansive St. Mark’s Square and a customary ride on a gondola.

Venetian Riviera Beach Holidays

Top Beaches

The Venetian Riviera is the perfect place to split your time between the rich culture of the city, and the relaxing climate of the beach. With Lido di Jesolo being one of the most popular due to its 15km beach, and numerous resort hotels. Also popular is Venice Lido.


When you’re looking for a fantastic city break, Venice Lido has what you’re looking for. With long clean beaches, and a beautiful Italian sun bearing down on you, you need not look any further to find entertainment. Each hotel here has their own private portion of beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas.


Take a dip, and cool yourself during the warm summer days. There is nothing more refreshing than a swim at the beaches surrounding Venice. But, many of the resorts have items for hire, such as pedalo boats to take a spin around the water in.

Venetian Riviera Couples Holidays


There is romance in the air of the Venetian Riviera, and what better way of embracing that romance than by wandering through the serene canals of Venice, stopping at the markets along the way? Or, hire a boat and explore the islands of the region, seeing the little villages while escaping the large city.


Always a favourite are the gondola rides through the sleepy canals of this fantastic region. But, why stay in Venice? The neighbouring towns have their own gondolas, so take a trip and see what lays in the less beaten path. While there, take in some of the terrific shopping the Venetian Riviera has to offer.


Move with the pace of the Venetians. There is plenty of nightlife here, but it’s up to you how you wish to spend it. Piazza Mazzini is the towns biggest square, and is filled with everything from small pubs to exciting clubs. But, for the best Venetian experience, wander through the back alleys and find the cheapest, most authentic watering holes and restaurants.

Venetian Riviera Explore


Being on the beach, there is plenty to keep the most adventurous travellers happy. The Venetian Riviera has terrific sailing, windsurfing and water skiing on offer. Each resort will have facilities to sign up for classes, or hire rentals for the day, so take advantage of the great offerings and have some fun.


One of the most spectacular festivals in the region is the Venice Carnival, which is a large citywide party that ends on Shrove Tuesday, forty days before Easter. The Venice Carnival is well known for it’s distinctive masks. It is worth making a special trip to Venice for it. It is a great party, with wonderful parades and costumes.


One of the most popular destinations of the Venice Lido is the San Nicolo al Lido, or the church of St. Nicholas, the model for Santa Claus. The church is home to relics and stunning architecture dating back to the 17th century.


Venice, often remembered for it’s unique canals, but often forgotten is the stunning architecture the city boasts. The Rialto Bridge, Saint Mark’s Basilica and the oldest church in Venice, the San Giacomo di Rialto, are all examples of the fantastic sites that are waiting for you in Venice.

Venetian Riviera Family Holidays


If you are looking for the perfect holiday balance of city and sand, then look no further than the Venetian Riviera. The museums of Venice are a stones throw away, while the beaches are also available.


The Venetian Riviera has so much to offer it is no surprise that it is such a popular tourist destination. With sightseeing tours of this wonderfully historic region to glass blowing trips, there are hundreds of ways to see, and experience the rich cultural history of the Venetian Riviera.


With the delicious Venetian cuisine at your fingertips, it isn’t hard to make the nightlife any better. But, suppose I suggest an evening at the Fenice theatre, and the night just gets better. Take the kids to Veron’as Roman amphitheatre, which is the regions world famous opera venue.


When you want to get away with the family, you don’t want to hassle with trying to find the perfect place to stay, so has some suggestions for you.