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Kuwait Holidays in 2016

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Kuwait Holidays

Kuwait is a unique city-state, located in one of the most ancient and hotly contested parts of the world. From its war-torn history to the modern glory of Kuwait City, this is a country full of awe-inspiring sights, and brings together cultural influences from all corners of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Flights from the UK to Kuwait will take something in the region of 6 hours.


Holidays in Kuwait are probably not what you imagine them to be. There are temples, shrines and holy sites dotted throughout the cities and countryside, but for every ancient monument, you’ll find skyscrapers, sophisticated restaurants and exciting theme parks!

Often modern influences are interwoven with artifacts from Kuwait’s past. No holiday to Kuwait is complete without a trip to the incredible Al-Boom restaurant, where traditional cuisine is served with impeccable style, in the shadow of the largest wooden boat in the world.

Kuwait’s Scientific Centre and Aquarium is another example of the country’s modern attitudes, with some fascinating displays of both high science and dazzling marine life. Visitors on a Kuwait holiday can take a trip into the past at the Tareq Rajab Museum, or pay tribute to Kuwait’s fallen military heroes at the National Memorial Museum.

Perhaps the best way to start your holiday in Kuwait is to take a ride to the top floor of the magnificent Kuwait Towers. These famous triple towers offer a magnificent view over the city, and the Gulf beyonFrom glittering skyscrapers to otherworldly marine life, Kuwait boasts a vast array of attractions to captivate your senses. A cheap holiday to Kuwait has something to offer everyone, and will be an experience you remember for a long, long time.

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