Lithuania Holidays 2016

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Europe’s Hidden Treasure

Lithuania is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe, boasting a beautiful coastline, stunning natural landscapes, cities of artistic, cultural and historical prowess and an ever-present alluring bygone charm – Lithuania holidays are waiting for all manner of holidaymakers. The capital city, Vilnius, acts as the natural starting point for those travelling to the country, home to the best of the country’s restaurants, museums and hotels, as well as a stunning old town which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another bustling and historic city that is sure to entice travellers is Kaunas, the former capital of Lithuania. Castles, churches and aged architecture characterise this beautiful city, displaying a fantastic combination of modern and bygone features. Like neighbouring Latvia and Estonia to the north, the country also boasts a rich coastline, guaranteeing sun-blessed fun on the sand, as well as some superb seafood waiting to be tucked into during holidays in Lithuania.

Coast, Landscapes and Cultural Cities

Explore the museums, galleries, churches, castles of the capital Vilnuis and the second city Kaunas, both full of modernised amenities that reside alongside captivating cultural and historical sites and ideals – the perfect introduction to Lithuania. Meanwhile, lakes, hills and forests populate the country’s gorgeous and brilliantly-preserved natural countryside, best explored in one Lithuania’s many national parks such as Moletai Lakeland and Zemaitija National Park.

Klaipeda, the country’s third-largest city is a bustling seaport, welcoming cruises and beach-hunters in equal proportions, as well as being home to many of its own structures and landmarks that reveal the heritage and identity of Lithuania. Holidays to Lithuania can encompass so much variety, depending on whether you see yourself as a bit of a beach bum, a culture vulture or an outdoor enthusiast – this country is sure to satisfy every breed of tourist.