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Long haul holiday destinations

Long haul holiday destinations

The world can sometimes feel like a pretty big place, but with lowcostholidays you can make your own world a lot smaller, jetting off on memorable holidays to some of the most alluring and engrossing destinations on the planet.

Whether it is a giant city full of culture and history, a beach haven in the bluest of oceans or an outdoor paradise that cries out for adventure – choose from a wide range of long haul holidays and embrace luxury, comfort and discovery across the globe.


Tropical beachesPuerto Morelos
30 September 15 from Glasgow Intl
2 adults

7 Nights
All Inclusive

Flight + Hotel from
£1178 per personpp was £1309
Luxury shoppingJumeirah Beach
09 September 15 from London Gatwick

5 Nights
Bed & Breakfast

Flight + Hotel from
£535 per personpp was £594
Disneyworld staysInternational Drive
30 September 15 from London Gatwick

7 Nights
Room Only

Flight + Hotel from
£541 per personpp was £569

4* Phuket

30 September from London Heathrow
7 nights
£719 per personpp was £799
United Arab Emirates

5* Dubai

02 September from London Heathrow
7 nights
£859 per personpp was £954
Luxurious temptation

5* Mexico Caribbean Coast

04 October from Aberdeen
7 nights
£974 per personpp was £1082
Ever-present sunshine

3* Jamaica

20 September from Manchester
7 nights
£760 per personpp was £844

Adaaran Club Rannalhi

£132 per night
Fantastic FloridaOrlando
14 October 15 from London Gatwick

7 Nights
Room Only

Flight + Hotel from
£897 per personpp was £997
Modern metropolisDubai
31 August 15 from Glasgow Intl

5 Nights
Bed & Breakfast

Flight + Hotel from
£612 per personpp was £680

Casuarina Resort & Spa

£48 per night
Beautiful waters

4* Mexico Caribbean Coast

24 September from London Gatwick
7 nights
£772 per personpp was £1544
Blissful paradise

5* Jamaica

15 September from London Gatwick
7 nights
£1519 per personpp was £1688
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Alluring Asian Escape

Grab one of many long haul flights east for your big trip and descend on the magical land of Asia. Whether you head for the bright lights of a burgeoning city, the golden sands of a gorgeous island beach or delve into the dense, wildlife-filled rainforest, Asia is a magical land of opportunity for holidaymakers. Thailand is one of the region’s most popular destinations, famed for its glorious beaches and offshore islands, its captivating culture and history, dramatic natural landscapes and an infectious party atmosphere. Head from the islands such as Koh Phi Phi to the party haven of Bangkok before seeking a retreat in the mountains of the north – the perfect balance on your long haul holidays. Neighbouring Cambodia offers even more appeal to travellers, especially for culture vultures and history buffs who will find a haven in the incredible ancient ruins of Angkor.

If you want to escape to a culture unlike your own, Japan tops many travelling wish lists, home to enchanting heritage and history, found in stunning temple complexes, incredible ancient cities and maintained customs. Whether it is the megacity of Tokyo you opt for, the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kyoto or the unspoiled wilderness of the Yaeyama Islands, Japan will have you captivated. India and Sri Lanka provide an even greater insight into different cultures and customs, as well as boasting some of the world’s most iconic sites and attractions. Hit the beaches of Goa, marvel at the Taj Mahal and immerse yourself into the religious majesty of Varanasi in India, while within the realm of its island neighbour you can discover ancient temples, cool highlands and big friendly elephants.

African Adventure

There is something special about Africa that awakens the senses and drives adventure, discovery and rejuvenation, ensuring this particular continent is a great option for those embarking on adventurous long haul holidays. One of the great lures of this wonderful continent is the opportunity to tick an African safari off your bucket list, one of life’s great experiences. There are a number of destinations that offer some remarkable wildlife interaction, but it is Kenya and South Africa that provide arguably the most memorable experiences. Indulge in the safari lodge lifestyle, enjoying comfort and luxury in between traversing the incredible national parks, keeping your eyes peeled for wild lions, elephants and giraffe. South Africa is also home to some of the world’s most vibrant cities, most notably Cape Town. Defined by the towering Table Mountain, enjoy immense history in Cape Town, as well as unprecedented wildlife interaction, spanning whale and seal spotting.

Africa can also provide holidaymakers with all of the glorious benefits of a beach holiday, especially through the means of the continent’s offshore islands – a perfect stop-off on long haul flights. The Seychelles is one of the most desirable destinations on the planet, boasting unreal beaches, a superb water sports scene and some fantastic hiking, while the intoxicating island of Mauritius continues this theme of paradisiacal indulgence.

The American Dream

Hit the land of opportunity and engage in a countless array of entertainment, adventure and exploration options across the USA, spanning outdoor pursuits, water sports, beach indulgence, cultural and history discovery and world-class dining. Hit the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, promising endless excitement and memories across a range of mega casinos, incredible hotels and unrivalled nightlife. Calm things down a notch or two by hitting the sunshine-filled state of Florida. This is the ideal destination for families embarking on Long Haul holidays, home to magnificent beaches, fine dining and, of course, Walt Disney World – the kids will forever be in your debt. Los Angeles is another energetic and rewarding destination to head to, the land of Hollywood, glitz and glamour; something you’ll effortlessly soak up during your time in the wonderful city.

Heading south, flock to the USA’s engrossing neighbour Mexico, home to stunning beaches, remarkable ancient ruins and colourful and charismatic cities. The country’s Caribbean coastline is one of the most enduring holiday destinations, home to some of the world’s best beaches, as well as a fantastic diving and snorkelling scene. All this can be enjoyed in the sunny resort of Cancun, as well as a dynamic party scene and easy daytrips to breath-taking Mayan ruins.

Luxury and Comfort in the Caribbean

Undoubtedly a destination for those booking honeymoons and romantic getaways in paradise, holidays to the Caribbean are unrivalled when it comes to relaxing and indulging in luxury and comfort within the realms of scenic perfection. Islands, beaches and clear blue seas are the epitomising image of the Caribbean, and who wouldn’t want all of those things from their Long Haul holidays? Hit Jamaica and enjoy a diverse island boasting a colourful and vibrant lifestyle, anchored by immense landscapes, wonderful outdoor adventures, stunning beaches, superb water sports and desirable luxury accommodation beside the seaside. The neighbouring Cayman Islands, although smaller, continue this theme of diverse indulgence, home to one of the greatest diving scenes in the Caribbean, where you can expect to meet an armada of graceful and majestic rays.

The Bahamas, an idyllic cluster of islands to the southeast of Florida, is another haven for those in search of tranquillity by the sea. Spot dolphins, dance to rhythmic beats, relax on the soft sand, head beneath the waves or dine on fresh seafood, whatever tickles your fancy at the end of your long haul flight. Others opt for Barbados, another gem of the Caribbean. Located just to the north of South America, the endless stretches of sandy beaches, clear water and lush vegetation will paint all the pictures of an idyllic deserted island escape.

Megacity Breaks

If you need a little bit more hustle and bustle during your Long Haul holidays, stepping on a flight to the further reaches of the planet could see you land in one of the world’s most engaging, historical and vibrant cities. Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy a whirlwind break to the wonderful city of New York. The Big Apple is among the most famous cities going, home to an endless stream of attractions, from cultural and historical sites such as Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, to indulgence and entertainment found in the great nightlife scene, the unrivalled shopping and world-class dining. To the east you’ll find another of the world’s megacities, this one somewhat newer than New York. Dubai has emerged as one of the most prosperous and evolving cities around, home to modern and wealthy values, found in its architecture, shopping scene and entertainment facilities.

Head even further east to engage in unique cultures and histories unlike any in the western world, starting in the captivating and squeaky clean city-state of Singapore. Marvel at the pristine skyline, dine by the glamorous marina, delve into the hustle and bustling of engaging Chinatown or absorb the scents and spices of Little India – surely one of the most diverse cities on the map? If you haven’t managed to get your fill of shopping, Hong Kong reigns supreme, home to dozens of towering and well-stocked shopping malls – your arms will be aching each night from all those shopping bags!