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Holidays to Malaysia 2016

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Marvellous Malaysia

You’ll experience a melting pot of cultures during your Malaysia holidays, encountering Malay, Chinese and Indian essences, sparking a medley of colours, flavours and aromas that will symbolise your trip to this vibrant country. Malaysia can easily feel like two separate countries combined, with its peninsula rife with culture and modernised ideals, while the jungle-clad island of Borneo welcomes outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

You’ll encounter the wonderful juxtaposition of historic culture clashing directly with forward-thinking concepts, and no other destination quite captures this notion than the capital Kuala Lumpur, the natural gateway for holidays to Malaysia. Outside the capital and across the rest of the country you’ll discover beaches and islands, jungles and wildlife, mountains and plantations, and a non-stop vibrancy that will always transport you back to the diverse and multicultural core of Malaysia.

Modern Cities and Heritage Fronts

You’ll spot Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Petronas Towers in the distance as you’re plane descends into the city airport – a perfect symbol and metaphor of the city’s emergence as a bustling metropolis. Beginning your holiday in Malaysia here will expose you to just that, with a modernised centre offering great shopping and entertainment among fine dining, luxury living and towering buildings. This is also where you’ll discover the top Malaysia hotels, offering 4-star and 5-star comfort to weary holidaymakers. But beyond the splendour of the Central Business District you’ll encounter religious temples and houses, bustling markets and heritage landmarks – an Old City Centre providing an insight into the country’s vast cultural customs and significant heritage.

You’ll find more of this during your holidays to Malaysia in the charming city of Malacca, with its gorgeous colonial architecture and historic sites providing an ode to Portuguese, Dutch and British rule, while on the island of Penang you’ll encounter the wonderful city of Georgetown – a UNESCO World Heritage destination that combines temples and distinctive districts with forts and colonial landmarks – oh, and some of the best street food dishes in the world.

In the Jungle or On the Beach

From the temples and street food of the peninsula to the steamy jungles of Malay Borneo, your Malaysia holidays will always possess that element of adventure; but to crank things up a gear or two, take a trip to Kota Kinabalu. The capital of the state of Sabah has action on its doorstep, sitting in close proximity to jungle that plays host to orangutans, elephants and tigers, tropical islands with world-class diving, and of course the eponymous Mount Kinabalu – a real climbing challenge for adventure lovers.

Like Borneo, the peninsula boasts its fair share of gorgeous islands, all offering diving, snorkelling and a general beach bum lifestyle that connotes rest and relaxation. Langkawi is one of the most accessible of the islands, situated on the country’s west coast, home to great tourism infrastructure, beautiful beaches and some captivating inland natural attractions. Off of the east coast you’ll find the backpacker haven that is the Perhentian Islands, undiscovered by mass tourism but often visited by turtles and sharks, while the jaw-dropping island of Kapas will satisfy all your Robinson Crusoe fantasies. For some cool climate refreshment, drop in on the Cameron Highlands, a destination offering great trekking in misty forests and tours to engaging and attractive tea plantations.

Where to go

Langkawi is a phenomenal archipelago of islands that boasts some breath-taking beaches and tropical landscapes. Pulau Langkawi is the main island and is graced with exotic desert island beaches with pale white sands and turquoise sea waters. Penang is an island also blessed with an exotic landscape, but boasts an array of destinations, from the bustling Georgetown city to sleepy fishing villages such as Telus Bahang.

What to do

Malaysia’s beaches are the ideal destination for a laid back desert island break, so most just love to spend their time with the soft sands between their toes, soaking up the hot sunshine. More active visitors can try water sports across the coasts, such as kayaking, and diving and snorkelling is fantastic with crystal clear waters and long visibility. The diverse landscape across the country provides some striking mountains, which you can explore on excursions such as cable car trips or forest treks.

What to see

Animal lovers will enjoy a trip to see the orang-utans, which live across various sanctuaries and rehabilitation centres in Malaysia. If you would rather see some spectacular landscapes, the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls are just that, and are where you can take a refreshing dip in the freshwater after a brisk hike to their location.


You can enjoy some luxury at the beachside in the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort, which sits on a landscape of tropical gardens. The hotel boasts a wide array of amenities, from an outdoor swimming pool to a spa area. Chic and contemporary, the Citidel Penang sits in the heart of Georgetown, within easy reach of the city’s cultural attractions and popular sights.