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Gozo Holidays 2016

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Gorgeous Gozo

Just off the north coast of Malta is the enchanting island of Gozo. Easily reachable by water taxi, this small island boasts historic towns, beautiful countryside, rocky cliffs and striking bays. Gozo holidays transport visitors to the charming little sister of Malta, but don’t let that tag misguide you –there are an array of interesting and exciting things to do at this end of the archipelago. Historic complexes and temples adorn the island’s picturesque landscape luring culture vultures seeking the heritage and legacy of these islands, while beach bums will revel in the seaside resorts, sandy beaches and dramatic coastal scenery.

The hub of the action during your holidays to Gozo may be drawn towards the sand and clear water, but the island’s capital Victoria boasts countless beautiful churches and a grand cathedral. All the while you’ll always find yourself just a short hop from the main island of Malta, allowing you to indulge in numerous day trip options, like descending on the breath-taking sands of Golden Bay.

Unique History and Sandy Treats

You’ll encounter a number of important and intriguing historical sites during your holidays in Gozo, whether situated in the lively capital or dotted around the beautiful countryside. Exploring Victoria’s mesmerising citadella will expose you to an array of architectural delights and religious structures, and while the city may not resemble the grandeur or significance of Valletta or the retail accessibility of Sliema, there is an infectious charm that shrouds this destination. Away from Victoria and out in the sticks you’ll find even more signs of Gozo’s history - none more enthralling than the Ggantija Temples near Xaghra and the towering Ta’ Pinu Basilica.

It’s important to strike a balance during your Gozo holidays, exploring the island’s captivating heritage on one hand, and indulging in its wonderful stretches of beach on the other. The island’s most attractive beach has to be Ramla il-Hamra, with its red sands, small crowds and undeveloped backdrop. Though you don’t have to take to the sand to enjoy the island’s coastal treasures – Gozo has a bustling diving scene as well as boasting some very impressive coastal landscapes. The Azure Window is the most impressive setting by the sea, consisting of a cliff outcropping and door-like hole – like something from a mythical tale.

Around the island you’ll encounter a number of sleepy coastal villages, providing a more tranquil and laid-back beach break vibe, directly contrasting the more vibrant beach resorts on the main island of Malta such as Bugibba.

Gozo Activity Holidays


Gozo Island is renowned for having some of the best diving sites in the world.

Its rugged coastline has rocky outcrops that attract underwater nightlife, and the underwater caves are exciting to explore for both beginners and experienced divers.

Crocodile Rock and Fungus Rock are great dives for seeing marine life, including sea urchins, starfish and even groupers and tuna.

Although small the island of Comino is famed for having an abundance of world-class dive sites.

The Santa Maria Caves is a shallow dive, great for beginners. The caves are fun to explore with lots of octopus, eels and small fish to keep you company.

Lantern Point is a deeper dive through a vertical chimney in the rocks.

Blue Lagoon is Comino's most famous diving location with its crystal-clear waters. There are regular water taxis from Gozo to Comino.

There are plenty of other diving sites in the north of Malta at Mellieha Bay and Qawra.

Malta Dive Centres

Malta has an abundance of diving centres where you can book one-week courses or just try a taster session.

There are over ten dive centres just on Gozo, each renting out equipment to divers or organising trips.

Whether you are visiting Malta for the sole purpose of diving, or just want to try it out, Gozo and Comino's diving sites are perfect for both beginners and more advanced divers.


Gozo is generally greener and rural than Malta.

The dramatic coastlines reward ramblers with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Gozo is perfect walking terrain with countless numbers of criss-crossing paths and tracks.

You can grab a water taxi to Comino and explore the entire island by island on foot.

In Gozo, areas near to San Lawrenz and the San Blas Valley area boast extraordinary views and terrain for rambling.

Gozo and Comino are also excellent for exploring on bikes.

More walking in Malta:


Gozo's coastline is a major attraction for ramblers to this area.

With a diverse range of landscapes, from sandy shores to rocky bays and dramatic cliff tops, Gozo's beaches are perfect walking territory.

Take a day trip to Comino and explore the Blue Lagoon shore. Gozo is easy to reach from Sliema and Bugibba resorts in Malta.

Gozo Beaches

Sandy Beaches

The most famous sandy beach in Gozo is Ramla Bay.

This gorgeous stretch of reddy, gold sand has crystal-clear, azure waters and backs on to lush green country side.

Ramla Bay has been used in films and TV shows because of its dramatic setting.

The beach is overlooked by the pretty town of Xaghra, is close to the famous Calypso Cave and has a unique landmark – a statue of the Virgin Mary right in the middle of the sand.

Rocky Beaches

A lot of Gozo's coastline is rocky, but this is what makes the island one of the best places in the world for scuba diving.

Xlendi Bay is overlooked by steep cliffs, the top of which can be reached by a steep staircase.

The climb is worth it as at the top you'll be rewarded with some of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea.

San Blas is a rocky cove on the east coast close to Nadur.

It's a tranquil beach with beautiful aquamarine waters and surrounded by beautiful country side. It also has a coastal tower, Ta 'Sopu, on the headland.

Blue Lagoon, Comino

The small island of Comino is only 3.5 square kilometres but it has some of the best beaches in Europe.

The Blue Lagoon is a tiny but incredibly popular cove because of its sheer, natural beauty.

The white shore is perfectly offset by the shimmering, turquoise water.

The water is crystal clear and calm, making it a perfect spot for snorkelling, walking and photography.

Beach Hotels

The 4 star Hotel Calypso is right on the beach in Gozo and has a private rooftop pool for guests.

The 3 star Grand Hotel also has incredible views of the ocean in the popular town of Mgarr on the south coast.

Gozo Culture


Gozo's ancient temples are some of the earliest built in history.

Explore Gozo on foot and you're guaranteed to come across enchanting ruins of chapels and temples.

The Ggantija Temples in Xaghra are so large that locals in days gone by used to believe giants built them.

The Ggantia Temples are a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site - there are other temples in Malta protected by UNESCO including Hagar Qim and the Tarxien Temples.

The capital city of Malta, Valetta, is also a World Heritage Site.


The towns in Gozo are rich in history and each has their own personality and character.

The central town of Xaghra is close to the ancient temples of Ggantija and the main city of Victoria.

Victoria (formally Rabat) is an historic city with plenty of culture.

Be sure to visit the famous Citadel which houses the law courts and Bishop's Palace.

Walk to the top of the Citadel complex to discover incredible panoramic views of Gozo Island.

The town of Xlendi is on the south-east coast. Xlendi has a lively nightlife and is close to the beautiful Azure Window which is just north of the bay.

Also on the coast is Mgarr, a popular town as it is home to the main harbour for visiting ferries.

On the north coast is Marsalforn, a town with lots of pretty coves and within easy reach of the gorgeous sandy Ramla Bay.

Natural Attractions

Gozo has an abundance of beautiful natural attractions that are culturally significant.

The Azure Window and nearby Fungus Rock, near Dwejra, were thought to be home of a special medicinal plant and a sentry used to stand guard to protect the plant from thieves.

The beaches in Gozo vary from romantic rocky coves to stretches of natural sand.

Explore the fiery red sands of Ramla Bay near to Xaghra.


With hotels offering half-board and all-inclusive options, Gozo hotels give you the choice to enjoy a holiday that's perfect suited to you.

If you prefer the independence and freedom of eating when you want, the Calypso Hotel offers bed and breakfast options, or spoil yourself and relax with an all-inclusive holiday at Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz.

Gozo for Couples

Romantic Beaches

The beaches are some of the most spectacular in Malta.

From stretches of golden sand to enchanting hidden coves, Gozo is a paradise for couples.

The spectacular crystal-clear, turquoise waters and bright, blue skies perfectly complement the surrounding green and limestone countryside.

Couples can soak up the relaxed atmosphere of Gozo on the golden sands at Ramla Bay or find a private hideaway amongst the coves on the north east coast.

You can take a romantic daytrip to Comino Island's Blue Lagoon. The warm aquamarine waters are dazzling here and the bay has some cosy cafés where you can grab lunch.


Although it's just a speck in the Mediterranean ocean, Gozo is home to some of the world's most historic locations.

From the enchanting ancient temples at Ggantija to the medieval citadel in the town of Victoria, Gozo is brimming with extraordinary places to explore together on holidays to Gozo.

There are also natural attractions on the island including the Azure Window, a remarkable giant arch that's been naturally formed by the sea and wind.

Or take a tour around Xerri's Grotto, a dramatic cave with unusual stalagmite formations.

Nightlife and Restaurants

The Gozo towns of Mgarr and Xlendi are home to romantic restaurants and bistros which serve delicious traditional foods.

There are also a couple of oriental and Asian themed restaurants. The restaurants in Gozo use organic, local produce that's harvested with traditional Maltese methods.

Couples can enjoy a relaxed, romantic meal in the warm evenings while enjoying local wine and the friendly company of the Gozo people.


There's a wonderful choice of hotels in Gozo, whether you're looking for a luxury retreat or prefer the independence of self-catered accommodation.

The 5 star Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz is set in beautiful subtropical gardens, with an excellent spa centre and is close to the stunning Dwerja Bay.

Stay in the centre of Victoria, close to the citadel, shops and gardens, at the 3 star Downtown Hotel.

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