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Holidays in Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city and is quite simply the jewel in the crown for this North African nation.

Casablanca is the economic and business centre of Morocco and is home to the chief port. As such it has lots on offer for tourists and businesses alike. The city was immortalised in the Hollywood film of the same name, Casablanca and has put the region on the world’s stage for all to see.

Exploring Casablanca city and beaches

The third largest mosque in the world is located in Casablanca. The Hassan II Mosque is an architectural wonder, with over half of the Mosque built on reclaimed land it allows many worshippers to kneel on a glass floor looking over the Atlantic Ocean. The Mosque was built in Morocco’s very unique architectural style and will have its viewers simply in awe of its size. With a capacity of 105,000 the Hassan II Mosque should be an addition to any Casablanca holiday.

Casablanca is on the coast of the Atlantic and offers some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. With some of the whitest sand you will ever see the beaches of Casablanca will enhance your holiday and allow you to unwind during your stay and also catch that amazing tan.

Moroccan cuisine is almost as interesting as its building styles. Over the years Moroccan cuisine has taken influences from other countries and as such they have cherry-picked the best parts from many cultures. Beef is the favourite meat dish and couscous is devoured in copious amounts. There are many restaurants in and around Casablanca that offer succulent food that will leave you wanting more and wishing to return time after time and must be visited during your holiday in Casablanca.

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It offers a variety of tourist attractions which will only serve to heighten your enjoyment of the region. With flights departing from many UK airports every week that are destined for Morocco, holidays in Casablanca and North Africa no longer need to be a pipe dream but are becoming a reality for many people.

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The capital city of Morocco is Rabat and is only a short trip up the coast from Casablanca.